Nintendo Has Launched A New VR Kit For Switch

Good news for all the Nintendo Switch users out there as the gaming company has just announced a new VR Kit named “Labo” for $80. The kit will have all the components to create your own VR kit and the basic material included for the assembly will be a cardboard. Nintendo was last seen in Virtual Reality back in 1995 and they have stepped into this arena once again with the Nintendo Labo. Read More

Uber Rewards Now Available Across All U.S. Cities

Uber had introduced the Uber Rewards program for users in select U.S. cities back in November 2018. The feature was being tested by the company since then across multiple other cities in the U.S. and the company has now finally made it available in all the U.S. cities. With this service, the riders will be able to get credits on every ride and also on Uber Eats. The credits rewarded will range from 1 percent to 3 percent of the rider’s spending. Read More

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SoundCloud Brings Special Discounted Pricing For Students

SoundCloud is a big name in the audio industry, where you can see all the independent artists uploading their music alongside the regular mainstream and commercial tracks. Today, this music streaming company has made it very easy for the students to avail the service at a reasonable cost of just $4.99 SoundCloud Go+ subscription instead of $9.99. Read More

Paytm Launches New Rewards Program Called “Paytm First”

Paytm users can now benefit from a new service from the brand that will let users gain more rewards and loyalties apart from the regular cashback. This new addition is called “Paytm first” and it will offers users with multiple benefits for different brands when they use the Paytm App for their payments. This service will be very similar to Amazon Prime service, which also gives the subscribed users with added benefits. Read More

Spotify Gains 1 Million Indian Users In Record Time

Spotify was launched a week back in India and to no surprise, the music streaming service has gained over 1 Million users already. The climb in subscriptions in such a short time has happened because people had been waiting for the service in this country since a long time. As expected, the numbers jumped up in just a week’s time and users are enjoying all the benefits of the free ad-based service. Read More

Facebook Rolls Out Dark Mode For Messenger

Facebook announced today that it has enabled the dark mode feature on its popular Messenger App for a select number of users on iOS and Android. The company has been working on this update for a long time now and they are gradually releasing it to the crowd in small steps. The feature is still in the beta version, but it is luckily working for some users who can activate the dark mode by following some basic steps. Read More

WhatsApp Is Testing A New Search Tab With Filters

WhatsApp has been spotted working on a new search engine for the App that will also include filters for narrowing down the search. It could be very similar to the current search tab on both iOS and Android Apps, but what we have come to know so far is that it includes the options to filter out the search based on videos, photos, links and documents. Read More

Spotify Has Finally Launched In India

After much anticipation and waiting, Spotify is now accessible to millions of music listeners in India. The company had announced that it will land in the country by the end of January and there were some legal issues that forced them to delay the launch. Now this music streaming service is finally here, users get to have a free trial for a month before moving towards the premium subscription. Read More

Google Home Speakers Now Support Apple Music Streaming

Google Home speakers already support music streaming services like Play Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, Deezer. If that was not enough, the company has now integrated Apple Music too in this list of music providers. MacRumors came across this originally and shared an image that shows Apple Music in this list of services in the Google Home App for iOS devices. Read More

Swiggy To Buy Uber Eats In India

Uber Eats is facing massive losses in India and the company has offered to be bought in an IPO soon. Swiggy has been taking major interest in buying Uber Eats, and other food delivery companies like Zomato is also eyeing on the deal. Uber had previously exited Eats from China, Russia and Southeast Asia and now India could be next on the list if the reports are believed to be true. Read More