A New Way To Connect – RADII For Android


RADII is a social networking App that has been designed and developed by RADII with the motto of “Connect With Your Neighborhood”. The App comes under the Social Networking category and is available free to download on the Google Play Store. The basic concept of this App is to connect people within their localities and in one way to promote various business and ideas while connecting people to groups or as individuals.  Read More

VigCal – An Amazing Smart Organizer For OS X


VigCal is a smart organizer App that has been developed by VigStore Company Limited for the Mac OS. The App works as an all rounder when it comes to organizing and setting reminders along with easy capabilities of creating notes and checklists. The App comes loaded with features which we will discuss below. The trial version is free to download and and the full version can be bought for just $4.99 as an in-App purchase.  Read More

Discover New Places With Where To? For iOS


Where To? developed by FutureTap GmbH is a navigation and discovery based App for iOS that helps the users discover new places based on the search criteria. The App comes real handy if the user is visiting a new locality or a new city altogether and does fetch quality results based on the category the user has selected. The App does connect between the iPhone/iPad and the Apple Watch for an optimized experience.  Read More

An Easy Invoice And Quotations Generator – Billdu


Billdu — Invoice and Estimate Generator by Billdu LTD is an invoice and an estimate/quotation generator for freelancers and companies. The App is a great tool when it comes to creating and sending invoices to clients by the companies and offers great logistics to track the same. Billdu offers a good variety of templates and also offers and option to create templates based on the user’s requirement and offers customization options such as uploading your company logo and signatures.  Read More

Explore Space And Build Your Base In Core : Seeker Of Light For iOS


Core: Seekers of Light is real-time strategy game which has been developed by DSK Studios Private Limited. The game is a casual strategy game which is based in space and follows simple objectives throughout the game. The idea is to explore space and fortify your base while the enemy does the same and ultimately resulting in clash sooner or later.  Read More

A Great MMORPG Game – King Of Avalon : Dragon Warfare


King of Avalon : Dragon Warfare is a massive multiplayer online game which has been developed by Fun+. This game is not your typical strategy game and offers a lot of different possible approaches to build you kingdom. The game is all about selectively building you army and your castle and training your dragons in order to wage war against other players for game based rewards. Besides that the game also offers a great story-line to it.  Read More

Can You Make The Plane Land In Planes Control For Android & iOS?


Planes Control is a casual/strategy game that has been developed by Rarepixels. The game is all about controlling the planes and making sure they land safely. It’s much more tougher than you think. The controls are fairly simple, it does get tricky when you have to manage multiple planes and the player is expected to re-route planes to best fit their strategy. The game also offers a global leader-board which can be synced in with the players iTunes or Google Play profile.  Read More

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A Great Way To Explore Tivoli Gardens – Tivoli Puzzle


Tivoli Puzzle is a game which has been developed by Pointvoucher.com and is fairly based on the world famous Tivoli Garden, the amusement park in Copenhagen, Denmark. The game basically offers a Match3 type of gameplay and offers real rewards after each game. These rewards or vouchers can be used in real time to buy products and services both in and out of the Tivoli Garden Amusement Park. Read More

An Interview With Read – Kids Learn To Read & Write In 20 Easy Lessons

Teaching your kids how to read and write seems to be a very difficult job because kids don’t like to sit in one place to read or write something, they want everything to be quite playful and fun. To tackle this problem of parents “Read” is an epic tool, this App will teach your kids how to read and write in just 20 lessons and that to in a very interesting and joyful way. This App is designed to help kindergarten and elementary school age children (4–8 years of age) to learn how to read in a very innovative and fun way. It also has optimal adaptability to the child’s pace of learning. The App even consists of natural-sounding voices in a variety of accents (American, British….) so that the kids can easily learn how to pronounce. TheAppleGoogle had a talk with Olivier, who told some incredible things about Read. Here’s what he had to say: Read More

An Interview With BitCam

bitcam logoBitCam is a digital camera used in mini pocket computer back in 1996, Iconfactory came up with the App because they wanted to celebrate company’s 20th anniversary in fun yet different way. The App’s design has a black & white interface because color graphics support weren’t that common in that time. The App developers have made sure that you get the retro feel with lots of fun like–When you pan your camera around, the display doesn’t changes at 60fps, it does so in bulky and thick way to give an evocative look, like it was in digital camera of mini pocket computer back then. TheAppleGoogle had a talk with Ged, who told some amazing facts and stories about BitCam. Here’s what he had to say: Read More