Xbox Is Bringing “Forza Street” Racing Game To Android Soon

Xbox announced today that they are releasing a free-to-play racing game – Forza Street, for PC, Android and iOS. The desktop version for Windows 10 is now available and the iOS and Android versions will be launched by the end of this year. The game is basically a spin-off to the actual Forza franchise and you get to race all the vehicles right away. Read More

Skype Adds Screen Share Feature On iOS And Android

Microsoft has added a new Screen Share feature on Skype, where users can share their phone screens live with the members on this video calling App. The feature is currently available in the beta versions of the App for both iOS and Android. It will be useful for people to share any important slides or presentations with their office colleagues or while explaining something to a family member. Read More

Instagram Bug Exposed Stories Of Users

We all know that Facebook has been under a lot of pressure to improve the security in its Apps and another flaw could be a disaster. Yesterday, Instagram faced a bug that affected millions of users whose Stories got exposed to strangers. Usually, the Stories are not visible to people whom you don’t follow, but a bug made that possible and it left people worried for their privacy. Read More

Is Mobile Poker Still a Rising Trend?

Poker is well suited to mobile

Before the turn of the century, poker was only played by a select few, and was nowhere near other card games like blackjack in terms of popularity. This all changed during the 2000s, though, as improved internet speeds led to a dramatic increase in the number of poker sites online. When amateur poker player Chris Moneymaker won $2.5 million at the World Series of Poker in 2003, this sparked the internet poker boom and led to millions of people taking up the game. The next logical step in poker’s evolution was to move to mobile, and there are now hundreds of poker apps that players can use for free or with real money. Is this trend still rising, or has it already peaked? Read More

Twitter Reduces The Follow Limit To 400 Per Day

Twitter announced on their “Twitter Safety” handle today that the number of people each user can follow everyday has been reduced to 400 from 1000. This comes as a call to fight the spammers on this social media platform, for which the company is taking all measures possible. This will also benefit people who get annoyed with handling loads of followers every day or every week. Read More

Viber Introduces Local Number Facility For US, UK And Canada

Viber users around the world can now avail a new feature added by this messaging company today. If you want to call and text with someone who is not in your region, you can purchase the local number of that specific region and make direct calls and SMS. The feature is currently only available for US, UK and Canada and users can make use of this service for as low as $5. Read More

Skype Maxes Out Group Video Calling To 50 Users

Skype has extended the number of users who can use group video calling from 25 to 50. This means that the double number of users can now call at the same time, which was not possible previously on this popular application. With this new update, Skype is leaving no room for it’s competitors like Apple’s FaceTime, which can handle up to 32 users. Read More

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Snapchat Is Testing A New Feature For Sharing Status From Live Location

The Map feature on Snapchat has never been that useful apart from showing the current location of the user. And you can never figure out what your friend is upto unless you call or text them to know about it. This will soon change if reports are to believed as the company will be adding a new feature which lets user share custom messages as status on the Snap Map. Read More