The First Batch Of iPhone 12 Won’t Be Featuring BOE Screens

iphone-12According to recent reports, Samsung will not be sporting BOE OLEDs in its future Galaxy S21 Series and now, even Apple doesn’t seen to be giving a heads up on BOE  too. Reports states that Samsung will be responsible for about close to 80% of the OLEDs which is intended to feature in the new iPhone 12 series with all the four variants sporting an OLED Display feature. Read More

WhatsApp For iPhone Gets A New Design

Whatsapp-for-iphoneWhatsApp for iPhone’s most recent beta update is here and it brings a couple of helpful changes that will probably appear in stable form over the coming weeks. The beta forms basically allude to what’s coming later on. With the new beta, WhatsApp contact alternate ways will show up in iPhone’s Share Sheet menu, however a couple of iOS users may not see them yet. These couple of users are said to incorporate each one of the individuals who are confronting issues while sharing substance from few applications since the last beta update for WhatsApp. Read More

WWDC Update: iOS 14 Is Now Coming With New Features For iPhones

Apple-WWDC-2020The Apple WWDC Conference which is dated to take place anywhere between June 22 and June 23 is promising iOS users with some promising changes in the new Apple updates. According to sources, the tech giant is all geared up to bring forth the next generation OS, iOS 14,  along with its upcoming devices of the iPhone 12 family by the Q2 of the year. The company will do its first official unveiling in its annual developers conference WWDC 2020. Read More

On Government’s Request, Apple Removes Pocket Casts App From China App Store

Pocket- Cast-Apple-App-StoreAs per the latest reports, Apple has taken down Pocket Cast, which is one of the most popular podcast apps for iOS from the Chinese App Store. On the request of the local government, the application has been taken down from the Chinese App Store. In an official word from Pocket Cast, it has been reported that Apple had informed Pocket Cast two days prior to its removal from the Chinese App Store. The organization has affirmed that the solicitation was made by the Cyberspace Administration of China, which is the final decider of what content can be accessed in the country. Read More

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Apple Begins With iPhone 12 Production In July

Apple-iPhone-12According to the latest reports, Apple’s iPhone 12 will go into assembling as early as July this year as the devices are waiting for final testing procedures. This news is still stuttering as this does not actually fit with the earlier rumour stating the delay of the device launch in the Q2 of the year. History has it, most iPhone devices hit the market in the month of September, but previous reports had pointed out a slight delay in the device launch. According to Ming-Chi-Kuo, who is a Mac Analyst stated that many of these Apple devices won’t make it to the market before October due to the wake of COVID-19. Read More

Apple May Launch Redesigned iMac At WWDC

imac-AppleAccording to the latest news, Apple may launch the redesigned version of iMac in the WWDC announcement. Talking about its features, the new iMac would sport slim bezels resembling the Apple Pro Display XDR in its appearance. It will also eliminate spinning hard drives which will be in favour of all SSD lineups. Furthermore, the device will be sporting an Apple T2 chip making it pretty fast and smooth. Apart from the mentioned features, the device will see some changes in its internal specs too. This will include a brand new Navi GPUs from AMD and the elimination of spinning hard drives. Read More

Apple Users Can Soon Take Group Selfies Maintaining Social Distancing

Apple-social-distancingApple is apparently dealing with another innovation that may end up being helpful in the post-COVID-19 period. The tech giant has been allowed a patent for programming that will allow iOS users to click a bunch of selfies without requiring individuals to be together, in turn encouraging social distancing. Apple could be contemplating a FaceTime-like programming that masterminds selfies of various individuals and places them in one single photograph, seeming like it was clicked as if they were together. Read More

Apple To Enable ECG Feature For Watch Users In Japan And Brazil

apple-watchAs per recent reports, Apple is now enabling an update which will bring out the electrocardiogram feature A.K.A ECG to its Apple Watch users in two countries, namely Japan and Brazil. The feature will keep the user updated on any irregular heart activity if any with the help of their Apple watch. With a huge success rate of the tech-giants ECG feature globally as this feature has saved a lot of lives across the globe, Apple is now looking forward to expanding this feature in Japan and Brazil based on recent government requests. Read More

iPhone SE 2020: Affordable Yet Powerful. A Perfect Switch From Android

iPhone-SE-2020The new iPhone SE has been the talk of the hour for the last few weeks now. Being Apple’s cheapest iPhone device, the iPhone has caught a lot of attention in the market. Priced at an amazingly affordable cost when compared to other iPhone devices, the mobile will cost you just $549. Furthermore, the device sports A13 Bionic chip making it as fast as the newer iPhone models out there. Not a lot of people could really afford to own an Apple, given the price history all the way long, it becomes a bit difficult for the mass to actually make this choice even if they wanted to. But, with the recent launch of iPhone SE, the dream of owning an Apple doesn’t seem so far fetched. Read More

Green Tint Display Issue Reported By iPhone 11 Users

iPhone-11As per the latest reports from iOS users, there has been a recent issue which has been popping up on the surface when the iPhone users unlock their phones, the green tint display issue. This issue is mostly seen in the iPhone 11 series models, although some iPhone X and XS models have also encountered the same problem. As of now, the reason behind this problem is not known and hasn’t been figured out yet. As per users, this issue occurs only when they have enabled dark mode or night shift in their devices. On the other hand, for some users, the issue is persisting when they lower their phone brightness. Read More