Russia To Coerce Apple Into Reducing App Store Commission To 20%

Last month, Apple was found guilty in a Russian anti-trust investigation over the handling of third-party parental control apps. In a different yet related development, a new bill has been submitted to the lower Russian Parliament to reduce Apple’s App Store commission to 20% as well as require it to allow third-party App Stores.

The Russian Parliament is soon to vote on the same; whether companies like Apple and Google’s commission from app sales should be limited or not, Reuters reported. Read More

Apple Watch Series 6 To Be Launched Soon

The Apple Watch Series 6 was recently spotted online in Eurasian Economic Commission filings ahead of its original release scheduled in September. A French site Consomac spotted four different models of the upcoming watch registered in the Eurasian database. The four models, expected to be standard variants, have been named A2291, A2292, A2351, and A2352. On the other hand, A2375, A2376, A2355, and A2356 are, apparently, LTE-enabled wearables. Read More

Tips on How to Pick the Best High-Paying Slots

Slots are among the most preferred casino games in the gambling world. As a player, you will find it fun to play an online slot for real money or free. However, it is a challenge to beat the technology behind slot machines and win a large amount at the casino. People have different opinions regarding the gameplay and payouts of online slots. Existing research shows that some opinions on how easy it is to win slots are completely wrong. Table games such as Blackjack offer the lowest house edge and odds in comparison with online slot games. It is important to learn how to pick and play slots that pay well. In this guide, we will offer simple strategies/tips on how to pick and play on a high-paying slot. Read More

Apple Features PUBG In App Store The Same Day It Was To Terminate Epic’s Developer Account

One of Fortnite’s biggest competitor, PUBG, is receiving beneficial publicity in the App Store amidst the legal battle between Apple and Epic Games. If you had happened to have opened the App Store today, you would’ve seen an editorial story promoting the PUBG Mobile App.

The App Store featured PUBG on the same day Apple was to terminate Epic’s developer account initially. The irony lies in the fact that PUGB Mobile is actually built with Epic’s Unreal Engine. Read More

Apple Officially Blocks Fortnite For iOS And Mac From Receiving Updates

Epic Games warned users, earlier this week, that Fortnite for iOS and Mac would no longer receive any updates with new seasons because of the dispute between the game developer and Apple (following which Apple had removed Fortnite from the App Store). Epic recently informed Fortnite players that the game has now been officially blocked from Apple platforms and will not receive any updates in the future. Read More