Apple Has A New Ad On Portrait Mode Depth Control For iPhone XS And iPhone XR

Apple had recently released a couple of Ads showing the Depth Control setting for Portrait Camera Mode in iPhone. And now after a week, Apple has released another similar Ad but a rather funny one for the very same feature on iPhone XS and iPhone XR. The company is actually focusing all their efforts currently in marketing this feature, which could be a really good camera adjustment if used correctly. Read More

How To Monitor Your Child’s Phone Activity With Apple’s Screen Time App

Screen Time is a great application in iOS 12 supported devices if you want to restrict your activity on any specific App. And if you are a parent, the same thing can be done to monitor and restrict your child’s activity on an iPhone and iPad. You just need to follow a few simple steps to set it up and you can apply time based restrictions for each of the Apps on your kid’s phone. Read More

Top 5 Alarm Clock Apps For iPhone

Getting up in the morning should not be a lazy task and it should be complete fun if you have the right Alarm App on your iPhone. You can customise the alarm as per your own liking and set the timer for a fixed time each day, which will not only help you wake up on time but also make your feel more fresh and relaxed and energetic for the rest of the day. We have made a list of the 5 best alarm Apps for iPhone to help you decide which one suits you the best: Read More

Apple CEO Tim Cook Will Address Stanford University Graduates In June

Standford University has announced that they will be bringing in Apple CEO Tim Cook to deliver the commencement address for the graduates of 2019 batch on June 16. The University said that Cook will speak on a variety of topics including ethical challenges in new technologies and raising awareness about our culture, society and modern corporations. Read More

Apple Will Be Combining Apps For iPhone, iPad and Mac by 2021

Apple is planning to merge all the Apps across its iPhone, iPad and Mac devices in the next two years and it would benefit the developers as they will have to write just a single code for all the iOS and macOS devices. This is expected to be in effect by 2021 and the company’s engineers will be busy until then developing and researching new ways to implement it. Read More

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Apple Fixes FaceTime Bug, But Leaves Users Annoyed With A New Issue

Apple had recently apologised for the FaceTime Bug, which shook millions of iOS users around the world and left them worried for their privacy. The company has finally fixed this issue with the new update iOS 12.1.4, but it seems that Apple has created another problem for the FaceTime App and the users are frustrated all over again as they cannot add a new member during an ongoing video call. Read More

Best Betting Apps for iPhone in 2019

“There’s an app for that” is not a figurative statement.

Nowadays, it seems like there is literally an app for everything. But the best sportsbooks have been at the app game for a while; they are not newcomers to the mobile market.

Now that sports betting is becoming legal in various states across the US, it is more important than ever that sportsbooks have clean, user-friendly betting apps. Here are a few of the best (in no particular order) and why we like them. Read More

Apple Buys Pullstring, Maker Of Voice Based Apps For Alexa And Google Assistant

Apple has gone ahead and acquired another startup company named Pullstring, who are the pioneers behind publishing voice Apps with Alexa or Google Assistant. This company is based in California and have helped several companies in the past with developing, designing and publishing voice controlled Apps for the coming of age smartphone user. Read More

Apple Is Letting Apple Music Users Gift A Free Month Of Service To Their Friends

Apple had recently sent out push notifications to their older members to try Apple Music once again. And now it is sending out new notifications that gives their existing Apple Music users an opportunity to gift their friends a free month of the service. This means in addition to the 3 month free trial, the new users and the returning users will get a total of 4 months free trial before paying for the service. Read More

Apple’s New Patent Shows How Its Foldable Phone Might Look Like

Apple has filed a new patent that appears to be the concept or rendering of how the foldable phone from the company will look like in the future. As many top smartphone companies have started getting into developing their own versions of foldable phones with Samsung and Xiaomi taking the lead, looks like Apple is also keen to enter in this arena soon. Read More