1.7 Million iPhone 4 Sold in Three Days

iPhone 4

On June 24, Apple’s next generation iPhone hit the stores and was a huge success. People stormed into Apple Stores all over US, France, UK, Germany and Japan. People were dying to get their hands on the device and stood in line for hours to get the feel of the phone. 600,000 people pre-ordered the device from Apple’s website and were eager to get it.

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IMD Business School Adopts iPad

IMD Business School, Switzerland welcomes thousands of visitors every year from all over the globe and is quite popular. Concerned about the large use of paper and deforestation, the people at the popular business school decided to take a step forward. They decided to use a device instead of paper and minimize the use of paper.

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Apple Updates Apps For iPad

Apple had put up a page which featured a few Apps which were unique on the iPad. Apple has updated the page and has added some new apps like Zillow, Glee and Things.

Along with the Apps, Apple has even put up a HD video demonstrating the App. The new Apps include – Alphabet Fun, Glee, Zillow and Things for iPad. These Apps completely change the way we interact with the iPad and Apple found it worth featuring them.

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