Apple Press Conference Video and Smartphone Antenna Performance Page Now Available

That was quick. Apple is really trying to prove that the iPhone 4 is still the best smartphone in the world and does not have any antenna issues. Apple held a press conference at its Cupertino campus today where Steve Jobs gave a possible solution for fixing the iPhone 4 reception issues. As soon as the conference got over, Apple posted the event video on its website and even put up a smartphone Antenna Performance Page to further prove its point.

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Apple Gives Free Bumpers to Pacify iPhone 4 Customers


Apple announced iPhone 4, a few weeks back. It was the biggest leap since the original iPhone and unfortunately the leap got quite huge and Apple missed a step. Everyone from ConsumerReports to David Letterman complained about the reception issues which were being faced by the device. Apple did not figure out the issue until the phone reached the people.

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Top 5 iPod Click Wheel Games

These Touches and Pads have tasted utter success and are sending every other gadget in town to the graveyard of technology. They have dominated the market and even the iPods appear to be lost in the dark. Of-course there aren’t 160,000 Apps for iPods but here are some games which would help your iPod get it’s wind back.

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Adjust Browser Screen Brightness With Night Browser For iPad

Apple did a great job by putting in a physical accelerometer lock in the iPad. There’s even a volume controller button on the iPad which makes it super easy to control the volume of the iPad. What’s missing is a brightness controller button. It has got an inbuilt automatic brightness adjuster which is just fine. Every time you got to change the brightness level, you need to come out of your App, go to Settings and adjust the brightness.

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70% Of The iPads Are Jailbroken

iPad Jailbreak

We regularly conduct polls and love to gather data from our users to learn more about them. Last month’s poll asked them whether they had Jailbroken their iPad or not? Our readers gleefully entered their choices and to our surprise, 70% of the answers to the question “Is your iPad Jailbroken?” turned out to be ‘Yes’.

The remaining 25% chose the answer in negative while the balance 5% were indifferent.

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