Get CineXPlayer for iPad Now

This one is huge. Apple has surprisingly allowed an App that lets you watch Xvid movies on your iPad. The App is free for download from the App Store and is just incredible. You could now transfer all of those .avi movies directly to your iPad without spending hours converting them.

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Genius Now Enabled for iPad Apps [Screenshot Tour]

Apple has just turned on it’s popular Genius feature in the App store on iPad. Genius browses through all your Apps and sends your data to Apple. Apple then responds back suggesting a few interesting apps based on the applications already on your iPad that go great together. The feature has been for long on iPod touches and iPhones, but Apple has enabled it on iPad too.

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UltraSn0w Now Works With iPhone 4

Yep! Now the popular carrier unlocking tool works with the all new iPhone 4. The new version of Ultrasn0w added support for iPhone 4 and was released yesterday. To use Ultransn0w, launch Cydia, navigate to sources, tap on add source and add as a source. You could then search for Ultrasn0w in the search bar and simply install the file.

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