Apple Won’t Merge iPad And MacBook, Says Cook

ipad and macbook

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has put the iPad-MacBook hybrid speculations to rest on Sunday, 15th November. The company doesn’t plan to converge its MacBook and iPad to form a single product like Microsoft’s computing device, Surface.Last week when Apple unveiled its new 12.9-inch display iPad Pro, Cook had said that it works as “a replacement for notebook or a desktop PC.” He also questioned why anyone would buy a PC, in an interview with the Daily Telegraph. Read More

A Holiday Gift Guide By Apple.



With the holiday season just around the corner, Apple has launched its own holiday gift guide. It’s no surprise that the guide features a lot of Apple’s official products along with third-party products and Apps.The guide has something for all kinds of people and is divided into six main sections: Gaming, Photography, Music, Fitness, Learning and Travel. Read More

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The Connected, TAG Heuer’s Take On Apple Watch

The Swiss watchmaker, TAG Heuer, on Monday unveiled their smartwatch that was co-created with Intel and Google. This wearable technology is called the “TAG Heuer Connected” and will cost you about $1,500.

Inspired by the company’s Carrera Calibre line, it comes with three digital watch faces. It has a titanium case, a 46mm sapphire crystal display with 240ppi resolution, heavy duty water resistance, and seven colours of  “textured rubber” straps to choose from. Its got 4GB of storage, 1GB of RAM and a built-in lithium battery is said to last a day between charges. Read More

Apple TV App Store Has 1,000 Apps And New Top-Charts Section

Apple TV

The Apple TV App Store has finally opened up to third-party Apps and we are close to 1,000 Apps on the store now. However, when the Apple TV App launched last week there was a huge discovery issue, Apple included a list of featured Apps but the users could not browse through categories or Top Charts. It was easily assumed that Apple didn’t have enough data to build out categories and rankings but, things have changed now. This morning, users of the new Apple TV noticed a section in the device’s App Store. This section lists the Top Charts and breaks down into Top Paid, Top Free and Top Grossing Apps, just like the iOS and Mac App Store. Read More

Users Ditching Their Android For iPhones


Apple’s chief executive, Tim Cook, has claimed that more Android users than ever are switching to the iPhone. Apple has also revealed that they have sold 48 million iPhones during its fourth financial quarter, 30 % of which were users that ditched their Androids (Google’s operating system) and bought an iPhone. This is the highest rate the company has ever seen. Read More

Apple Sued Over Wi-Fi Assist Feature

A couple from California has launched a $5m class-action lawsuit against Apple after they received an overage bill because they had unknowingly crossed their data limit. The Wi-Fi Assist feature in iOS 9 was meant to help the users by switching to cell data when the Wi-Fi connectivity is weak but, instead it’s eating through the data limits. Read More