Chinese Apple Xiaomi Banned In India

Xiaomi Mi 3The Apple of China or to say a company that copies Apple in every form and is highly popular in China, Xiaomi has been banned from selling phones in India. Due to a patent infringement issue, the Delhi High Court has asked Xiaomi and its retail partner – Flipkart to stop selling the device in India until February 5th. The patent infringement case against Xiaomi has been filed by Ericsson and until the issue is cleared, Xiaomi cannot sell its cheap iPhone like devices in the country. Read More

iOS 8.1.2 Update Will Stop Ringtones From Disappearing

“iOS 8.1.2

The new software update iOS 8.1.2 released by Apple will fix the issue regarding vanishing ringtones from users’ iOS devices. Apple users were facing issues whereby ringtones purchased through iTunes disappeared from their device. iOS 8.1.2 is here to resolve this problem. This seems to be the only change in the update. To restore the ringtones visit The update can be downloaded by going to Settings > General > Software Update on your device.

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Finally! Apple Will Open 500 Stores In India

iphone6indiaLooks like Apple is now finally taking India seriously and our post “Is Apple Ignoring India?” has been heard. Apple has massive plans to open up 500 stores in India. India has a growing wealthy population that is looking to get its hands on these fancy devices from Apple. India is a huge market for Apple and with 500 new stores – iPhones and iPads are going to be everywhere. Truly everywhere. Read More

Apple Breaks Market Cap Record With $700 Billion


Image Credit: 9To5Mac

With its stock price reaching almost $120 per share, Apple’s market capitalisation now stands at over $700 billion, more than any other company’s market cap in the history of trading. This momentous milestone comes two months after Apple was voted the most valuable company and just under two weeks after its market cap crossed the $660 billion mark, its highest since 2012. Read More

Apple Supports World AIDS Day With Apps For RED

redIn 2006 Apple began its support for RED — a charity founded by Bono to eradicate AIDS in Africa — by donating $10 for every iPod Nano Red edition it sold. The partnership has continued to grow strong with Apple contributing $75 million to the charity so far. And again, this year, Apple has announced a new section in the App Store — Apps for (RED) — and will donate the proceeds to the global fund to fight AIDS. Read More