Apple Card Holders Can Now Access Their Account Via The Web

Apple has launched an online portal for Apple Card Account holders to manage their account through the web, which includes viewing past statements, managing balances, paying bills and more. Apple Card was announced in 2019 as a part of its service industry. Partnered with Goldman Sachs, it provides a titanium card, does not charge any fee and offers its users a lot of other benefits in the form of cashbacks. Earlier, all transactions and other activities happened only via the Wallet App installed on a campatible Apple device. Now, the user will no longer need to rely on their iPhone or iPad to carry out their Apple Account functions. That doesn’t mean, you will not need an Apple device to acquire the Apple Card in the first place.

A website just makes it easier, in case you aren’t using your iPhone anymore or you have misplaced it. Under such a circumstance, usually you would have to call Goldman Sachs directly to carry out the function. Read More

Apple Is Terminating Apple Arcade Contracts That Are Not Engaging Enough

Apple’s video game subscription service, Apple Arcade is available for a 30-day free trial period, beyond which Apple charges $4.99 per month in the US and only Rs. 99 per month in India, giving access to unlimited ad-free games. The gaming service is apparantly shifting its strategy to retain more subscribers. Apple is cancelling contracts for some games that are still in the development phase and is seeking to get on board those titles that it believes will allow it to hold on to its subscribers.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple had withdrawn contracts with multiple game production houses, saying their upcoming games did not meet their engagement standards that the company was looking for. Apple is seeking for games that would make their subscribers to keep using the service even after the trial period is over. For example, action puzzler game, Grindstone which is a multi-level match-3 puzzle game, is the kind of engaging game that Apple is looking for. Read More

With Big Sur, Mac Users Can Watch Netflix At 4K HDR

Netflix has been streaming in 4K HDR on a computer using Microsoft’s Edge browser or Netflix Windows 10 app. But, Mac users have never been able to watch at that quality. However, MacOS Big Sur will change that for Mac users when it becomes available later this year. This was tweeted by tech enthusiast, Ishan Agarwal. The new Mac update, Big Sur was recently announced  in WWDC 2020 with a lot of improvements to Mac, including the new version of Safari which will include customizable start page, Safari extensions in App Store, improved tab design, trnslating the web page with one click between 7 languages and much more. Apple also announced that Apple TV 4K will be able to play YouTube at 4K with TVOS 14 and now we know for sure that 4K HDR content from Netflix will he supported by the new version of Safari. Read More

Here Are The Winners Of Apple 2020 Design Awards

Apple recognizes those developers who showcase the best in design, innovation and technology. To honor these developers, Apple hosts the Apple Design Awards anually and celebrate their achievement. Apple today announced eight winners of the Apple 2020 Design Awards, mentioning those, it said, “brought distinctive new ideas to life while demonstrating a master of Apple technology.” Among the eight winners, four were who created some of the best apps for making creatives and four were for building some of the best games available on App Store.

Apple Awards usually serves as an indicator as to what kind of apps Apple wants to see. In 2019, Apple presented the award to those developers who highlighted the usage of Apple Pencil, Core ML and Metal 2. However, this year Apple has focused mostly on apps designed for iPad, especially photo editors and other such tools that showcases iPad as a creative tool. Also, the most of the game winners were awarded for their use of spatial audio and haptics. Read More

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iOS 14’s Customizable Widgets – What’s New And How To Use

iOS 14 is coming with a host of exciting new features. While we anticipate its wait, Let’s learn how to use one of the major features that Apple is bringing with its upcoming update – ‘Home Screen Widgets’. For the first time, Apple users will experience a customizable home screen allowing the users to add the needed information on the home screen making it more flexible to use. Widgets will come in three sizes and one can add up to 10 apps within one widget.

Here’s how to use widgets in iPhone

  • Tap and hold on an empty space in the ‘Today’ view and press the ‘+’ button that appears in the top-left corner to reveal your available apps. Make sure to choose the correct size. Once the widget is added, its not resizable and you will have to delete and start again.
  • If the widgets are in ‘jiggle’ mode, you can drag them around and place them in the desired order. You can also long press on the widget for the ‘Edit’ option and customize it accordingly.

Read More

Apple’s Annual Summer Camp Brings Free Activities Right To The Camper’s Home – Registrations Now Open

With the whole world moving to digital modes for carrying out meeting, activities and events, Apple Camp 2020 will be held virtually too. Apple had announced last week that its yearly Apple Camp which takes place at their retail stores will now be held online, where kids can experience fun digital programs from their favourite spot at home. Thereby, the event is being called ‘Apple Camp at Home’. Apple Camp at Home is bringing digital activites for childern between the age of 8-12 years for free by offering a self-guided activity book and live virtual sessions with Apple Creatives. The digital programs are focused on video, art & design, and coding. The registrations for Apple Camp at Home are now open, parents can sign up for the online sessions and also download the free Activity Book. Read More

Reports: Apple Is All Set To Launch 10.8-Inch iPad in 2020 & 8.5-Inch iPad Mini in 2021

After the unveiling of new iPad models in March with Light Detection and Ranging sensor technology , Apple is preparing to release a 10.8 inch iPad later this year and an 8.5 inch iPad Mini in the first half of 2021, according to reports. It is not clear as of now, if the 10.8-inch iPad will be the successor to the 10.2-inch iPad or the 10.5-inch iPad Air, since both of them belong to two different product lineup. However, we know the 8.5-inch iPad Mini will be a new product of iPad Mini series. Apple is likely to make the brezels of the iPad narrower to make space for larger screen size with the same form factor.

The last lineup in the iPad Mini series was launched in March 2019 with an A12 Bionic Chip, an upgraded front-camera and a support for Apple Pencil. It is possible to get the A13 Bionic Chip with the upcoming iPhone 12 and iPads. Apple now plans to adopt mini-LED display technology for future iPad Minis. But it’s not clear if the 8.5-inch iPad is the same iPad Mini that will get this technology. Read More

iPhone 12 To Be Sold Without Earbuds And Charger For Economizing

While we wait for the new iPhone 12 to launch later this year, a new report suggests that, iPhone 12 might not include earbuds and power adapter. This measure is being taken to cover the cost of producing a 5G phone. Apple, apparantly, wants to keep the price of the new iPhone at par with that of iPhone 11 by removing the in-box accessories with probably only the USB-C to Lightning cable inside the box, which is a big question mark too. TF Securites analyst, Ming-chi Kuo had predicted in the past that Apple will soon end the production of its 5W and 18W power adapters and instead sell 20W power adapters separately. With the removal of in-box wired earphones, Apple is trying to push the sales of AirPods as after launching two new models last year, Apple is not expected to launch a new lineup this year. This measure is expected to drive the sales of AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro.

It is also expected that Apple will remove the 5W charging adaptor from iPhone SE Second-Gen models later this year, but iPad will continue to pack the 12W charging adaptor that is included in current generations.  Read More

Apple Brings A Redesigned Game Center With Advanced Controller For iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and TVOS

For all the gamers out there, Apple is bringing significant improvements to gaming experience with its iOS 14 , iPadOS 14 and TVOS update. Apple promises to make gaming on them feel more like playing on a console or PC. During the WWDC, Apple announced game- controller support functions including button remapping, leverage motion controls, haptics, custom rumble feedback for Xbox and PlayaStation controllers and improvement in usage of keyboard & mouse as well for iPad gaming.

Games like the Sony’s DualShock 4 controllers, can support motion inputs. Developers can add a feature for changing the colour of the Lightbar at the top according to a character’s health. They can also let players use the DualShock 4’s touchpad for finger tracking and even support for touchpad’s button. Additionally, Developers will now be able to add feedback support into their games, enabling the players to sense specific feelings like shooting a gun or an explosion. Read More

iPhone’s New Picture In Picture Feature: All You Need To Know

iPhone owners eligible for the new iOS 14 update will be able to enjoy the Picture in Picture feature. This feature was innovated by Samsung, and later acquired by all Android phones. Although, iPad have had this feature for quite a while now, for iPhone it’s a new feature all together. For those iPhone users who have craved to be able to multitask between watching a video or listening to a podcast and simultaneously doing other things on the phone, now won’t have to toggle between different tabs.

While you are watching a video on any of the apps that supports PiP, it strikes to you that you have to quicky reply to a text or check your email, but do not want to switch back and forth, this feature comes to your rescue. The user will just have to swipe up to go Home and the video window will shrink to appear in the corner of the screen. The video can be dragged anywhere on the screen according to convenience. The video can also be skipped forward or backward, paused and played. Apps that will support PiP includes – Apple TV, Podcasts, Safari, iTunes, FaceTime and any other third-party app that supports the feature in iPad. For YouTube, the feature works only for videos opened using Safari, unless the user has YouTube Premium subscription. Other video app developers have started working on supporting PiP on iOS 14. Jordanna Kwok, Engineering Head at Netflix tweeted that the support for this feature has been added for iOS in the Netflix App. Read More