Microsoft Releases First Update For Office For iPad

officeMicrosoft has updated the Microsoft’s Office for iPad suite with some new and useful features. The suite is the Microsoft Office version for iPad and includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The new version 1.1 is the first update of the App after its launch in March this year.  Read More

Apple Stores To Offer Screen Replacements For iPhone 5S


According to several sources of 9to5Mac, Apple retail stores in the United States and Canada will begin offering iPhone 5S screen replacements from next week. Read More

Shazam Now Available On Mac

shazamShazam, App for Audio recognition is not limited to iOS devices anymore but is available for Mac too. Shazam will use Mac’s microphones for listening to nearby noise and throw results for matching music, song, TV show, ad recognition and more. Read More

MyScript Calculator — Solve Math Problems with your Fingers! (Review)

myscript calculatorAlthough a handy tool, using a calculator still feels a bit restrictive, especially on a phone with small keypads. And if you make a mistake it’s not easy to go back and fix it. Enter MyScript Calculator, a unique calculator App. It allows you to perform mathematical operations using your handwriting as input and simultaneously displays what you are inputting so that you can be sure the answer is correct. Read More

Do We Really Need A 5.5” iPhone 6?

iPhone 6

Apple fans all over the world are waiting with abated breath for the launch of the new models of the iPhone 6. The leaked images, rumours, videos have only helped to increase this excitement. Users have already started pre-ordering cases based on these rumoured-images, such was the impact of these leaks. I will not be surprised if Apple were fuelling some of these rumours to keep everyone hooked. Read More

Apple May Launch iPhone 6 On October 14

iPhone 6

MacRumors has reported that the iPhone 6 may be launched on October 14 based on the information received from a source who had knowledge of an Apple Store meeting. Read More

Apple Launches New Series Of 13-Inch and 15-Inch Retina MacBook Pro

retina macbook pro

As expected, Apple has launched the new series of 13-inch and 15-inch Retina MacBook Pros. The new MacBooks have a faster Intel Haswell processor. The RAM of 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro has been upgraded to 8GB and 15-inch models now feature 16GB RAM. The high-end version of 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro is now available for $2,499, compared to the previous price of $2,599. Read More

Check Out This iPhone 6 Rear Shell Video

A new video has been posted on YouTube by iCrackUriDevice, featuring the rear shell of Apple 4.7-inch iPhone 6.  The shell shown in the video is close to the leaked images and videos seen before, though there is no proof that this video features the original part. Read More

No iWatch Until The End Of The Year


According to Taiwanese Newspaper UDN, longtime Apple supplier TPK is running behind schedule for iWatch production. The news was interpreted from earnings call of TPK holdings where there was no direct mention of iWatch. TPK has projected a drop-in/flat revenue for the current quarter and an increase in profits during Q4 2014, suggesting the company is going into production schedule for the iWatch this quarter and rollout by the end of this year. Read More

Apple Confirms The Acquisition Of Swell Radio For $30 Million


The recent report from Re/Code regarding the expected acquisition of talk radio, Swell, has been confirmed by Apple via The Wall Street Journal. Read More