Folding iPad To Launch In 2024

Ever since the Galaxy Z fold has launched there have been several rumors of when Apple will be launching its folding iPhones. However, instead of a foldable iPhone, users can expect to see the launch of a folding iPad in 2024.

An Apple Analyst says that he is certain of this launch to take place in 2024. Apple may be late with its foldable device technology but this is because they always find a way to make it better than its competitors. 

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Apple Headsets Feature Health And Fitness

Reports suggest that Apple will launch a health and fitness experience such as meditation, and exercise in their upcoming headsets.

It is still not clear when the headsets will launch. However, rumors suggest that the first headset will be launched this year during Spring. It will be an hour-long event that may start at 10:30 PM, and the CEO will share several hardware and software features of their upcoming headsets.

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Understanding The Risks Posed To Your Data When Using iCloud Services

iCloud services are a great way to store and access data from multiple devices. However, as with any storage platform, there are potential risks associated with using these services. This article will discuss the biggest threats to your data when using iCloud services. It is essential to be aware of these risks to protect yourself and your data from malicious actors.

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Apple iOS 17 Leaks

Earlier since the iOS 16 release, the developers have been working on bug fixes and upgrading to newer versions. However, now the developers have been working on the new operating system.

The iOS 17 has leaked earlier than expected. Users can expect many improvements in the iOS 17 update. They plan to make the devices faster and more effective in the version. However, they don’t have any major changes visually which means the interface is going to be similar to the iOS 16 interface.

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Apple Launches New “Today At Apple” Highlighting Security

Apple has launched resources to help users take control of their data in celebration of Data Privacy Day. In a blog post, the company announced that a new Today at Apple session would educate users on how to safeguard their data. Apple has also collaborated with Nick Mohammed and Ted Lasso to create a short film, “A Day in the Life of an Average Person’s Data,” to spread awareness. 

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