Apple Is Planning on Major Changes With AirPods 2

After the huge success of Apple AirPods, the next version which is AirPods 2 is coming with major improvements much to the delight of Apple fans worldwide. The AirPods were in huge demand past year and Apple’s wearables segment grew by nearly 70 percent and is expected to continue expanding.

The changes will come with a better hardware, having upgraded wireless chip. Also, there will be support for ‘Hey Siri’ as currently there is only a digital assistant which can be brought about with a tap on the AirPods. Read More

Apple’s iPhone Tops The Global Smartphone Revenue for Q4 2017

iPhone XNew reports are saying that iPhone was accounted for more than half of the global smartphone revenue in the last quarter of 2017. The launch of the iPhone X in the same quarter helped Apple gain these sales figures.

Strategy Analytics Executive Director Neil Marston said “Apple iPhone’s average selling price is approaching $800 and almost three times higher than the overall industry average. Apple iPhone is an incredible money-making machine.” The revenue is seven times higher than it’s competition Samsung and and seven times more than Huawei. Read More

iPhone X Is Apparently Encountering Massive Technical Issues

iPhone X might be currently the most popular and expensive smartphone in the market, but if you thought the ‘popular’ tag will make it function 100% perfect then you are absolutely mistaken. Recent reports on the news and around social media have been claiming big issues on iPhone X and every other iPhone X user is reporting problems, making the scenario very complicated and the fans are surely fuming.

The biggest problem being reported is ‘Call Freezing’ where users are not able to answer as well as hang up calls. The screen becomes blank and gives no response during calls. And the users can’t attend the calls without screen waking up, making it a major issue across the iPhone userbase. I think this problem is with sensors where the phone display doesn’t come back on when moving the iPhone X away from the ear, and software related where the red hangup button needs to more responsive. Read More

HomePod Works Perfectly In Apple’s Crowded Retail Stores

After the launch of HomePod on February 9th in the US, Australia and the UK, it got interesting to see how the HomePod will be displayed across Apple’s retail stores in these countries.

Apple has marketed this speaker with superior audio quality as its defining feature, making some wonder how it will fare in a crowded and noisy retail store. At the Apple’s new Michigan Avenue store in Chicago, the reporters from 9to5Mac went to take a look and listen to how well HomePod performs in acoustic conditions that will differ significantly from most people’s homes. Read More

Apple Music Is Gaining Subscribers At A Fast Rate

Spotify has always been on the top in the music streaming service with close to 70 million paying subscribers as reported earlier this year. Now, Apple Music may well be looking to surpass Spotify this summer with more and more users using the tech giant’s music service.

Sources say that Apple music has almost 36 million subscribers now compared to around 30 million from last September. Also globally, Apple is growing at a higher rate in the US with five percent a month verses Spotify’s two percent per month. Read More

Apple To Offer HomePod At Half-Price To Its Employees

Apple employees are in for a treat this time around as they can grab the new HomePod for 50% discount. The HomePod is currently price at $349 which means the employees can purchase it for only $175.

After hearing about the discount, several Apple employees took to Twitter to share the news and show the kind-heartedness of Apple. The company, by the providing the speaker for this discount is making sure that the employees have an amazing hands-on experience and are able to assist the customers with this device. Read More

Apple Has A Record $285.1 Billion In Cash

Apple’s total cash reserve came to a close of $285.1 billion in the last quarter of December 2017. This is a new record and shows the company’s addition of high cost handsets and newer tax regulations.

The cash was around $268.9 billion in the previous quarter and its almost up by $17 billion in last quarter which is massive. This information was disclosed by Apple’s earnings report on Thursday. Read More