macOS Ventura Introduces Stage Manager, iPhone May Be Used as a Webcam

Tech giant Apple unveiled the macOS Ventura at WWDC 2022. The OS will be introduced to its Mac computers in the upcoming fall. In line with recent macOS announcements, the macOS Ventura update is a subtle one. For the most part, it retains the visual style. Among the new features introduced, the biggest one might be Stage Manager. This is an overhaul of Mission Control. Users can enable and disable it from the Command Center. Mission Control used to show all running apps on the screen. Meanwhile, Stage Manager keeps all the currently open apps in focus while bunching the other apps by category to the side.

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iPadOS 16 by Apple Introduces Multitasking Experience for M1 iPads

Tech giant Apple announced its next-generation operating systems at WWDC 2022, including iOS 16, macOS Ventura, and iPadOS 16. The new iPadOS 16 has many similarities with iOS 16 and shares features with the platform. However, there are also quite a few features specific to the iPad, the most interesting of which is perhaps the new Stage Manager multitasking experience.

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Face ID on Landscape Supported in iOS 16 for “Supported iPhone Models”

At the WWDC 2022, tech giant Apple unveiled the much anticipated iOS 16. Among other new changes and upgrades, it also features a major redesign to the Lock screen. One of the changes that went unannounced on the stage is related to the way Lock screen will work in different screen orientations. It seems that for “supported iPhone models”, Face ID will now also work in landscape mode.

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