Apple Pay Comes To France And Hong Kong


Apple, at WWDC last month that their payment service called Apple Pay will be expanded and be made available across Europe. Only a month and a few days later, Apple made that announcement come true by launching Apple Pay in France. This makes France the eighth country to support Apple’s wireless payment service and the second one to hit Europe. Other countries include United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, China, Hong Kong and Singapore with many more coming on their global map. Read More

iPhone 7 Images And Price Leak On Chinese Social Media


Apple is launching the iPhone 7 this September and rumors are that they are dropping the headphone jack and the new headphones would either require Bluetooth connectivity or the lightning cable attachment. Apple also plans to launch the Apple Earpods which would be powered by the lightning cable and can serve as a alternate to the expensive Bluetooth headphones. Although it’s not confirm if these would have to be bought separately or will come with the device.

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Apple Introduces A New Variant For The iPhone 7


In recent revelations, Apple has announced to completely remove the 16 GB and 64 Gb variants for the iPhone 7. This may be a good thing for consumers as the iPhone 7 will now be $100 cheaper than what it was announced earlier. The device will now only come in 32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB, the 32 GB one being the new entry model for the flagship device. This news has certainly turned some heads towards Apple after Wall Street Journal confirmed it. Read More

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Apple Launches 4 Types of Emoji For iOS 10 Beta


Apple has launched emoji packs for the users who are using iOS 10 beta, the emoji packs are available on iTunes in form of Apps. The tech giant has launched four types of emoji which includes– Smileys, Hearts, Hands and Classic Mac. The stickers in Smileys, Hearts & Hands pack are inspired from WatchOS animated emoji, while the Classic Mac pack consists of Macintosh icons created by graphic designer Susan Kare.

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Turn Your Android Phone Into Game Boy With This Device


Hyperkin toyed with gamers last year when it teased a peripheral that would play real Game Boy cartridges on your phone, but it wasn’t just kidding around — it’s making good on its word. The company is now taking pre-orders for a Smart Boy Development Kit that lets your Android smartphone play Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges. There is an Atmel 90USB646 chip in the device and is NTSC/PAL cart compatible. The device will also require Android 4.4.4 KitKat and above, with USB OTG support. Also, the kit is usable with 5-6inch devices. The Smart Boy is expected to ship by December 2016 and its pricing hasn’t been announced yet. Read More

Apps Will Be Faster In iOS 10


There are lots of improvisations done in iOS 10 claims Apple, which will make sure the users get experience using iOS 10. Apps like iMessage get a lot of attention, there’s also some underlying tech that will make all of your apps run a lot faster and smoother even on existing iPhones and iPads. The interesting part is that developers don’t really need to do anything. All of the changes are done on the back-end to existing APIs. So long as apps are compiled for iOS 10, apps will be a lot smoother and faster, says Apple.  Read More

Melody Composer Squared for iOS – A Boon For Composing Melodies


Melody Composer Squared is a unique editor for creating, analyzing and editing melodies using their conversions to images. The app uses the Diagram, which graphically discovers messages and puzzles, hidden in music. Melody Composer Squared will be interesting for children as an educational tool and for adults who would like to understand principles of melody creation. The developer of this app is Pavlo Karnaukhov. This App is very easy to use to create beautiful melodies. Read More

Debut Of iMessage For Android At WWDC 2016 by Apple :Rumor


Apple plans the debut of iMessage for Android, at WWDC 2016 this rumor is in air for a while now. iMessage is set to get its first-ever App for Android, “Apple will announce that iMessage encrypted text messaging is coming to Android users at WWDC next Monday at WWDC 2016,” reports MacDailyNews. Apple is planning to build out its software services giving extending support to devices not running iOS and OS X, the source said. Apple has also launched Apple music App for android users. Read More

Apple Decreases App Store ‘Tax’ For Subscribers, Updates App Store With Faster App Approvals & Search Ads


Apple is planning to decrease App Store ‘tax’ for loyal subscribers. The current 70/30 split is changing so that after the first year Apple will take just 15 percent of subscription fees. Subscriptions are also opening up to the full gamut of Apps, rather than being restricted to particular categories. But it is the changes that are being made to App discovery that will be the most apparent.

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Apple iPhone 7 Is Going To Be Waterproof


Apple’s iPhone 7 is one of the most talked about smartphones to arrive in stores this year, there were many rumors regarding its design and new features. Some features are great while some are at par with other competitor devices. Either ways, being a waterproof device works great for many users all around the world.    Read More