Spotify Works With Siri On Apple Watch

Everyone loves music and when music is available on the go, it becomes more amazing and life becomes much easier. There are many music streaming Apps on the App Store, but there is one app that has made it to the top of the list, and that App is Spotify. No matter what you want to listen to, Spotify has it all. After the latest update to Spotify, Apple watch users can ask Siri to play music from Spotify. By a simple music request to Siri, that ends with “on Spotify” will make you able to play songs on Spotify. Read More

Apple Planning For Cheaper iPhone SE

Although it is unclear, some reports suggest that the long-rumored and cheaper iPhone, iPhone SE will be launching later this month. Despite of COVID-19 outbreak around the globe, Apple continues to produce more and more products. An internal source Jon Prosse suggested on Twitter that the new iPhone will be announced on the 15th of April and the shipping of the product will begin on the 22nd of April. Prosser informed that over the course of the next two weeks, Apple is going to ship iMacs to retail employees who will be trained for remote sales and tech support of these devices. He also said that due to the COVID-19 pandemic this schedule can be changed. Read More

Streaming Video Providers (Apps) Can Avoid Apple Fees

On Wednesday, Apple acknowledged that a program exists which allows streaming video providers to bypass the standard 30 percent fee that Apple charges in the App Store which is applied when a provider sells/rents movies or a TV show to an individual. It was made public recently when Amazon updated its Prime Video on iOS and Apple TV to allow in-App purchases for the first time. It is unclear for how long this program has been active but there are at least two other providers, Altice One and Canal+ that Apple confirmed are participating in this program. Read More

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Apple Employees Are Taking New Products Home To Work On

It is uncertain as to when will the work from the home regime will end, but Apple seems to have taken a courageous decision. Apple has decided to adapt to the current situation and let its early-stage products leave the campus. This news came from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman and according to him, Apple will let its employees take their early-stage products home to work on. Apple is well known for its tight security when it comes to its products. Read More

New Apple Watches To Have Touch-ID And More

This September, Apple is planning to showcase its iPhone 12, but with that, the new generation of Apple Watches will be on display. This generation of the Apple Watch will be called Series 6. It will be superior to Series 5 in terms of technology, as it is rumoured that it will feature Blood-Oxygen sensing. It will be featuring Touch-ID on the digital crown. Read More

Apple’s iPhone 12 To Be Delayed

Apple will most likely delay the launch for its iPhone 12 5G because of the global supply chain issues the company is facing. A slowing demand and a lack of customer response will force the company to possibly extend the launch of the 5G iPhone 12 which it planned for September 2020.

Apple is very particular and wants its first 5G iPhone to be a hit. While China will be able to produce the capacity that Apple is looking at, Apple does not want a slow demand for the iPhone to affect its launch.

Is The New iPad Pro With Trackpad Moving Towards Becoming A MacBook?

Apple’s Senior Vice President for Software Engineering, Craig Federighi just presented the new iPad Pro 2020 trackpad and keyboard functionality which brings up the question – isn’t the new iPad Pro just becoming another MacBook with very little differentiation between the two product lines?

Craig demonstrates the brilliant new functionality of Magic Keyboard that comes with a built in trackpad for the iPad Pro. It allows users to get a complete MacBook like trackpad experience on an iPad. Apple has built in complete cursor support for the iPad which flows seamlessly. Read More

Gave Something To Apple Repair? Wait Till Store Reopens

Have you given something to the Apple Store’s repair center? Apple has confirmed via a posting on its website that you have to wait till the store reopens to pick it up. Apple has shut all its retail outlets outside of China on March 14th, and it did grant customers a 2 day period to pick up their devices. Those who could not pick it up for some reason will now have to wait till the stores reopen. Read More

These Are The New Leaked iPad Pros

From Apple China, we have the leaked versions of four new iPad Pros. On Apple’s China website, they accidentally posted a new user manual that discloses Apple’s plan to release 4 new iPad Pro models. The new iPad Pros will feature the all-new camera lens design that we see as part of the latest iPhones along with a very powerful chip and new improved antenna technology. Read More