Find Out Everything About Apple Music Replay 2020 Including Your Top Songs, Albums, Artists And More

Apple Music Replay is Apple’s biggest competitor to Spotify Wrapped, helping Apple Music subscribers to get complete access of details on their most listened to songs, albums, and artists of the year. Understanding how to find your Apple Music Replay 2020 year-in-review is explained further. Read More

“Patreon Funding For Bringing Native Linux To M1 Macs” – Announcement Made By Developer Hector Martin

The very first Macs with ARM processors was introduced by Apple lately. For now, Windows or Linux cannot be accessed by the users on these machines despite the brilliant performance they have to offer. An announcement was made recently, regarding a Patreon funding to help bring Linux to Apple Silicon Macs, by Hector Martin, a well known developer. Read More

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Christmas 2020 – HomeKit Is Happy To Help!

With the Christmas season approaching, and everyone being in the holiday spirit, people are excited to decorate their homes with Christmas trees and outdoor lighting. Since years, with the help of HomeKit, the organisation of Christmas decorations has become extremely easy to read about handy tricks and what other equipment needs to be bought. Read More

ConnectKit – Developers Can Now Integrate App Store Connect With Shortcuts With The Help Of This New App

Recently, an announcement was made by Josh Holtz, the developer, introducing a new iOS app called ConnecKit, which aims to be a powerful tool for developers. To let developers integrate Apple’s platform with the Shortcuts app along with iOS widgets, the App Store Connect API keys are used by ConnectKit. Read More

The New Mac Mini Receives Complaints About Bluetooth Connectivity Problems

The accessibility to the new Mac mini with M1 chip has been there for a while now and even though the machine has managed to impress users with its brilliant performance, but it is also problematic for some of them. Bluetooth connectivity issues with the new M1 Mac mini is one of the major issues that users have been complaining about. Read More