Top 5 Neobank Apps In USA

In today’s world, convenience is a top priority for many users. Rather than going to a restaurant and waiting in line, people can simply order food to be delivered to their homes. Similarly, instead of hailing a cab on the street, people can book one to come to their doorstep. Neobanks, also known as new age banks, have become popular among many citizens due to their convenience.

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Top 5 Makeup And Makeover Games

Everyone knows that makeup is like art. It’s an art to express oneself, and show individuality through their makeup. Many girls are into makeup from a very young age and wish to practice it on their parents or siblings. However, here are a few amazing apps for your kids to play, with and practice their artistic skills! 

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Elon Musk Poll Results Announced

The results of the Poll posted by Elon Musk asking if he should step down as the head of Twitter is finally out!

The result was yes with 57.5% of users in favor of him stepping down. However, he still hasn’t addressed the poll, but he stated in his Tweet “Those who want power are the ones who least deserve it”

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Twitter Ex-Employees Plan To Launch An App Similar To Twitter

The ex-employees of Twitter namely, DeVaris Brown and Alphonzo Phonz were fired in November 2022. They have come up with their own app called Spill which is going to be similar to Twitter.

After Elon Musk became the CEO of Twitter, many employees were laid off due to changes in the system. Due to this change, several employees have been looking for other options. And this is how DeVaris Brown and Alphonzo Phonz came up with the idea to build a simpler platform called Spill.

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How To Retrieve Your Instagram If It Has Been Hacked

Instagram has been constantly taking measures to ensure less hacking of IDs, and so far they have done a good job. Yet, nowadays some accounts are still being hacked, this can be avoided with double-factor authentication. If you do not have a double factor authentication, and your account has been hacked, you need not worry as Instagram has come up with features that will help users to get back access to their account.

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