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“My Virtual” Series Apps Downloaded Over A Million Times

Mt Virtual Boyfriend App LogoMy Virtual Girlfriend App LogoA mid western based company, WET Productions produced a press release (below) about their success in the Application industry. Their Apps are known as “Virtual Girlfriend Lite” and “Virtual Boyfriend Lite”. To give you a bit of an insight of these Apps are basically designed to simulate the physical feature of having a partner, but virtually. This has caught on with many people around the world as they have just exceeded their 1 millionth download recently. Read More

Top 5 iPad Apps for Creating Mockups


Creating mockup designs on the iPad is a charm considering the large touch screen display. With over 60,000 Apps that allow you to do some amazing stuff, it is hard to select the best. Some of the Apps mentioned below will help you create Mockups for your next project on your iPad.

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Dicarta for iOS – Most Innovative Mobile Planner

diacarta icon

Diacarta for iOS has gone where no other mobile planner has ever gone. It helps you plan your day tasks in pictures rather than plain text. You will be presented with a clock around which you need to add tasks by dragging and dropping the desired image.

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App of the Week – Sociable for iPad


If you are in the market looking for a complete App that will fulfill all your social needs, take a look at Sociable. Sociable is a total social media App that puts Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Digg and Flickr in one place.

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TweetDeck for Android – The Ultimate Social Media App

tweetdeck icon

TweetDeck has tasted utter success with its iPhone, iPad and desktop clients. The company recently launched its Android application which received tremendous coverage and has become the number one App in the social media category.

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AppSpark – iA Writer for iPad

writer ipad

A new writing App that has been featured by Apple is “iA Writer”. Brilliant typography, additional keyboard functionalities, remarkable user interface and sensational dropbox integration make the App a chart topper.

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AppSpark – Elements for iPad

elements icon

Creating content on an iPad is fun with its extraordinary keyboard and the gorgeous large display. There are loads of note taking and text editing Apps for the iPad but once content is created, transferring them and accessing them from other devices is a pain.

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App of the Week – Gravity Hook HD

Gravity Hook HD

Gravity Hook HD is an extremely addictive game for the iPad and iPhone. It has been developed by Semi Secret Software, the folks behind the highly famous Canabalt game.

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App of the Week – Mirror’s Edge [AppSpark]

Mirror’s Edge is a great 2D game developed by EA. It is available on a lot of major platforms including the iPad. The iPad experience is quite unique and lets you interact with game by touching and swiping the screen with your fingers. You need to swipe to jump, slide and beat your enemies. On iPad, the game completely redefines gaming with gestures you would want to perform all day.

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App of the Week – Reeder [AppSpark]

Reeder is a RSS Reading application available on the App Store for $4.99. It is beautifully designed, highly customizable and makes feed reading fun. Reeder imports all your starred items, shared items and your subscribed content from your Google Reader Account and displays them in a gorgeous manner. It automatically creates a cache of your feeds for better offline reading and syncs all your data with your Google Reader Account.

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