Google Duo Is Now A Part Of OnePlus Oxygen OS

OnePlus announced today that it will be integrating Google Duo into its Oxygen operating system on OnePlus phones. The users will receive an update soon for the native Google Duo support on Android Pie supported OnPlus devices 5, 5T, 6, 6T and also for 3 and 3T. The company said that Duo will be made available in the phone’s basic functions such as Call logs, Contacts, Dial pad and Messaging. Read More

Leaked Video Gives A Glimpse Of Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone

A new video that has been accidentally leaked by Samsung appears to be of an upcoming smartphone from the company. It is not just the usual one, but the first foldable device called Galaxy Fold that the company is expected to launch on February 20 alongside Galaxy S10 phones. Samsung seemed to have no clue about it and quickly removed the video, which anyways got viral on social media. Read More

Samsung Unveils 1TB Storage Chip For Smartphones

Samsung has once again proved that it is the undisputed king for new technological developments. They have announced the new massive 1TB Storage Chip designed specifically for smartphones, and has already begun mass producing them in it’s manufacturing plants. These chips will be used in the upcoming generation of Android and other smartphones defining a new age of storage crossing the 1TB mark. Read More

Jacks Or Better For Android – A Classic Poker Game With Endless Fun

Poker games have evolved so much through these years and you may wonder how you got every single aspect fitted perfectly on an App in your smartphone. Gone are the days when you used to play among your friends with poker cards, as your smartphone can now single handedly do all the tasks for you with a single tap. Jacks or Better from Zarzilla Games is a fresh take on this casino genre where there are already several games on the Play Store competing with each other. Read More

The Meizu Zero Smartphone Comes Without Ports, Buttons And Speakers

Getting bugged with all the ports and buttons on your smartphone? You happen to receive a good news from us today. The new smartphone called Meizu Zero promises to be the first of its kind to come with absolutely no buttons, no ports and surprisingly no speakers too. The phone also sports a beautiful ceramic unibody design without any holes, that is bound to attract buyers from worldwide. Read More

Xiaomi’s Foldable Phone Shows Up Online

Xiaomi was heard to be working on a foldable phone in the recent rumours and it looks like the company is seriously working on one as seen in a new video that shows the device in action. The video was shared by Donovan Sung on Twitter today and has gathered millions of views since then that clearly shows how good the foldable phone looks and people are surely getting exited for the updates. Read More

Samsung Galaxy S10 Will Launch In 3 Different Models

A new leak by Twitter user Evan Blass shows the possibility of three different versions of Samsung Galaxy S10 launching this year. He also mentioned the names of the models as S10E, S10 and S10+ and could indicate that the company has almost finished working on them and these could be the prototype devices handled by the Samsung officials. Read More

Xiaomi Brings The New “Survival Game”, To Compete With PUBG

PUBG is starting to get more competition in the survival gaming genre and the latest one being a new game from Xiaomi. The company has published a new game called “Survival Game” in the Mi App Store and it offers to have similar gameplay and features like PUBG and Fortnite. The game is aimed more towards the Indian market and could attract more gamers from India to play the game and make it a sensation like PUBG. Read More

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Pixel 3 And Pixel 3 XL Users Get HDR Support On Netflix

Great news for Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL users who are subscribers of Netflix. The media streaming company has silently added HDR support on these devices recently and many users are still not aware if they have it. You can check for the “HDR” sign below the video instead of “HD” and if it is showing up, you can start watching your favourite shows and movies in HDR. Read More