Call Recorder 2015 — Record Your Important Calls Now

call recorderIn the busy world that we live in today, it’s unfortunate but common to lose track of important appointments, assignments, and many other things which we discuss during a phone call. Call Recorder 2015 aims to change this by recording every incoming and outgoing call on your phone automatically so that you can hear them again in case you forgot something. Read More

Vidmate — Meet Your New Video Mate

vidmateDownloading videos from YouTube using a downloader from the many options available in Google Play seems a good way to go. But there are times when YouTube is just not enough. There are other major and minor sites you may need to use to find a video, movie, song, or other media content. That’s where Vidmate comes into the picture. Featuring in the list of the ‘top new apps’ on google play, we certainly can expect a lot from this App, Read More

Photo Eye Changer — No More Red-eyes

photo eye changerWith all the photo editing applications out there, one option is common and exists in almost all of them: red-eye reduction, and it’s good since no one would fancy a red-eyed photo. Speaking of fancy, what if you could actually change the color of your eyes in a photo to completely give it a different look and share it on your social networks? Photo Eye Changer attempts to do just that, distinguishing itself from the rest of the photo-editing Apps. How does it fare? Only one way to find out: Read More

DJ Soundboard — Create Your Own Music (Review)

dj soundboardThere are three important frequencies in music which determines the pleasure factor and even defines the type of music — the lows, the mids and the highs. The low frequency tones, called the bass, plays a very important role in making the music pleasurable. A perfectly handled bass results in an enjoyable music experience. Keeping that in mind, developers from Teenager Look have made the DJ Soundboard — Deep Bass App that promises to enhance the bass levels where it is necessary and also gives you the controls to make you feel and act like a DJ! Read More

Zip Leather Screenlock — A Unique Way Of Locking Your Screen (Review)

zip leather screen lockEver got bored of your regular lockscreen? Is the same ‘swipe to unlock’ making you feel less happy every time you unlock your phone? Then Zip Leather Screenlock is a screen-locking application that will make your friends pay attention to your phone, thanks to the unique concept of the application. Read More

Echo Notification Lockscreen — Power Charge Your Notifications (Review)

echo notification lockscreenHow many times have you missed out on an important notification that buzzed your device because it got lost in several other? Many, many times! Whether it’s got to do with being busy or the phone being crowded with heaps of apps, almost everyone experiences the crazy notification chaos. However, Echo Notification Lockscreen is an app that can help you with your battle with unorganized notifications. Read More

WeMail for Android — A Solution To The Rising Android Email Problem

wemailMost of the time we are unable to have access to the urgent emails on our smartphones. This mostly happens due to the presence of a disorganized inbox. In order to solve this problem, Kale Interactive, Inc have come up with WeMail for Android phones. It has made it easier and more convenient for users to locate the important emails from the specific senders in almost no time. Read More

AppMaster for Android — Secure Your App Data Without Hassle

AppMansterSecurity is a prime concern for all smartphone and tablet users. For that reason all devices come equipped at least with a screen-lock mechanism. But it is this mechanism which sometimes becomes annoying when you need to access your phone in a hurry. This is when AppMaster comes in handy. It allows you to protect your data without having to lock the entire phone. In addition, you can also backup all your Apps. Read More