WhatsApp Web To Commence Video Calling And Voice Calling Feature Soon

WhatsApp has been a dominative player in the online messaging community and it does not seem to be backing down any time soon. WhatsApp’s user base has seen an immense rise amidst the pandemic. Although they have a WhatsApp Web for PC users, it does not support video and voice calling. Rumour has it that WhatsApp is going to add the aforementioned features any day now. Read More

Uber To Ask Riders To Confirm Wearing A Mask Via Selfie

A lot of services had come to a halt during the pandemic but cab drivers never got a vacation. Uber has been providing service to the customers throughout the pandemic, while ensuring the best of safety measures from their end of the spectrum. Although they do everything from their end, they can’t ensure the level of safety the customer is taking. To ensure higher safety, Uber will now be asking users to confirm wearing a mask via a selfie before booking a ride. Read More

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Slot Gaming

Playing slots is not only fun but extremely easy, so even if you’re a complete novice, it won’t take you long to get to grips with how slots work and how to play and more importantly, win! But before you dive in and spin the reels at https://www.easyslots.com, here are some of the top do’s and don’t of slot gaming to give you a push in the right direction and your best chance of winning! Read More

YouTube Music Status Bar Logo Issue Finally Fixed

youtube-music-premiumYouTube Music has launched various new attributes as of late to pull in the volume of Play Music users. A little change to the Android application refreshes the status bar symbol to match the application’s logo. For a long time now, the YouTube Music logo in notifications and Android’s status bar has varied from the homescreen symbol: the YouTube play icon is encircled by a thick ring to inspire a CD as well as vinyl record. The real icon as observed on the PWA and favicon is a hover with a triangle pattern encompassed by the ring. Read More

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Facebook For Android Gets Dark Mode And More

Facebook-Dark-ModeWith the dark theme hitting the market and gaining its popularity for a long time in many Apps such as Instagram, Facebook Lite, WhatsApp Messenger and Messenger, Facebook has been going in its own pace. Reports had suggested that Facebook is working on the same, but nothing solid had been seen until now. But, with the recent news doing its rounds, we have come across interesting screenshots that show progress in the arrival of dark mode for Facebook as well as a bunch of other exciting and brand new features as well. Read More

Top 5 Android Launcher Apps

Don’t you ever feel tired of the same old interface of your Android device? You may be going to use the same device for the many months and years to come, but don’t let that be an excuse to not spice up your experience. Keeping your sanity in mind, we’ve rounded up the top 5 Android launcher apps to take your device to the next level:- Read More