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Edit Videos On Android With KineMaster (Review)

kinemasterKineMaster for Android, developed by NexStreaming Corp, provides you with the ability to edit your videos quickly and effectively. KineMaster is filled with efficient video editing tools that make your video editing experience a whole lot better. Read More

Facebook Announces Public Beta for Messenger App on Android


If you’ve ever wanted to stay ahead of others, and help make the Facebook Messenger App better in all possible ways, then Facebook has something for you. Facebook announced today that they would be offering a public beta of their Messenger for Android App. It will allow a broader range of people to test out newer and possibly buggy versions of Facebook messenger and report bugs, so that they may be fixed before the actual release. The advantage is that they will get to experience new features before everyone else, possibly even features that won’t make it to the final release. Read More

Top 5 Free Recipe Apps For iOS And Android

Recipe AppRecipe Apps for iOS and Android can be categorized into 3 general types: one that has a pool of recipes, other that helps you save/store recipes found elsewhere, like Evernote, Pepperplate, Zest and lastly the Recipe Magazines. In this article TheAppleGoogle have covered the Top 5 Free Recipe Apps of the first category: a recipe database. The Recipe Apps we have picked have a large database, and besides offering just the recipes, there are other features that make these Apps unique and set them apart in the Apps market place. The style, content and methodology for each recipe is at its best in each App discussed here. They all require an online connection to search the database but saved recipes can be accessed offline. Read More

Rail Racing — Experience Motor Racing On Your Phone

Rail RacingRail Racing by Polarbit (creators of Raging Thunder and Reckless Racing) is an excellent new motor racing App which is packed with speed, excitement and a whole load of fun. Let’s face it, we are never too old for playing racing games. Speeding virtual cars along daredevil tracks is far too exciting to miss. Now, Rail Racing is here to enhance the experience. Read More

Death Off The Cuff — Play The Detective, Reveal The Murderer

Death Off The CuffA colonel is murdered in a seaside hotel. There were five other people in the hotel with him, all of whom are potential suspects. You are the great French detective — Antoine Saint Germain, and you have been called to the hotel to solve the murder. You have looked at everyone’s motives and alibis, but you are unable to figure out who committed the murder. However, all is not lost. You know from experience that if you talk like you know who did it, the murderer will reveal himself. Or herself. But are you observant enough? Do you have the gift of the gab? Find out in Death Off The Cuff. Read More

Airo Ball — Are You Skilled Enough To Get The Balls To Their Rings?

Airo BallHave you just finished a strategy game and are looking for another challenge? Did you find your last game too easy or not hard enough? If you think you have the skill, the reflexes, and above all, the patience to play a difficult strategy game then look no further than Airo Ball. Read More

Loot Hero — Save The World From A Dragon’s Clutches

Loot HeroA legendary dragon has taken over the world, releasing evil creatures to destroy and plunder the lands. The world needs a hero to battle these creatures and slay the dragon. Could you be that knight in shining armour? Play Loot Hero today and find out. Read More

Hopeless: The Dark Cave — Kill Monsters, Save Blobs, Don’t Lose Hope

HopelessHopeless: The Dark Cave is a new game by Upopa which has recently been released on the AppStore after receiving a lot of love and praise on Google Play. The game has a simple aim: save the blobs against the monsters. But these blobs are scared, sometimes they are frightened into shooting their own friends. It’s up to you to make sure they don’t lose hope. Read More

Polamatic for iOS and Android — Photos With A Touch Of Nostalgia

PolamaticAre you bored of the same style of photos taken by your phone? Do you want your photos to be different from all the photos posted on Facebook? Or maybe you wish you could scribble a personal message and put in on your friend’s Wall? Now you can achieve all this and more with Polamatic, the official App of Polaroid. Read More

A Creepy Live Wallpaper, Haunted House HD for Android (Review)

hauntedhouseHaunted House HD is a spooky and creepy Live Wallpaper application that transforms your Android smartphone into a Halloween perk. Developed by Dualboot Games, who are well praised for their live wallpapers, Haunted House HD allows you to roam a completely haunted mansion right from your smartphone. Read More