Android Apps

EleEditor — Make Your Notes Useful and Organized (Review)

eleeditorEleEditor, developed by Kdan Mobile Software, allows you to efficiently manage your Evernote notes and at the same time lets you edit them. EleEditor provides a user-friendly interface with flexible editing techniques. With cloud backing capabilities and a rich editor, EleEditor lets you create and edit a note the way you like and in a completely unique style. Read More

Appy Discovery — A Way to Discover New Apps (Review)

appyOver time, you will notice that the Play Store seems to throw the same Apps at you over and over again. Even after searching, you may not find what you were looking for in the Play Store. The repeating App suggestions can become frustrating. However, Appy Discovery might be the answer you were looking for. Developed by Paul Brice, Appy Discovery allows you to quickly discover a new App, especially betting and gambling ones, in an effortless and safe manner.  Read More

Timehop — A Glimpse Into the Past

timehopEvery now and then an App comes along, one that happens to be very simple and barely does much, but what it does is amazing and something you never realized would be so significant. Timehop is one of those Apps. Read More

Facebook’s Slingshot Now Available Worldwide

slingshotAfter Facebook’s Slingshot launched in the United States earlier this month, the Snapchat competitor is now available around the globe on the Play Store. Read More

Beach Buggy Racing Coming To Android This August

beach buggy racing

Vector Unit makes some of the best and most enjoyable games for iOS and Android, and now they are releasing a sequel to their Beach Buggy Blitz (well, sort of) game, which will be coming to Android and the Kindle Fire. Read More

Top 10 Free Android Apps To Make Travelling Easier

travellingWhether it is for holiday or work, travelling can be a stressful thing. Getting to the airport, flight delays, reserving hotel rooms, hiring a car, and many such things get in the way of enjoying your holiday, exploring your destination or securing that business deal that you have travelled across the globe for. But all these obstacles can be removed with a few taps on your android device. Here is a list of 10 Android Apps that make for the perfect travelling companions. Read More

Bamba Enters The Android Market With Bamba Burger

bambaburgerThe Bamba game series for kids, has received much praise in the App Store with over two million downloads. Known for developing Bamba Ice Cream, Bamba Burger, Bamba Toys, Bamba Craft and Bamba Post Office, Bamba has now entered the Google Play Store by launching its App, Bamba Burger, on the Play Store for Android customers. Read More

Get On Top Of Your Finances With Spending Tracker For iOS And Android

Spending TrackerQuite often it happens that we don’t realize where we spend all our money every month. Luckily, today we have handheld devices that can help us solve such problems. Spending Tracker by MH Riley Ltd. is a recent addition to the Finance category of the App Store and a great App to keep on top of your finances. Read More

SwiftKey For Android Now Free To Download

SwiftkeyTouchTypeLtd.’s predictive keyboard App, SwiftKey for Android, is now free to download all over the world. SwiftKey, formerly Google Play’s number one paid App, used to cost $3.99. TouchType Ltd. hopes to reach more users by giving away the basic App free and then selling them à la carte features and customization. To make it easier for users a SwiftKey Store has been added to the App in its latest update. Read More

Temple Run Runs Past the 1 Billion Downloads Milestone

temple run

Who could have imagined Temple Run and Temple Run 2 would get past the 1Billion downloads milestone just three years after the game was first released. Ok, I admit, maybe I’m just old, and running around and using swipes to control my character isn’t my style. I grew up with a Play Station controller. My kids though are another story. They fight over my Android tablet to see who gets to play first and then see who gets the highest score. Even my five year old is getting in on the action. Who can blame them? It’s a way of getting a rush without actually having to leave your chair, and that is the appeal that helped boost the popularity of the game. Read More