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Edit Documents On The Go With myOffice For iOS (REVIEW)

myofficemyOffice, developed by Masalasoft, allows you to quickly and effortlessly edit and create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and PDF files from a single application. myOffice features numerous options and online integration so that your files are always available. With myOffice, you can create rich documents on your iPad and iPhone and edit them. Not only this but myOffice allows you to scan documents using your camera and create hand written notes and voice memos. Read More

Mix And Match Stylish Outfits With Jaqard For iPhone

jaqardJaqard, developed by EMS Style, allows you to quickly and efficiently decide what to wear based on other peoples suggestions. Not only this but, Jaqard features recommendations and questions that you can answer to discover latest outfit styles. Read More

Melody Pro – A Powerful Music Notation App (Review)

melodyproMelody Pro allows you to create unique and original music and also construct music sheets. Developed by Nextep Applications, Melody Pro features useful and dynamic tools which make it definitely a useful App for hardcore musicians. Melody Pro features ways to create a music sheet. One method is to drag and drop notes onto a blank sheet music paper. Melody Pro contains a choice of treble and bass clefs and variety of notes from whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, eight notes and sixteenth notes to include from. The other method is to play a virtual piano keyboard that spontaneously notates the music along with its value on screen. Read More

TAB IT for iOS – Keep Track When Money Exchanges Hands

tabitTAB IT, developed by 500PERMEAL, is a neat application that not only keeps track of money IOU (I Owe You) but verify every amount you owe and that you’ve lent to somebody. Not only this but TAB IT prevents any arguments between you and your friends and keeps a record of your debt so you don’t need to stress yourself. Read More

gDecide for iOS: Get Help In Making Decisions

gDecide IcongDecide is a neat application that allows you to quickly ask your relatives, friends and co-workers questions to which they can reply with their opinion. With gDecide, you can post queries that you need a decisive answers for, and filter who can see what you post on specific matters. Read More

Edit Videos On Android With KineMaster (Review)

kinemasterKineMaster for Android, developed by NexStreaming Corp, provides you with the ability to edit your videos quickly and effectively. KineMaster is filled with efficient video editing tools that make your video editing experience a whole lot better. Read More

Find Words In Jumbled Letters – Speed Reading With Reading Arena for iOS

readingarenaiconReading Arena for iPhone and iPad, developed by HeKu IT, tests your mind to the limits and allows you to the set the standard for your friends to beat. Based on the App of the Year 2011 ‘Reading Trainer’, you need to do speed reading to find words in jumbled letters. Read More

How To: Easily Stream Audio Only Using AirPlay

screenshot_1034It’s very convenient to stream your Mac’s laptop screen to a nearby TV using Apple’s Airplay. Totally simple and quite efficient. However, there is one problem to it. You can easily stream your screen but you can not stream your audio without the display showing up on your TV. Read More

Top 5 Free Racing Games For iPad

Racing GamesThe App Store is crawling with tons of games, but the main problem that everyone faces is the question: which racing game is worth my time? You may have already downloaded and played some racing games, but were they any good, did they excite you? We, at TheAppleGoogle, have compiled the Top 5 Free Racing Games for iPad, so all you need to do is download, play and enjoy! Read More