Best Websites And Apps To Get Wallpapers For Your OnePlus 7T

The background or wallpaper is the first thing you see when you unlock your phone. So, it ought to be something pleasing to your eyes or something you are able to relate to. It could be a happy picture of you, a small quote that inspires you, or a wallpaper depicting the beauty of nature. Here we have a few Wallpaper Websites and Apps suggestions for your OnePlus 7T.  Read More

Here Are All The New Features Coming To Apple Maps With iOS 14

Apple Maps did not have a distinguished start, but over the years it has continuously made improvements to bring it up to par with Google Maps. Now, with iOS 14, Apple is adding new handy features to maps.

Cycling Directions

We have seen maps showing driving directions, walking directions and even transit directions. What about bicycle directions? For users in San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York City, Shanghai, and Beijing, Apple Map is bringing cycling directions. The feature will be expanded into other parts of the world in the following months. Along with the estimated time, the map will also show traffic cautions, elevation changes and steep hills.  Read More

Apple Will Soon Launch Its Own Over-Ear Headphones: AirPods Studio

Apple is entering into the competitive field of premium over-ear headphones. The headphones will apparently join the AirPods lineup and be called ‘AirPods Studio’ and will be distinct from Apple’s beats lineup of over-ear headphones. An icon sporting the AirPods Studio was noticed in a code relating to battery and charging widget for iOS 14 a few months back. Since the icons were discovered in ‌iOS 14‌ code, this could mean the headphones will launch after ‌iOS 14‌ later this year, but nothing is confirmed as of yet. Jon Prosser from Front Page Tech says that the AirPods Studio will cost at $349, i.e. $100 more than AirPods Pro which costs $249.

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Here’s How To Use The Screen Recording Feature On Android 11

The upcoming Android 11 update will bring a host of new features to your smartphone, including a built-in screen recording option. The feature was introduced in Samsung and LG phones running Android 10, but it was quite buggy and ultimately removed. There are still few models running the feature but it’s hidden. You could give it a shot! Google is now back with the feature and there will finally be a way to get the option without downloading a third-party app, irrespective of the phone you are using as long as you are running Android 11. Here’s how to use the screen recorder in Android 11 when it arrives:  Read More

Apple Watch Series 6 To Bring New Health-Centric Features

For everyone who use the Apple Watch for fitness and health tracking, the future Apple Watch series 6 will definitely get you excited. The Apple Watch Series 6 is expected to be launched with WatchOS 7. The supposed health-centric features to be added to the new Apple Watch includes blood oxygen level detection, mental health detection and yoga pose tracking with a thermometer.

The codes for blood oxygen level detection were found in the upcoming iOS 14, that indicates that the company is already working on a smartwatch that could support the feature. Moreover, Apple is also working on improving the electrocardiogram (ECG) scanning, currently available in Watch series 4 and 5. Many users have complained about the ECG readings often being inaccurate.  Read More

Samsung To Launch New Galaxy Buds X To Compete With Apple’s AirPods

Samsung’s true wireless earbuds have been in reports for quite a while now. It was awarded FCC certification (Federal Communications Commission) on July 8 . Reports suggest that the company is expected to launch the new pair of wireless earphones ahead of the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Event to be held on August 5. For that reason, we can expect the earbuds to launch by the end of this month alongside the new Galaxy Watch 3.

The most interesting part about the Buds X has to be its bean-shaped design, made to fit perfectly in your ears. Images surfacing show three color variants that the earbuds will be made available in – black, white and a chic rose gold color. The FCC certificate reveals that they will measure approximately 26 x 15 x 14 mm and weight about 5 grams. Each bud feature two microphones, which signals toward noise- cancellation tech, as well as the ability to take calls and support for voice command. It even appears each earbud has two contact points for charging, and the case has two LED indicators to communicate headset battery life. The product will be sold at a price similar to Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, which were priced at $149.  Read More

Apple’s Smart Glasses Could Be Operated Using Eye Gestures

Apples’s long-awaited Augmented Reality Glasses continue to attract news surrounding its specifications. The glasses can be paired to the iPhone and are expected to feature an interactive display in each lens, which will respond to certain gestures. A Bloomberg report suggests that the glasses will have holographic display enabling the users to view texts, email, maps, and more. Although, Apple hasn’t officially announced the AR glasses, according to a new patent registered by Apple, the glasses could be controlled with your eyes. The patent describes techniques for interacting with an electronic device using an eye gaze. “According to some embodiments, a user uses his or her eyes to interact with user interface objects displayed on the electronic device. The techniques provide a more natural and efficient interface by, in some exemplary embodiments, allowing a user to operate the device using primarily eye gazes and eye gestures” Read More

Top 5 Widgets For Your iPhone with iOS 14

Honestly, quite a few of us do not put widgets to its right use. Just with a little effort you can make your smartphone so much more productive. Apple introduced the ability to add widgets in iOS 10, but they have been confined to the Notification Center since then. This will soon change with the release of iOS 14. iPhone users will now be able to add customizable widgets on their homescreen. With widgets you can quickly glance at the information that might be important to you without actually opening a particular app. Of course Apple includes widgets for a number of built-in apps, but what gives the feature more importance are the widgets from third-party apps. Here are some of the widgets from apple as well as third-party apps that you should definitely be using with iOS 14 to make your day easier:  Read More

Skype For iPhone Gets Background Blur Feature

An unscheduled virtual meeting might not give you enough time to clean up the mess in your room. But, Skype has you backed up! Microsoft is adding a background blur feature to its Skype for iOS app, similar to what exists in the company’s Teams app for iPhone and iPad. The feature was added to the desktop version of Skype back in February 2019, allowing the users to hide or blur what’s in the background during a video call. The company is using artificial intelligence to detect and blur everything in a room behind the participant. The working is similar to the first generation portrait photo feature on iPhones that detects faces to keep you as the main focal point, while everything in the background is artificially blurred out. The blur effect, will detect your hair, arms, and hands to avoid blurring out key body features during video calls, making your body language clear. Read More

OnePlus Nord Is All Set To Launch: Here Are All The Confirmed Specifications

The affordable OnePlus Smartphone lineup, OnePlus Nord, is all set to release on July 21. The launch event is the world’s first augmented reality smartphone launch. OnePlus has designed an invitation which can be bought from Amazon to experience the launch event through the OnePlus Nord AR App available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The phone will be launching in India and Europe for now, and will eventually release in the US, only if it’s successful elsewhere. The smartphone is expected to be priced under $500, much lower than the OnePlus 8 series. But the phone will retain premium features that OnePlus is known for and that’s exactly why there’s a lot of buzz around its launch. Read More

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