Top 5 American Election Apps for iPhone

Despite the fact whether one lives in the US or not, their presidential elections cause a buzz all around the world. Keeping up with the early predictions, exit polls, and final results are some of the best parts of this adrenalin rushing experience. The traditional old school way to keep track of these things is to sit in front of the television for hours on end. Sadly, one doesn’t have the time for that in today’s busy world. Mentioned below are the best iPhone apps that allow users to follow the election any time and from anywhere. Read More

Best Types Of Bonuses To Win Cash In Online Slots

You can play online slot machines for real money by placing a bet. As you do so, you stand a chance to get bonuses that increase opportunities for higher wins. Rewards are special discounts offered by online casinos, which encourage you to register or continue playing. They are legit and give you the same opportunities that you would get if you deposited money. Read More

Google Play Store Now Allows Users To Compare Between Apps

Google is allegedly looking to roll out a new feature that will allow users to compare between apps before downloading them. The Play Store comprises of over a million apps to browse through and select from. Google already allows users to rate apps and review them, which helps customers in choosing between apps, but a direct comparison will cut down a lot of work and will be an extremely time effective method. Read More

Amazon Updates Fire Tablets To Act As Smart Home Hub Control Center

Amazon recently updated their Fire Tablets with the in-demand Smart Home Hub feature. Now, along side the regular TV shows, browsing, gaming and other activities on the tablet, Amazon is allowing users to also use the very device as a control centre for all the Smart Home devices they might have at home. Read More

Apple Likely To Launch A Search Engine Soon

Apple is reportedly under works of developing a search engine of their own, thus likely to depend less on Google in the forthcoming future. The speculations came to light after the enhanced search functionality offered on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 didn’t require Google support to answer user queries. The multibillion-dollar company had also posted job openings this year for search engineers, suggesting they might be moving forward to having a native search engine. Read More