iPad Repair: 7 Things To Consider Before Replacing A Broken Screen

iPad screens are susceptible to damage even though they’re designed to last for several years.
Incidents often occur, and you may sooner or later have a broken screen. The good thing is that the screen is one of the easiest parts of an iPad to replace. It doesn’t require a lengthy diagnosis because it’s a physical issue. All you need to do is to create time out of your busy schedule, take it to a repair center, and they’ll fix it for you.

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ASOWin Launches Its New Publication on App Store Optimization

ASOWin today launched its latest publication on App Store Optimization which covers everything which App developers need to focus on. ASOWin is one of the leading App Store Optimization agencies in the world and handles ASO for the top brands from across the globe.

“We’re super excited to launch our very first publication. We’ve been working on ASO for major brands over the past 5 years and combining all our knowledge along with industry standard practices and in response to the various questions asked by our clients, ASOWin experts have written this wonderful book. I couldn’t be more excited. This book sets the standard in the ASO industry and must be used as a guide within companies.” said Saarthak Srivastav, Chief Operating Officer ASOWin in a press interview.

You can download a free copy here or by visiting the ASOWin website.

Top 5 Alternatives To Amazon Prime Video In India

Amazon-PrimeIt’s a tough time for everyone. Now, more than ever, keeping in mind the ongoing pandemic situation, everyone is looking for a way to entertain themselves. Hands-down, the most popular source of entertainment, is binge-watching web series.  Watching movies and web-series is keeping us glued to our seats and helping us pass time.

If you are someone who uses Amazon Prime, you will know exactly what they have got to offer. But, what to do if you run out of options on Amazon Prime? Is there any alternative to it? If this is a lingering question in your mind, then there is some good news for you. TheAppleGoogle has come up with Top 5 Alternatives To Amazon Prime Video in India, which will help you explore the entertainment world to its depth with the variety of options available. Read More

WatchGit App Will Now Let Users Access GitHub From Apple Watch

WatchGit-GitHub -Apple- WatchAccording to latest news, A quite well-known development platform GitHub offers an application for the iPhone and iPad that permits clients to oversee code from anyplace. In any case, if you’ve missed the similarity with a particular Apple gadget, you no longer need to stress over it. WatchGit is a brand new Third-Party App for GitHub that lets users access the platform the comfort of your wrist with the Apple Watch. Read More

Apple’s Mac Pro Gets A New High-End GPU

Mac-ProAs guaranteed, Apple has refreshed the Mac Components area of its online store with four SSD Kits for Mac Pro. The SSD Kits, which have been configured in pairs and are accessible in 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, and 8TB assortments. The starting price is quoted at $600 for the 1TB redesign, while the 8TB overhaul will hamper you $2800. Clients choosing to buy these modules should supplant existing modules in the Mac Pro with the overhauled pair. Since the SSD is attached to the Apple T2 Security Chip, it’s not simply a fitting and play technique. Clients will require access to a subsequent Mac running Apple Configurator 2 alongside a USB-C link to finish the update. Read More

Google To Introduce Prince: A New Standard Nest-Branded Smart Speaker

Google-PrinceAs per the latest news from sources, Google is all set to launch Prince, which is a new standard nest branded smart speaker. The gadget will look unassuming and recognizable, however, it is expected to fit in pleasantly with the fabric-based design language of the Nest Mini, Nest Hub, the still-not-renamed Google Home Max. The device is expected to be, codenamed Prince after, well, Prince, is show less and in a comparative vein to the Sonos One. That would mean bigger speaker drivers — a perceptible knock up from unique Google Home which includes a high trip speaker with 2-inch driver. Read More

Blackjack: Live Vs. Online

BlackjackThese days, we are lucky enough to have an online casino with a live Blackjack experience at a touch of a button, in the form of live Blackjack games on our favourite online gambling sites, but it hasn’t always been this way. Blackjack is thought to have originated in France in the 17th century, going by the name “twenty-one” until the early 20th century when “Blackjack” was coined. The rules and regulations of the game have remained fairly similar to the way it began all those years ago, as Blackjack remains one of the most popular cards of all time.  Read More

4 Benefits Of A Sales Engagement Platform

Sales-EngagementArmed with only a CRM, your sales development representatives (SDRs) can only do so much. They hunt and cherry-pick, which leads to follow, eating up valuable time, and allowing other leads to slip through the cracks. They follow up when they can remember – not according to a systematized, optimized cadence. They spend less time selling and more time in-between sales, filling out emails, dialling leads, reporting, etc.  Read MoreReviewsCollect Ad

Google Maps Is Now Allowing Third-Party Sites To Show Reviews, Images And Much More

google-mapsGoogle Maps is celebrating its 15th Anniversary by bringing in some new changes in its working. Google is now paving way for third-party sites to show reviews, Images and much more on its Google Maps. In a simpler word, Google will allow other sites to build on Google Maps. Google Maps helps keep clients connected on your site by giving them a nitty gritty comprehension of spots almost a particular area they’re thinking about — place names, depictions, value level, evaluations, audits, and photographs. It even gives assessed time of appearance and strolling headings from the area of intrigue. Read More

WWDC Update: Apple’s Developer App Updated With MacOS Version

Apple-WWDC-2020WWDC 2020 will start next Monday, on June 22, and Apple is preparing and all geared up for its first absolutely virtual gathering because of the current global situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In anticipation of the occasion, Apple has recently discharged another update for its official Apple Developer application, which will let its users and designers watch the whole meetings on the web. Read More