Google Contemplates To Take Over 5% Stake In Vodafone Idea

vodafone-and-google-The tech-giant Google has been looking around options to acquire a 5% stake in Vodafone Idea which has been in burdened under debt and owes a whopping amount of more than Rs 54000 crores to the government. As per the source, it has been stated that this investment would actually be a win-win situation for both the parties, as Vodafone  Idea needs this favour so to say more than ever now and also Google gets a cheap entry into the telecommunication market. Read More

Apple Devices Charging Issues Fixed

Apple-device-not-chargingMany iOS users have been facing issues surrounding your Apple devices not charging beyond a certain point;80% to be precise. This issue has been lingering for quite some time now and many complaints regarding the same have been seen. Many users have been getting an error message which seems to be stating that the Apple device is not charging beyond 80% because the device temperature is high. Read More

Apple Now Offering Indian Customers To Configure Macs

Apple-MacbookLatest reports suggest that Apple has finally started offering Macs with the custom configuration in India to its customers. Customers will now be able to buy a customised version of MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Mini and other Mac products according to their own personal additions. The Tech-giant is now offering an entire variant of Mac with Configure-to-order (CTO) or Built-to-order (BTO) as an option so that customers can choose how they want their Mac devices to be. Read More

Apple’s iPhone 12 Series Launch Delayed By Two Months

iphone-12-appleAccording to latest source reports, Apple’s iPhone 12 series launch that was expected to hit the market somewhere around mid-September, is now being delayed by two months and will be expected to roll out by the end of November. Previous reports had stated a months delay to iPhones 12 Series due to the current pandemic situation but this turned out to be delayed by two months. Read More

Google Launches 3 New Features For Google My Business Listings

how-to-register-Google-My-BusinessIn the wake of the recent pandemic, Google launches 3 new features for Google My Business Listings. Google is now adding and letting business services call attention to offer more types of services by adding three new features to Google My Business Profile. These features in Google My Business Listings allow customers to see what exactly the business has got to offer in terms of its services. Right from opening and closing time along with the average price of products and services and reviews. Read More

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