Covid-19 Vaccination Centre Locations And Testing Centres Added To Apple Maps

Apple has added a new update to Maps and Siri. On its Maps app and Siri, Apple has started highlighting centres and clinics that are administering COVID-19 vaccinations in the United States.
Bloomberg’s report says that on 16th March Apple has said that the search bar of its maps application will be showing locations of 20,000 vaccination centres. Read More

Apple Stays At The Top In The Wearable Market

According to the latest IDC report, the best-selling smartwatch of 2020 was the Apple Watch. The report says that Apple shipped over 55.6 million wearable devices in the fourth quarter of 2020, obtaining 36.2 percent of the market share. The second position was acquired by Xiaomi though there was a vast difference between the two as Xiaomi had an 8.8 percent market share during the same quarter. The Chinese company shipped over 13.5 million wearables in the fourth quarter. BoAt, an Indian wearable company shipped over 5.4 million units thus having a 3.5 percent market share and making the last quarter a successful one for itself as well. Read More

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DuckDuckGo Targets Google Claiming That They Collect User’s Data

Google has started updating many of its iOS applications little by little with App Store privacy labels. This means that while updating the applications they are mentioning the type of data that it collects from its users. Recently the Google and Chrome applications were updated using these privacy labels. DuckDuckGo has already started using this for its benefit. Read More

Here’s How Successful Google Go Is

It was reported in November 2019 that GoogleGo passed 100 million downloads on the play store. This success was achieved due to two main reasons. The first one being that the app was pre-installed on Android Go devices and the second reason being that the app helps users all around the world to limit their data consumption, thanks to its data-saving approach. Its success all around the world is confirmed by the fact that it has just passed 500 million installations on the Play Store. Read More

Here Are The Expected Features From iPhone 13 or iPhone 12S

A lot is being speculated about Apple’s 2021 iPhone series and this has been in the news for quite some time now. If the latest news is to be believed then it is said that the company won’t be naming the iPhone 2021 models as iPhone 13 but will be naming it as iPhone 12s. A new report has now come out which states that the iPhone 2021 models will be having a touch ID feature that will be built inside the phone’s display. Reports from GizChina say that the company is running tests for a new biometric sensor that will be fitted into the phone screen. Read More

We’ve Got Leaked Pictures For AirPods 3

It is known that Apple is working on its third-generation AirPods. A new report has come out which shows us how the third generation of the consumer-grade TWS earbuds may look. The design is similar to the previous render leaks, making it look like the AirPods Pro. To quote GizmoChina, “It appears that the AirPods 3 will have a shorter term and come with replaceable ear tips, similar to what we have seen with the company’s AirPods Pro” The new third-generation AirPods will have some similar features and design as the present AirPods Pro. Read More

Case Filed Against Google For Collecting User’s Data While Using ‘Incognito’

Google failed to dismiss a case against it which alleged that it digs up tons of internet data, without the knowledge of the users even when the users are using the “Incognito” mode so that their browsing and search activity remain private.

The ones who had filed this case alleged that even if their data collection option is switched off in chrome, Google uses other different types of tools in different websites which leads to collecting their personal information. The Alphabet Inc. unit had previously requested to close the case but a federal judge on Friday ruled out the request. Read More