Apple Releases iOS 15.0.1 Update With Major Bug Fixes

Apple recently launched its iOS 15. Soon after the launch, there were reports of different kinds of issues faced by the users. Among these, the one that was affecting users the most was the “Unlock With Apple Watch” issue because of which iPhone 13 users were not able to unlock their devices using the Apple Watch when they had their masks on. The iPhone 13 users can now relax as Apple has released a new software update in which along with other bug fixes, the Settings app showing full storage on the iPhone, the above-stated problem has also been resolved.

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Apple Might Bring A 2 TB Storage Variant With iPhone 14

It has just been a few weeks since the Apple iPhone 13 series has been launched and already the speculations for next year’s iPhone model have started. For the iPhone 13 series this year, Apple increased the base storage along with the maximum storage for the devices. The iPhone 13 Pro has storage variants of up to 1TB. Now it has come up in a new report that Apple might take a bigger leap and introduce a 2TB variant in the iPhone 14 series.

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Top 5 Apps To Order Furniture In India

Home is the place where we can be ourselves. At times we need to change the environment in our house to change our lives. We are of course talking about the interior of our house. Choosing the perfect furniture for your house can turn your house into a home from a basic building. With the advancement of technology, we don’t even need to go and visit shops physically and spend hours to find the perfect furniture for our house. All we need is a phone and a good mood. Here we bring before you a list of the top 5 apps from where you can order furniture in India.

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Apple Car To Get Automatic Shading System

The Apple Car is a long-rumored product. Now from sources, we have come to know that the Apple Car will be using an automatic shading system to block direct sunlight from the eyes of the drivers and the passengers. As per reports from AppleInsider, the automatic shading system will stop drivers and passengers from being blinded by the sun’s light or dazzled by the headlights of approaching cars at night. As per the patent granted by the US Patent and Trademark office the “active glare suppression system” will stop bright lights from reaching the driver’s eyes and at the same time keeping the rest of the view clear.

Along with this LED screens all over the vehicle are expected to be present in the Apple Car. The reason for this is to inform other drivers what the self-driving system is doing. The information displayed on the screens would include braking information, the speed of the car, and other messages in the form of graphics and video.

The report further mentions that during parking of the vehicle the display might show a goodbye message or welcome the user on arrival to the vehicle.

The apple car might use a C1 chip based on the A12 Bionic processor with in-cabin AI capabilities like eye-tracking.
Also, Apple will need a chip foundry that has the capacity for automotive processes that Samsung or TSMC could supply to Apple.

Apple iPhone 13 Cannot Be Unlocked Using Apple Watch

Apple recently released its iPhone 13 series and now it is being delivered to the buyers. The reviews have mostly been positive however some buyers are complaining about issues with the “Unlock with Apple Watch” feature. This feature was introduced to automatically detect a smartwatch and allow using the phone without entering a password.

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