Review – Haypi Dragon

haypi dragon Haypi Dragon is a cool App which I think has got a lot of potential. It has some amazing graphics and a fantastic storyline. Firstly, you can only play this game with an active Internet connection. There is this place known as Haypi where there are dragons. When you first start the game, you have to sign up for an account which I personally hate. You then need to choose a place for example forests, palaces and more. The game then begins. You have to kill a dragon which is shooting fireballs at you. All you have to do is just save yourself from the other dragon and kill it before it kills you. Read More

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Maintain A Diary of Your Life On My Video Diary for iOS

mvdMost of us love to write diaries and jot down our feelings and opinions. We all love our diaries and protect it from others. A similar app is available for iPhone and iPod touch dubbed “My Video Diary”. It’s a simple app with an easy concept which as the name suggests is a pocket diary where not only can you write your feelings but also upload memorable videos and photos. Read More

Click Christmas Themed Pictures in Realtime With Christmas Face for iOS

Christmas is almost here and in the App Store Christmas Apps are starting to make their way. One of them is “Christmas Face“. It’s a cute App and really fun. When you first fire this app, you will notice 16 default frames. The frames are of various categories all suitable for Christmas. One frame includes a Santa, the other one is of a girl wearing a hat, a semi-nude women wearing a red hat and many more. Select any one of these frames and then the App gives you an option of taking a picture or add the frame to an existing picture. Choose any one of it and after you get the picture, it shows up in the frame. Read More

Create Laughter With Laugh Synth for iOS [REVIEW]

laugh synthWhen I first opened Laugh Synth, I was thinking this must be some lame and childish App, but not at all. Laugh Synth for iOS is just really funny. As the name suggests, Laugh Synth will help you create and share laughter. With this App you can produce some great noises that are absolutely hilarious to hear. You get a lot of options to choose from like High Society, Mask, Italiano and the App creates sounds that complements to the selected style. Read More

Pro-Share Is An All-in-One Picture/Video Uploader for iOS

prosharePro-Share is a really simple yet effective application which allows you to upload your pictures and videos to numerous social networks all from one App. You can upload your pictures/videos to Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, YouTube and can even transfer pictures from one iOS device to another with Bluetooth. Read More

Rescue the Love of Your Life In ‘The Rescue’ App for iOS [REVIEW]

rescueI played this game a lot and decided to finally do a review of it. The Rescue is an App available in the App Store developed by David Dennis for $0.99, and there is also a lite version of the App available for those who want try before they buy. In ‘The Rescue’, the love of you life has been captured and your objective is to save her. Read More

Miss Moppet Is A Normal Cat and Mouse Book for iOS, Nothing Evolutionary

missmI love cat and mouse stories. No matter if it is Tom and Jerry or my mother’s own tale. If you like the chasing and crashing that is normally a part of such an adventure, then you can give “Miss Moppet” a swing for $2.99 from the App Store. It’s a short cat and mouse tale and I myself love it. Miss Moppet can be good for children, but is definitely not for adults. Read More

Perform Stunts and Entertain Yourself in MegaStunt Mayhem Pro for iOS

MegaStunt Mayhem Pro is a great game. It is extremely thrilling and interesting. The game is developed by Level Eight AB and the Pro version can be downloaded for $2.99, although there is a free version also available. MegaStunt Mayhem Pro has got phenomenal graphics and it looks stunning on a retina display. Read More