Top 5 News Apps For iOS

newsKeeping on top of news these days is no longer a matter of just picking up your favourite broadsheet every morning and perusing it with a hot cup of coffee. Most people don’t even have the time to drink coffee at leisure much less read a newspaper. Just like coffee, we want to keep on top of the news on the go. Whether you’re interested in detailed articles shared on Facebook or snippets on what’s happening in Gaza, there is a news reader for everything. In this article TheAppleGooogle shares its five favourite News Apps. Read More

iPacking For iOS — Your Ultimate Travel Companion

ipackingGoing for a vacation, business trip or summer camping and need help packing appropriately or, rather, packing completely? iPacking, a brilliant new App by Nexti Co. is here to your rescue. No longer do you need to scramble around the airport looking for sunscreen or worse, cancelling your vacation because you forgot your or your children’s passport at home. Read More

5 Products Apple Is Releasing This Year

iWatch2014 so far hasn’t produced many devices for Apple’s fans. Usually, WWDC is the event where Apple launches its next generation devices, but this year it was more about iOS 8 and Yosemite. Not that we’re not excited about the new software with some great features, it’s nice to look forward to a new device. And Apple being Apple has at least 5 products in the pipeline for this year, just in time for Christmas! Read More

Calendate For iOS — Your calendar, Your style

calendateCalendate stands out from most other calendar Apps as a remarkably built and intuitive App. From its interactive feature enabling users to customize the App to their own preferred outlook to creatively integrating planned events with weather forecasts, scheduling upcoming events has never been easier. Whether it’s a personal commitment to show up on time for a crucial job interview, a friend’s birthday party, or a reminder to buy tickets to your favourite game, Calendate has got your back! Read More

n7player Music Player — Feel The Music, Live The Beat.

n7Elegantly developed by iOS Universal, the n7 music player brings nothing short of rocking power to your playlist. Its remarkable audio processing power will definitely get you shopping for a new pair of dancing shoes! From a brilliantly animated interface to a superb 10-band equalizer coupled with a thrilling bass boost the n7 player is, without doubt, the ultimate music player. Among its many impressive features is an album surface that enables users to rapidly search, find and listen to all available tracks. Read More

Is Apple Ignoring India?


Apple Store in Shanghai

With another Apple retail store opening soon in Turkey and Apple Stores chief Angela Ahrendts’ plan to open 30 stores in China by 2016, one wonders why there still aren’t any Apple stores in India. Not that there aren’t places that you can’t buy an iPhone or iPad from. But these are generic phone and network providers, not a glass fronted building sporting a proud Apple logo. Is Apple ignoring India? Read More

The Google Human Tracker Idea


On December 29, 2009, posted a new idea called “Google Human Tracker” under its article “Imagineering for Google – Future Projects”. It projected that this application will allow others to track one’s physical coordinates. It anticipated that many would like this idea, i.e. mothers who want to keep an eye on their children, police who would like to track criminals, companies who would like to monitor the movement of its sales force, intelligence agencies of various nations who would want to keep a tab of its spies with a view to monitor their safety, armies who would want to find out soldiers who have been lost at sea or land, and many others. Read More

Do We Really Need A 5.5” iPhone 6?

iPhone 6

Apple fans all over the world are waiting with abated breath for the launch of the new models of the iPhone 6. The leaked images, rumours, videos have only helped to increase this excitement. Users have already started pre-ordering cases based on these rumoured-images, such was the impact of these leaks. I will not be surprised if Apple were fuelling some of these rumours to keep everyone hooked. Read More

Elite Keylogger For Mac — Now Keep A Tab Of What Happens On Your Mac

elite keyloggerDo you share a Mac with your family? Or Perhaps you don’t want to but your children crack your password and use it anyway? Or maybe a relative or a neighbour requests it for just a few minutes for some internet purchase? If you aren’t the sole user of your machine there is very little you can do to monitor its usage. Yes, there is the History feature on web browsers, but it doesn’t tell you anything more than the websites visited. This is where Elite Keylogger comes into play. Recording every single keystroke, it keeps a tab on what’s happening on your computer. Read More