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Elite Keylogger For Mac — Now Keep A Tab Of What Happens On Your Mac

elite keyloggerDo you share a Mac with your family? Or Perhaps you don’t want to but your children crack your password and use it anyway? Or maybe a relative or a neighbour requests it for just a few minutes for some internet purchase? If you aren’t the sole user of your machine there is very little you can do to monitor its usage. Yes, there is the History feature on web browsers, but it doesn’t tell you anything more than the websites visited. This is where Elite Keylogger comes into play. Recording every single keystroke, it keeps a tab on what’s happening on your computer. Read More

Top 5 Tower Defense Games For iOS

tower defenseWe all love a good tower defense game. It tests our strategy skills and the ability to think quickly under attack. But, above all, they are great fun. For that very reason games like Plants Vs Zombies and geoDefense can be found on the devices of game lovers all over the world. We, at TheAppleGoogle, have come up with a list of our favourite tower defines games for iOS. Read More

How To Make The Most Of Google Maps

mapsGoogle Maps is one of the most powerful and useful Apps on your android phone. The App has incredible features which makes getting directions, searching for locations, and finding your way around a place extremely easy. Now, with some of the lesser-known features mentioned in this article, you can enhance your experience and get more out of Google Maps than just navigating from one place to another. Read More

Top 10 Free Android Apps To Make Travelling Easier

travellingWhether it is for holiday or work, travelling can be a stressful thing. Getting to the airport, flight delays, reserving hotel rooms, hiring a car, and many such things get in the way of enjoying your holiday, exploring your destination or securing that business deal that you have travelled across the globe for. But all these obstacles can be removed with a few taps on your android device. Here is a list of 10 Android Apps that make for the perfect travelling companions. Read More

Interview With Rainfrog, LLC — Creators Of Pocket Yoga

pocket yogaChosen as the best App for practising yoga by Mac|Life and selected by CNN as one of the 10 great mobile health Apps of 2012, Pocket Yoga continues to draw praise as the perfect mobile fitness companion. Featured in our Top 5 Fitness Apps for iPhone, Pocket Yoga strives to bring the health and spiritual benefit of yoga to its many users who would otherwise neither have the time nor the motivation to practise yoga due to their busy schedules. TheAppleGoogle spoke to Sergio Tacconi, President and CEO of Rainfrog, LLC, about the success of the App, their inspiration and what lies ahead for the creators of Pocket Yoga. Read More

How To Make The Most Of Siri

siriSiri, the digital assistant on iPhone, can be a very powerful and useful tool. However, it takes a little bit of time not just to get used to it but also to understand the many different ways that it can make our day to day lives easier. One thing that most people don’t know is that the more you use Siri the better it understands you. It learns the accent and nuances of your voice and is therefore more able to help you. From sending emails to getting directions, here are 10 ways to make the most of Siri. Read More

Top 5 Photo Editing Apps For iOS

Photo EditingTheAppleGoogle has recently and in the past reviewed a large number of photo editing Apps. This is mainly due to an increasing number of Photo Apps entering the App Store. The camera on the iPhones keep getting better and so do the Apps which make use of it. More and more people now use their phones as their primary camera on holidays. This got us thinking which of these many Apps can be used to make the most of your photos in today’s world of Instagram and social media. So we did our research and picked the Top 5 Photo Editing Apps for iOS. Needless to say, this list is not exhaustive. And, with the arrival of iOS 8 soon and its many features, it may very well need another revision. Read More

Fresco For iOS — Now Read News Which Interests You

FrescoFresco for iOS is the latest News App which delivers bite-sized news as events occur around the globe. Fresco claims to bring images directly from the people at the scene of the event. The news is presented in snippets with clean images, making it stand out from other major News Apps. Read More

How To Create Perfect Facebook Cover Photos

cover photo

Since Facebook introduced Timeline people have found a new and visual way to express themselves via Cover Photos. Bigger than the profile photos, a lot can be said about one’s personality, views and interests through one’s cover image. Now, with Cover Photo Maker for Facebook Free, you can create a hassle-free, perfect-sized cover photo straight from your iPhone or iPad. Here’s how to create that perfect Facebook cover photo. Read More

Pixel Garden For iOS — A Great New Puzzler To Help You Relax

Pixel GardenPixel Garden by Oooweeooo Inc. is a brand new puzzle game to help you relax at the end of a long day. Despite the popularity of strategy and role-playing games, puzzlers have a special place in people’s smartphones. Not only do they test your brain power, but they also help you to wind down like no other game. Pixel Garden takes this a step further with pretty, coloured graphics which soothe your eyes and mind. Read More