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Thinner iPad Air 2 Image Leaked


According to an article and pictures published in the Dutch blog the next iPad Air 2 could be much thinner than the current iPad Air. claims the photos were sourced from a Chinese display supplier. Samsung besides LG and Sharp will be the supplier for display assemblies. Read More

Samsung Saw Steve Jobs’ Death As The Best Opportunity To Attack iPhone


The emails and documents which are being used as evidence in the ongoing trial between Apple and Samsung have brought forward some very secret and bizarre facts. One such email from Samsung obtained by Apple Insider lets out a very interesting move by Samsung. According to this email of Oct 2011, Samsung feared Steve Jobs death could take the attention away from its new launch Galaxy S II as people perceived Jobs as visionary and perfectionist and this would prove to be an unintended benefit for Apple. So instead going after Apple publicly they tried to use this as an opportunity by launching an Anti-iPhone marketing campaign. Read More

Dummy iPhone 6 and Case Design on Display at Hong Kong Electronics Fair

iphone6fakeKeeping the iPhone 6 excitement alive, with previous phone image, case image , chassis and manufacturing molds image leaks, here is another one from the Japanese site MacOtakara. Read More

Image Of iPhone 6 Front Panel Leaked

iphone6frontA picture of iPhone 6 has surfaced the internet after it was posted by a blogger on the microblogging site Weibo. The picture has the front panel of what might be the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S held together, giving a clear depiction a larger screen size for iPhone 6. The cut out location for front camera, ambient light sensor, ear speaker and home button are same as iPhone 5S. The picture is not high quality to derive results from it but it supports the previous image leaks and pictures of manufacturing molds for a larger size iPhone 6. Read More

New Leaked Images of iPhone 6 Manufacturing Mold Hints 4.7-Inch Display


Though the last image leak of iPhone 6 manufacturing mold gave a clarity for a larger size phone, the dimensions could not be figured out. The latest manufacturing mold image leak comes from that gives quite a clear picture of the mold with iPhone 4S placed next to it for size comparison. On a comparative calculation for size for the new device a result somewhere close to 4.7 inches comes that justifies the previous image leaks. Read More

Images Of Apple’s iPhone 6 Chassis and Manufacturing Molds Leaked


From the series of iPhone 6 image leaks, here comes another one reported recently. As reported first by Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo, these are the sketches of iPhone 6 chassis and manufacturing molds. Read More

iPhone 6 Case Image Leak

iPhone 6 Case

Before the iPhone 6 lands in the market, there will probably be a series of image leaks with no confirmation of validity of data. The latest is from . According to the image leaks of a transparent iPhone 6 case, there is a cut on the side just opposite the volume controls. This somewhat validates the old image leaks of a shift in the power button from top to the left side. But to add to the curiosity there is a cut on the top side as well. admits that there is no confirmation of validity of these images, stating “reliability of this source is actually far from being proven. Therefore remain cautious …” Read More

iTunes Music Store Up For A “Dramatic Overhaul”


Failure of iTunes Radio along with decline in music downloads has led Apple to consider a “dramatic overhaul” of its iTunes Music Store. Though the iTunes Music Store accounts for 90% of the music retail business, only 1%-2% of iTunes Radio listeners buy music, something it was considering more than giving a music experience to listeners. Read More

Greg Christie, Apple’s Key Software Executive And iPhone Interface Creator Exits Apple

gregGreg Christie, Apple’s Human Interface VP joined Apple in 1996 and worked very closely with Scott Forstall and Steve Jobs on the original iPhone and Mac. Greg Christie who was currently heading the Apple’s software design under Craig Federighi was not getting along with Senior VP Jonathan Ive. Read More

Apple And Google Competing For Square?


Last year, both Apple and Google approached the mobile payment company Square for acquisition. Square, the mobile payment company by Jack Dorsey, co-founder and co-creator of Twitter. In the past, there have been speculations that Google would be the probable buyer as it would want more information on the purchases that consumers make, both to check how well its ads work and to subsequently target those ads to people. This is one of the reasons why it launched Google Wallet, which is yet to catch popularity for payments. But people close to Dorsey doubt Google to be the buyer because of the sour past discussions over acquisition of Twitter and also Dorsey believes Square’s design values are more towards Apple. Read More