SwiftKey For Android Now Free To Download

SwiftkeyTouchTypeLtd.’s predictive keyboard App, SwiftKey for Android, is now free to download all over the world. SwiftKey, formerly Google Play’s number one paid App, used to cost $3.99. TouchType Ltd. hopes to reach more users by giving away the basic App free and then selling them à la carte features and customization. To make it easier for users a SwiftKey Store has been added to the App in its latest update. Read More

Google Glass XE 18.1 Update Adds FIFA World Cup Support

I have followed Google Glass since around the time the device was beta tested by developers. I thought back then that the device was just a rich man’s toy because it was ridiculously expensive and it would have been more or less useless without a Wi-Fi internet connection. However, it seems that the Google team working on Glass has been hard at work. The device has evolved from a really expensive toy to an actually useful gadget with the release of Google Glass XE 18.1 update due to be released soon. Read More

Omotesando Apple Store Opens On Friday

Omotesando Apple Store

Japan will soon see its eighth Apple retailer when the Omotesando Apple Store in Tokyo will open on Friday June 13, 2014. Apple seems to be doing well in the country because the Omotesando location is the third store in Tokyo alone. A post from Zac Hall in 9 to 5 Mac says the invitations for this Friday’s event have already been sent out. Read More

AppVersal Ad

Apple Bans Apps Which Offer Incentives For Watching Video Ads

video ads

A recent move by Apple to ban Apps that offer incentives for watching video ads and sharing to social networking sites, shows how committed they are in keeping things fair in the App Store. Last year they similarly cracked down on Apps that manipulated rankings of other Apps. Free game Apps are usually affected by this ban because they use advertising as a way to monetize their game. We have encountered this kind of advertising even when playing games online through social networks (Yeah and it gets annoying when your Facebook notifications is flooded with game requests when a friend uses the sharing option on the game). Read More

Developer Reveals Hidden iOS 8 Settings

Hidden iOS 8 Settings

App developer, Hamza Sood, sent tweets on June 5th about hidden iOS 8 settings he discovered that would allow the customization of the Control Center. These settings included toggle switches for adding and removing, and even reordering the Apps and shortcuts in the Control Center. There are also codes for Screen Lock extensions and Record Screen buttons. The screenshots in the tweets could not be verified as true, but he also revealed hidden settings in iOS 7 last year. These settings included codes for fingerprint analysis, gestures, multitasking, etc. Not all of those hidden settings made it in the iOS 7 actual release though. Read More

iOS 8 Prompt Asks Users Whether Apps Are Allowed To Use Location Data

iOS 8 Prompt

Screenshots of an iOS 8 prompt asking users whether to allow Apps to use location data are floating around the internet. This has started a lot of debate among netizens using the beta version of iOS 8. Some agree that the iOS 8 prompt is good for privacy; others argue that it seems to be intrusively annoying. Some users say that the iOS 8 will not just prompt when using Apps that use location data, but even when an App that is already allowed tries to use the GPS, camera, mic, motion sensor, etc. There are also those who think it feels a lot like a Windows Vista approach. Read More

iPhone Helps With Fitness, Shows Apple’s Ad Strength

Just days after Apple announced their plan during the WWDC to launch HealthKit, Apple’s ad Strength airs for the first time during the Stanley Cup Finals. The ad shows how the iPhone can help with a user’s health and fitness regimen. It also demonstrates how it can be used to interface with other wearable technology, health and fitness monitoring devices, and Apps. Read More

Temple Run Runs Past the 1 Billion Downloads Milestone

temple run

Who could have imagined Temple Run and Temple Run 2 would get past the 1Billion downloads milestone just three years after the game was first released. Ok, I admit, maybe I’m just old, and running around and using swipes to control my character isn’t my style. I grew up with a Play Station controller. My kids though are another story. They fight over my Android tablet to see who gets to play first and then see who gets the highest score. Even my five year old is getting in on the action. Who can blame them? It’s a way of getting a rush without actually having to leave your chair, and that is the appeal that helped boost the popularity of the game. Read More

Google Maps Gives Directions Around Europe on a… Dragon?

Google Maps

I’m not kidding, Google Maps does give you directions and estimated travel time, if you like, for your dragon. And if you want to travel lower, you can coast along waterways on Nessie’s back. These are the contents of the Google Maps Easter Eggs 2014. This funny addition to Google Maps is kind of like finding April Fools inside the Easter eggs and brings added fun to the App. Read More

iOS 8 Camera App Brings Exciting News To Users And Developers Alike

iOS 8 Camera

Of the many topics discussed at the WWDC, one of the things that got people excited is the iOS 8 Camera App. Besides the software tweaks the App received which gave users more manual control, Apple also opened up the Photokit and the Camera Roll itself to third party developers giving them more access than with previous versions. Read More