Predictions Galore -iPhone 4G Predictions!

Oh! Well oh well! It is really hard to make predictions for the iPhone . It has nearly got every possible thing.
But still there are a few things which are missing and are listed below:-

1. Camera – The iPhone is very much supposed to get a 5MP camera which supports video recording.

2. Non-Jail-breakable- Apple is going to ship non-jail-breakable iPhones. But as we all know these dev people are unbeatable.

3. WiFi/n – This is a new level of wifi which supports extremely high data transfer at a tremendous speed. The iPhone is bound to have this.

4. Larger display- This feature is rumored at various sources that the iPhone will get a larger display of 5inch.

5. Upgraded iPhone OS- The iPhone OS would be upgraded to 4.0 which should add an office app (iwork) and also Bluetooth transfer capabilities with other non-iphone OS devices.

Predictions Galore- iMac Predictions (2010)

Yes Yes, i do know that Apple has recently released a new iMac and it would be dumb to make any further changes so soon.
But guess what, Apple is planning to release another iMac somehere in the end of 2010 or start of 2011.
The features to be included are:-

1.Intel Core i9 processors- Oh Gosh! these are to be developed by Intel(ofcourse) and it has been rumored that Intel has set up a partnership with Apple for the i9’s.It is codenamed GulfTown and has 6 Cores.

2.46′- It is also truly believed that Apple is going to launch their 46 inch iMac…wow…who would then go for a tv? instead just plug in a Tv Tuner Card.

3. 32 or 64 Gigabytes Of RAM- Just imagine how fast the PC would work with such beasts loaded.

4. 6TB of storage.

5. nVidia/AMD Better Graphics.

6. As usual and 100% sure is the costly price of the imacs….ha ha

Wow! Lets hope Apple rolls out these Upgrades soon…..

Apple Tablet to run Chrome OS!

Ha Ha! With so many rumors about the Apple Tablet floating around the World Wide Web and people making predictions whether the much awaited Apple Tablet would run iPhone OS or MacOS, I thought why can’t it run Chrome OS instead. Funny and Impossible isn’t it?

But if you just give it a moment and think about it. It could be a great idea! It would give both the tech giants to co-operate with each other and resolve their rivalries. It would also help the users as the Apple Tablet would thus be comparatively cheaper.



Till now we have been looking at what Google has done new. All of us wish well for Google and it will continue to be a Great organization. What is required is an extra dose of innovative ideas on which it can work. As what can be better than the society giving it ideas on which it can work on to benefit mankind. Here is one such idea.

Let us christen it as the “ Google Human Tracker”. Some of the FAQs that would emerge on this topic have been addressed below:-

Q1. What would this application do ?

A1. Allow others to track your physical coordinates .

Q2. Who would love to use this ?

A2. So many users would like this idea. Some of them are:

Mothers who want to keep an eye on their children.
Police who would like to track criminals.
Companies who would like to monitor the movement of its sales force.
Intelligence agencies of various nations who would want to keep a tab of its spies in other countries with a view to monitor their safety .
Armies of the worlds who would want to find out soldiers who have been lost on sea or land.
And many others that others can think of (Please do post it on this blog).
Just imagine the world of applications that it can open up. Wow! Is the word.

Q3. How would it work ?

A3. Every person , say A, who would agree to allow himself to be tracked by another one, say B, would have to exchange a unique password. When ever B would like to find out where A is, B will type out the unique pass word which has been given to him by A. The request will flow from the internet into the telephony data base. The mobile phone of person A will catch the signal from his mobile and will relay it to B.

Q4. What is the difference between Google Latitude and the proposed Google Human Tracker ?

A4. The Google Human Tracker is an upgrade to Google Latitude. In the Google Latitude, A necessarily has to accept the invitation of B in case A wishes to allow B to know of his/her physical coordinates. Whereas, in the Human Tracker, A would be completely online for viewing by B without A getting to know of it.

Q4. Is it not an invasion of personal privacy ?

A4. Yes it would provided one does not trust the other. But in this case it would not be applicable as A would have already agreed to allow and B to be in know of his/her coordinates at any point of time.

Q5. What are the security features ?

Each individual will have a unique password which would be completely encrypted using Blowfish or another encryption.

Q6. What’s so unique?

In our application, even if your phone gets lost, you will be able to track it just by entering your unique password. Whereas in Google Latitude, you need to accept the invitation of the user of the phone from which you send an invitation.

Ofcourse the person who has pinched your phone would not accept your invitation.




Google Tourism – Yet another perfect idea!!

Oh my God ! Yet one more innovative idea.
We all wish that we could go across the world to see all the wonderful places. From time to time some of us would have got spam on “ 100 place to see before you die”. Only some of us, perhaps a very few, get an opportunity to go to see these places. And even if we do so, one life time is too small to cover up all of them. Sparing a lucky few, there is a multitude of humanity which yearns to visit these places. But alas, if only their wishes could come true.

This idea is just about that.

Seeing the world through the eyes of Google Tourism. It will be every body’s window to the world – for the rich and poor, for the adventurous to the conservative, for the business Executive to a housewife, for those in the cities to those who stay in the villages and hamlets. All of them would be grateful.
Let us name it as “Google Tourism”. Some probable questions on the idea have been addressed below:-

Q1. What would this application do?

A1. Allow you to take a virtual tour of any exciting place in the world.

Q2. Who would love to use this?

A2. So many users would like to benefit from this idea. Some of them are:
Fanatic Tourists like me, who would love to explore new place in a virtual or 3D manner. So you have a tour of a place by just having a look at your screens.
Students, for whom such tours would be real learning experiences.
And many others.

Q3. How would it work?

A3. There are many ways as it can be accomplished:-
1. Google can get films prepared from professionals from each country and have them posted on its site.
2. Google can allow people to post their videos of these places after screening them for quality.
3. Google can allow sub-links to the official tourism sites of the various countries.

Q4. What is the difference between Google Earth and the proposed Google Tourism ?

A4. Oh! The Google tourism is completely different from Google Earth. Google earth only allows you to see a particular place or building and gives you information about it or redirects you to Wikipedia. But Google tourism would provide you a complete video or photo tour of the place and also give information. Also in google tourism, people could post in their own tour of the;- earth only gives a 3d view of the empire state building. But what if we want to look inside the empire state a bit?


Jailbreaking your iPod Touch/iPhone – Pros and Cons

Jailbreaking is a process that allows iPhone and iPod Touch users to run unofficial code on their devices bypassing Apple’s official distribution mechanism, the App Store.

Whenever we hear that , once we jailbreak we could download all the paid apps for free, there is an urge to jailbreak. But the negatives about jailbreaking hold us back!

I am going to list down some of the positives and negatives about jailbreaking.


1. Paid Apps -Jailbreaking allows you to download all the paid apps from the app store for free. You just cannot do that without jailbreaking your iPhone or iPod touch.

2. Customize – After jailbreaking, Winterboard can be used to customize your iPod touch or iPhone. You could change wallpapers, fonts, apply new themes etc.

3 SSH – Jailbreaking also allows you to SSH into your iPod touch or iPhone. With this you could explore all the contents of the device via the internet.

4. If you do not like the jailbreak, you could do a restore from iTunes to get your device back to normal.

Cons –

1. There is a 0.1 percent chance that you may brick your iPod touch or iPhone

2. It voids your warranty(You could do a restore to get it back).

3. You cannot upgrade to the latest firmware release by Apple instantly.

4. You could get the iKee worm or its variants(but if you just change your root password, you won’t get it).

So now its upon you to decide whether to jailbreak or not!

Rumor: iSlate to have iPhone OS !

The iSlate or the Apple Tablet is going to have the iPhone OS and not the MacOS which is very dissapointing for most of the users. On Apple’s part, this is justified as the Mac OS does not have support for touch whereas the iPhone OS is completely designed for touch. The Apple tablet being completely touch enabled along with hand gestures is going to have the iPhoneOS. For many users this wouldn’t be a thing to cheer for as many people already own the iPod touch or the iPhone, why would they go for a device which is exactly like the iPhone but only has a larger screen and supports gestures? They would be able to run all the apps on their iPhone, then why should they purchase the tablet?
Apple told it’s developers to develop their apps now for a larger screen (mentioned in the below article). This is a hint that the iTablet is going to have the iPhoneOS.

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GTA Chinatown Wars coming soon!

Rockstar has announced the arrival of its popular gaming series Grand Theft Auto to the iPhone/iPod Touch.
The first in the series to hit this platform would be GTA Chinatown Wars! The game is a 2D one and is fun to play on the Nintendo and PSP!
The game will be out in January or February!