Miss The Games Where You Jump On Your Enemy’s Head? Check Out Mort’s Minions For iOS,


Mort’s Minions is an Indie Adventure game which has been developed by Base11 Studios Ltd. The game in its essence is an adventure game and give a strong retro feel for the players as the characters and the graphics have been designed in that manner. The players get to choose from 4 unique characters and have the liberty to pick their favorite based on gameplay and style. The game is free to download from the iTunes Store. Read More

The Next Best Smartphone – Google Pixel


The Google Pixel is the latest addition to the Android smartphone world by Google. It is the first step from Google in their attempt to create a whole lineup of products which would be linked through similar hardware and software. The emphasis on VR (Virtual Reality) is strong on this one and the phone comes with quality hardware that really makes it a great competitor for big names like Samsung and AppleRead More

Have An Atomic Adventure On 60 Seconds! For iOS


60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure is a dark comedy game which has been developed by Robot Gentleman. The game in it’s essence is a Scavenge and Survive game with the player being in the shoes of Ted, a responsible citizen and a family man who now faces the dilemma of a nuclear apocalypse at his door step. The game follows on his adventure of scavenging resources and surviving in this beautifully made game.  Read More

A New Way To Connect – RADII For Android


RADII is a social networking App that has been designed and developed by RADII with the motto of “Connect With Your Neighborhood”. The App comes under the Social Networking category and is available free to download on the Google Play Store. The basic concept of this App is to connect people within their localities and in one way to promote various business and ideas while connecting people to groups or as individuals.  Read More

VigCal – An Amazing Smart Organizer For OS X


VigCal is a smart organizer App that has been developed by VigStore Company Limited for the Mac OS. The App works as an all rounder when it comes to organizing and setting reminders along with easy capabilities of creating notes and checklists. The App comes loaded with features which we will discuss below. The trial version is free to download and and the full version can be bought for just $4.99 as an in-App purchase.  Read More

Discover New Places With Where To? For iOS


Where To? developed by FutureTap GmbH is a navigation and discovery based App for iOS that helps the users discover new places based on the search criteria. The App comes real handy if the user is visiting a new locality or a new city altogether and does fetch quality results based on the category the user has selected. The App does connect between the iPhone/iPad and the Apple Watch for an optimized experience.  Read More

Apple Finally Unveils The iPhone 7 And The iPhone 7 Plus


The wait is over. Apple has finally unveiled their next flagship phone, the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus is finally here. Despite a lot of rumors and speculations regarding their launch date, specifications and a possible delay, Apple finally announced the device at their keynote speech on the 7th of September. The iPhone 7 will be available for pre-orders starting tomorrow that is the 9th of September and will be available for retail purchases from 16th of September at your nearest Apple Store. Let us have a look at what the iPhone 7 is all about. Read More

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Apple Watch Series 2 Out Now

Apple Watch 2

Apple has announced Apple Watch Series 2. The things that are new at a glance:

1. The Apple Watch is now swim-proof
2. It has in-built GPS
3. New GPU – faster and better graphics rendering
4. It has new much powerful speakers


Apple Watch 2 – What We Want With It


It has been a good two years since Apple Watch was announced and since April 2015 the Watch has been on sale. With millions and millions of people sporting the smart watch, they have also been eagerly waiting for an upgrade. It was at the Apple WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) where Apple gave a taste of the next generation of the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch 2. It is since then that the same segment of Watch users that are eagerly waiting to know the upgraded features of the device. With rumors and wishlists flying around and only a few days before Apple sheds more light on this, we have compiled a wishlist of our own and hoping to see these with the Watch 2. Read More