Is The New iPad Pro With Trackpad Moving Towards Becoming A MacBook?

Apple’s Senior Vice President for Software Engineering, Craig Federighi just presented the new iPad Pro 2020 trackpad and keyboard functionality which brings up the question – isn’t the new iPad Pro just becoming another MacBook with very little differentiation between the two product lines?

Craig demonstrates the brilliant new functionality of Magic Keyboard that comes with a built in trackpad for the iPad Pro. It allows users to get a complete MacBook like trackpad experience on an iPad. Apple has built in complete cursor support for the iPad which flows seamlessly. Read More

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Gave Something To Apple Repair? Wait Till Store Reopens

Have you given something to the Apple Store’s repair center? Apple has confirmed via a posting on its website that you have to wait till the store reopens to pick it up. Apple has shut all its retail outlets outside of China on March 14th, and it did grant customers a 2 day period to pick up their devices. Those who could not pick it up for some reason will now have to wait till the stores reopen. Read More

How To Properly Simplify Your Web Design

These days web designers are a ubiquitous group of technical specialists. In any labor market having a competent grasp of the skill sets necessary to make you a marketable web designer is critical. Overlooking the basics can be disastrous.

Regardless of whether you are starting a career or a journeyman designer with years of experience, knowledge of the essential elements of a web blueprint is necessary. In an age where simplicity is king, seeking applications that add speed and ease to project completion are the norm.

Without hard knowledge and balanced understanding, ease and speed are an enemy when things go wrong. Without a professional and thorough perception of the basics over-simplification of the processes we use can complicate matters and damage a professional reputation. Read More

Some Tech Based Gadgets That Make Our Lives Easier

Technology has brought a revolution in our lives. The advent of such new technological advances has a more significant impact on our personal as well as professional aspects of our lives. There are not many things now left that we can do without the help of tech gadgets. Our efforts to do the required jobs, as little as they are, have taken the structured form, allowing us to yield the great benefits and better outcome from those tasks. The tech gadgets reduce the physical strain and enhance the comfort level to the extent that almost everyone has become obsessive about using them. Read More

These Are The New Leaked iPad Pros

From Apple China, we have the leaked versions of four new iPad Pros. On Apple’s China website, they accidentally posted a new user manual that discloses Apple’s plan to release 4 new iPad Pro models. The new iPad Pros will feature the all-new camera lens design that we see as part of the latest iPhones along with a very powerful chip and new improved antenna technology. Read More

Apple Closes All Stores Till March 27th

Apple has announced today that in response to the COVID-19 Virus, they have decided to shut down all of its stores outside of China till March 27th. Apple sees a lot of traffic in all of its stores on a daily basis and this move will definitely have an impact on sales. In a press release, Apple has also mentioned that the company has already donated around $15 million towards COVID-19 efforts. Read More

Google’s New Artist Management Service – DEMAND

Google has launched a new venture dubbed DEMAND, for musicians. This helps the artist’s management and PR team. The aim is to provide an artist with the right data for scheduling their concerts at the best venues and best price.

The venture is supported by Google’s vast database and statistics. Many essential data will be given to artists by Google, recorded on Play service, YouTube and many more to get the best results. The goal is to find the best cities and venues for a specific artist. Which bands already famous in that specific region, which additional acts should be added in the event or what should be the best price for that specific tour or event all this data will be provided to the artists which will help them to nullify errors during the management of the event. It also focuses on the target audience, whether the audience is familiar or interested in that specific theme of the concert. Read More

CarKey To Unlock Your Car With Your iPhone or Apple Watch

Apple launched its first beta iOS 13.4 yesterday, with many features added to the new version. It reportedly has a new feature that might let you unlock your car through your iPhone or Apple Watch.

According to some media reports, the new 13.4 version has introduced CarKey which lets you use your iPhone or Apple Watch as a key to unlock any NFC compatible car with ease. It’s unclear where this feature will be accessible, some claim it may be accessible through your phone’s wallet app which also allows you to share your key to your friends or any other person you wish to share. Read More