Apple Planning To Launch Music And Podcast Apps On Microsoft Store

In 2019, Apple started recruiting developers to “build the next generation of Windows media apps,” culminating in last year’s Apple TV app for Xbox. It has also been heard and assumed that the company is planning to add applications for music and podcasts to the Microsoft Store, which will be launched later this year to the public. Read More

Apple Store Online Offering INR 5,000 Cashback For Indian Customers

Big news for Apple customers in India. Apple has decided to offer customers a discount of almost INR 5,000. This is a huge discount which can be applied instantly on Apple products given your purchase bill is more than INR 44,900. The discount is in the form of a cashback which means Apple will refund you the amount at a later period. Read More

Snapchat Extending Bitmoji Fashion

Gradually we have entered a world where wearing your Bitmoji image is as important as taking care of yourself. This is why addressing the issue, Snapchat is exploring a new clothing option that will allow users to choose from a range of Fashion items from different Bitmojis retailers. So, of course, they are working with top fashion retailers to design Bitmoji models that wear their items. Read More

Xiaomi A3 Rollout Stopped Because Of Android 11

Xiaomi, a leading mainstream smart device manufacturer, said it has stopped launching Mi A3 devices after users complained about the flaw caused by the recent Android 11 update.

Many users took to their social media accounts to complain about the issues they faced. many stated that their phones froze or died out after installing the Android update. A few users request a replacement on the platform or a free fix for a bricked, damaged, or unusable Mi A3 device. Read More

Biggest App Booms of 2020

Right now, the number of apps offered via Apple sits just short of two million. In the Google Play Store, there are 3.04 million apps. Between these two marketplaces, which comprise the largest in terms of app offerings worldwide, mobile smartphone users have unprecedented access to programs that make checking the weather or finding a friend’s lost phone simple. Read More

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Mini Motorways App Tips And Tricks

mini motorways gameMini Motorways is one of my personal favourite games on Apple Arcade. It is truly extremely addictive with your sole challenge being able to connect houses and warehouses so cars so they could reach the destination at the right time. Getting over 1000 points to begin with was extremely challenging but as I discovered some tips and tricks, gaining a higher score became easier. To all the lovers of this game, here are a few lessons that I’ve learnt along the way. Read More