Apple Did NOT Announce iPhone 12

Apple just finished its Apple Event September 2020 presentation and it did not include anything related to the iPhone 12. Many people across the globe were expecting Apple to announce its next great iPhone – the iPhone 12, but that did not happen. Apple at the event announced iOS 14, new iPad Air, new Apple Watch SE, new Apple Watch, Apple Fitness+, Apple One amongst other things.

You can watch the Apple Event below:

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Tips on How to Pick the Best High-Paying Slots

Slots are among the most preferred casino games in the gambling world. As a player, you will find it fun to play an online slot for real money or free. However, it is a challenge to beat the technology behind slot machines and win a large amount at the casino. People have different opinions regarding the gameplay and payouts of online slots. Existing research shows that some opinions on how easy it is to win slots are completely wrong. Table games such as Blackjack offer the lowest house edge and odds in comparison with online slot games. It is important to learn how to pick and play slots that pay well. In this guide, we will offer simple strategies/tips on how to pick and play on a high-paying slot. Read More

Go With The Odds Or With Your Guts When Playing In An Online Casino?

All casinos, whether they are land-based or online make a profit from players and always have an advantage over players – otherwise, they would quickly go out of business! In many ways, casinos benefit from players who use their gut instincts over choosing to play games with the best odds.

Slots are a prime example of this, as although they’re extremely fun to play, they have the highest house edge out of all other games in the casino, meaning players are least likely to win playing them. They are a big part of why online and land-based casinos are so successful and many players who enjoy slots such as Sugar Train at Mega Reel tend to go with their gut instinct when playing because there isn’t any strategy involved. Read More

Apple’s Web Online Store Will Now Let Apple Card Users Access The New One-Click Payment Option

Apple’s Online Store is introducing the option of checking out with the Apple Card, along with the former options of paying using a regular credit or debit card, and Apple Pay, among others. Apple Card users can now easily choose the Apple Card option and complete their purchase within a matter of seconds. Initially, some products could be purchased using the Apple Card monthly payment option. In addition to that, users can now use the Apple Card for paying the full price of any product in the Apple Store. Read More

Simple Steps To Secure Your Devices In 2020

To say cybercriminals have gotten smarter since the early days of the Internet would be to state the obvious. Today’s cybersecurity firms have a difficult time keeping up with cybercriminals’ creations.

And many people would have you believe that an anti-virus is all you need to protect yourself against this new wave of hackers. However, anti-viruses only cover a small subset of dangers present on the Internet—the rest requiring different software or tactics to avoid. Read More

Back In Time: iPod Touch Intro By Steve Jobs – A Testament To How Far Apple Has Come

Apple reported stunning quarterly results on July 30th, 20′ which shot the stock price up by 10%. There is no doubt that the company that Steve Jobs started in his garage has today changed the world. The most incredible highlight of the revenue report was that now “Services” which is recurring revenue for the company accounts for a large portion of Apple’s revenues. Read More

Understanding Online Gambling Adjustments

The recent pandemic has led to a huge surge in new players in online casinos and betting sites, and as sporting events begin to return across the world it’s expected that this number will only continue to grow and that many of these players will be retained. During this period of time there have been a number of restrictions put in place in an effort to reduce the number of problem players that may use these sites – it may be important to understand what these restrictions are and how you can work around them to continue to play on these sites. Read More

The Real Losers Of The Smartphone Wars

We’re becoming increasingly reliant on our smartphones for our day to day, from utility such as paying our bills and checking our bank account, to more active use as they have become keys for our cars – increasingly we see that they’re also being used as a primary entertainment device too as live streaming video and music have taken over and mobile gaming continues to be the most popular platform too, another surge is very much on its way as major sporting events begin to return bringing back the popular use for sports betting on our mobile devices despite recent adjustments to regulation to make it more difficult for growing numbers of players to participate, Max give a great non gamstop list available for this very purpose – but as we begin to rely more on our devices, we’re more willing to pay the price of upgrading where possible for new features and advancements – and there’s only one loser to these smartphone wars, the users themselves. Read More