What Are The Benefits of GPS Phone Trackers for Parents?

In today’s world, parenting has become more challenging than ever. Kids are constantly exposed to the Internet which makes them prone to cyber crimes and online bullying. 

On top of that, the ever-increasing crimes against kids can’t be sidelined. 

According to one report, roughly 800,000 kids are reported missing each year in the USA, accounting for nearly 2,000 per day and 115 are cases of abduction out of them. Read More

Apple Glasses Leaked, Planning To Launch This Year. Steve Jobs Edition Also Available

Apple is surely not going to be happy hearing this news. Apple was secretly planning to launch the Apple Glass as part of Steve Job’s famous “One More Thing” during its iPhone 12 event this year. Now, famous tipster Jon Prosser has confirmed that Apple has completed work on its new accessory – Apple Glass. Apple is planning to price Apple Glasses at $499 plus prescription charges. As with all Apple products, the Apple Glasses will be extremely sleek and just like the Apple Watch, it would come in a lot of variants. Read More

iPhone 12 Leaked Details and Pricing

Here’s another leak about the upcoming iPhone 12 by Apple. Industry’s well-known tipster Jon Prosser now has new information for us regarding the iPhone 12 lineup, specifications and pricing. As far as pricing is concerned, here are the details:

iPhone 12:

128GB: $649
256GB: $749

iPhone 12 Max:

128GB: $749
256GB: $849

Read More

Apple Is Now Going For “Made In India”

Apple in planning to move a large portion of its production to India. From now onwards, a lot of iPhones will have “Made in India” embedded on them instead of the standard “Made in China”. Apple has Foxconn, Wistron and other providers who handle manufacturing for all of Apple products and they have already started to setup factories in India. Read More

6 Career Opportunities for CompTIA Security+ Certification Holders

Pursuing a CompTIA certification can be a great career move. If you want to get your foot in the cybersecurity field, then Security+ is the right badge for you. Whether you want to work in the government or a private organisation, this credential will ensure you’re always up for the tasks. There are various job positions that you can apply for after obtaining your CompTIA Security+.

This article covers more about the job roles, so you can fully know what awaits you in the job market. But first of all, let’s explore the CompTIA SY0-501 exam, which you have to pass to get the Security+ certificate. Read More

Google Search Dark Mode To Show Up On Chrome App

The all new dark mode has become very popular across all Apps. The entire screen becomes dark and the options shine out instead of the normal white background. Many users actually prefer the dark mode over the normal mode. Facebook also recently introduced the “Dark Mode” for the web version on Facebook.com and customers greeted it with joy. Google is now planning to introduce the dark mode for the Chrome web browser App. Read More

Apple Stores In Australia Are Now Open

Apple has started reopening its official stores in Australia. Apple is taking strict preventive measures by screening customers, running temperature checks, face masks and lines along with social distancing to make sure everyone is safe. All of Apple’s 20 stores in Australia have been reopened while the main one in Sydney is still closed for renovation.

The Sydney store closed for renovation before the COVID-2019 crisis.

Apple Announces Virtual WWDC On June 22nd

Apple is all set to host the world’s largest developer conference – the WorldWide Developers Conference (WWDC) via a virtual platform. The event which normally attracts a huge crowd and tickets worth $1,599 get sold out within minutes will for the first time be an online event. Apple will most likely also be holding a keynote to announce new products and software upgrades as always. Read More

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Apple Announces All New MacBook Pro 13-inch With Magic Keyboard

In a press release, Apple today announced a refreshed new MacBook Pro 13 inch with a Magic Keyboard. The new MacBook Pro now starts at $1,299. It features the Magic Keyboard which is essentially a touch bar on the top of the keyboard that allows for quick functionality and easy access to certain features. A Touch ID fingerprint sensor along with an Esc button also feature on the new computer. Read More

iPhone 12 Price To Be Lower Than iPhone 11

Apple is gearing up to release the brand new iPhone 12. Reports suggest that the price for the new iPhone 12 will be lower than that of the current iPhone 11. A new report by MyDrivers and also claims by popular YouTube leak expert Jon Prosser confirm that the price of the new iPhone 12 will start at $649 while the iPhone 11 was launched at $699. The iPhone 12 Pro will be priced at $999 while the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be priced at $1099. Read More