5 Ways to Generate Ecommerce Sales from Instagram

Instagram is becoming the most popular social media network, with over 1 billion monthly users, out of which 25 million are business profiles. Brands are taking it to Instagram to promote their products, keep in touch with their audience and send their brand message to millions of users. And things seem to be going well, as surveys have discovered that 60% of Instagram users have discovered new products through this amazing network. Read More

Google’s New Artist Management Service – DEMAND

Google has launched a new venture dubbed DEMAND, for musicians. This helps the artist’s management and PR team. The aim is to provide an artist with the right data for scheduling their concerts at the best venues and best price.

The venture is supported by Google’s vast database and statistics. Many essential data will be given to artists by Google, recorded on Play service, YouTube and many more to get the best results. The goal is to find the best cities and venues for a specific artist. Which bands already famous in that specific region, which additional acts should be added in the event or what should be the best price for that specific tour or event all this data will be provided to the artists which will help them to nullify errors during the management of the event. It also focuses on the target audience, whether the audience is familiar or interested in that specific theme of the concert. Read More

CarKey To Unlock Your Car With Your iPhone or Apple Watch

Apple launched its first beta iOS 13.4 yesterday, with many features added to the new version. It reportedly has a new feature that might let you unlock your car through your iPhone or Apple Watch.

According to some media reports, the new 13.4 version has introduced CarKey which lets you use your iPhone or Apple Watch as a key to unlock any NFC compatible car with ease. It’s unclear where this feature will be accessible, some claim it may be accessible through your phone’s wallet app which also allows you to share your key to your friends or any other person you wish to share. Read More

Apple News+ Sucks

According to the reports of media giant Bloomberg on Tuesday, the head of Apple’s News business, Liz Schimel stepped down from her position. Her term ended in less than a year after the launch of Apple News+. It is clear that nobody likes to use the service which is why senior level executives are stepping down. Read More

Which Is The Best Roulette App For Android?

Today, you can play your favorite mobile roulette at SmartphoneGambler on your device. A few years ago, it was unimaginable to think that it will be possible to play roulette games for real cash on phone. Android users can now access thousands of roulette games on their smartphones without any difficulty. Many online casinos have responded to the increased popularity of Android phones by developing compatible games. Here are some of the best roulette apps for Android. Read More

Snapchat’s New Icon Sucks – Everyone’s Deleting The App

Snapchat today just updated their App icon and now it just strikes the eye badly. People have taken to Twitter and across platforms complaining about how bad the icon update is. Users in protest have started to delete the App. The redesigned logo now has the ghost outlined with bold which makes it very hard on the eye compared to all the other App icons on your phone. Read More

Reserve And Pickup iPhone X In Select Countries

iPhone XApple has decided to launch reserve and pickup system in select countries for iPhone X on Saturday, November 4th. iPhone X will go on sale from November 3rd, where users can choose to reserve their iPhone X on the next day. Apple said it will give this option to customers in the following countries where the system will be launched at 6 AM in Australia, Belgium and the United Kingdom and at 8 AM in Canada, Hong Kong, Switzerland and UAE. Read More

How Google’s Tez Payments App Can Surprise Everyone


Did you know Google is all set to revolutionize the Indian payment market by launching Tez, its payment app. It has been built to support the UPI (unified payment interface) system which includes more than 50 banks. This means that when you make a transaction with Tez, it goes directly from bank to bank. There is no need to store money in your Tez account to make a transaction, provided you have linked your account with it. Read More

SaruTobi App – The monkey from Apple

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 2.13.03 AM

Mandelduck Ltd has released a retro-style iOS game that gives players the opportunity to play with real bitcoins. It can be downloaded from the iTunes Store.

SaruTobi is a kind of platforming game in the style of traditional Nintendo and Sega side-scrolling games. The monkey Tobi hops, slides, and rushes through a jungle, while synth music plays in the background. Part of the fun involves Tobi swinging through the air using vines, where he can collect money. Unlike all other apps, this money is real. At the very least, it is played with bitcoins, which can either be used to buy tools like a jetpack or save them for a payout. Read More

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