Apple’s India Manufacturing Unit To Resume Operations Soon

Wistron Corp. Apple’s manufacturing partner in Bangalore has confirmed that it will restart its factory operations very soon. Due to a violent protest by factory workers, the manufacturing facilities shut shop last December. Apple then appointed several independent auditors who were put in charge to fix the system and come up with new policies so that this riot does not happen again. Read More

Online Roulette Player Traffic Increasing

2020 saw a massive increase in online activity as more people turned to the internet to source their goods and services, entertainment and to socialize with family and friends. As we move through 2021 there is no sign that this increase in online traffic is going to slow down.

As a result of all this increased traffic, we have also seen increased numbers of online sites landing on our pages on an almost daily basis, and sadly, not all are as good as each other. This very fact does not matter if you are simply browsing, but if you are intending to spend some of your own money then finding the best site, especially if it is a gaming site, is all-important. Read More

Apple Planning To Launch Music And Podcast Apps On Microsoft Store

In 2019, Apple started recruiting developers to “build the next generation of Windows media apps,” culminating in last year’s Apple TV app for Xbox. It has also been heard and assumed that the company is planning to add applications for music and podcasts to the Microsoft Store, which will be launched later this year to the public. Read More

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Apple Store Online Offering INR 5,000 Cashback For Indian Customers

Big news for Apple customers in India. Apple has decided to offer customers a discount of almost INR 5,000. This is a huge discount which can be applied instantly on Apple products given your purchase bill is more than INR 44,900. The discount is in the form of a cashback which means Apple will refund you the amount at a later period. Read More