Top 5 Apps For Cyclists

Whether you ride a cycle for fun or you are passionate cyclist, a few cycling Apps would help you have a better experience. These Apps will monitor your cycling, fitness levels, keep track of distances covered and will also suggest where you can rent a cycle for a day or so. Here’s the list of the five best apps for cyclists: Read More

Apple Music Now Has A Web App In Beta

Apple has unveiled its new web-based interface for Apple Music and subscribers can start using it now. Its a great service for Apple Music listeners who are usually restricted to iTunes or the Apple Music App on iPhone and iPad. However, this new web App is currently in beta phase and it will take time for the company to roll it out officially. Read More

Google Makes It Easier To Search For Movies And TV Shows

Google has made its search engine easier for people who are constantly searching for cool and exciting movies and TV Shows to watch. Today, the company will be personalizing the search results for its users when they want to watch movies based on their mood and will also suggest them various sources and online video platforms where the content can be viewed. Read More