Metal Gear – A Series Ending In Disaster And Shame

Metal Gear – The End Of An Era

Metal Gear is a series that has been running for two decades. The first game, released in the 80s, was a revolution. Created and designed by Hideo Kojima, it was a game that defied all expectations simply by introducing the notion of stealth into an action action. The player was required to avoid enemies, as possessed to actively trying to destroy them. Read More

When Does A Video Game Really Go Too Far To Handle?

Can A Video Game Go Too Far?

Video games have a long history of pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable. And, interestingly enough, these boundary pushing games also have a reputation of being very successful, despite controversy. In fact, many would argue that they were successful entirely because of the controversy they generated. Unlike the online bingo Australia offers and other more staid games, there are some that are simply designed to shock. Read More