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YouTube’s Partner Program Hits The 2 Million Mark

The online video-sharing platform YouTube has transformed the way we watch and perceive content. A billion monthly users who collectively view more than one billion hours of videos each day make YouTube one of the most popular websites. The company shared in a blog post that it has hit the 2 million creators mark earlier this week. YouTube created its Partner Program 14 years ago in May 2007. Since its genesis, it has given creators more transcendent access to YouTube resources and features.

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YouTube Upgrades Search With Better Recommendations

The video-sharing and social media platform YouTube is all set to make the search experience seamless than ever. The Google-owned video streaming site announced two new features today directed at making searching better on its platform. This new update will be ushered through the additional feature of video chapters being available on the Search page to make it easier for users to find the content they want to watch.

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YouTube Tests New Gestures To Skip Through Videos

In a new update from Google for Android users, YouTube has ushered in an easier way to skip through parts of videos. For some time now, Youtube has been investigating ways to make the user experience more seamless than ever. The inclusion of new gestures to skip through videos is another step in the process. YouTube for Android is rolling out new slide to seek gestures that make scrubbing through videos on its platform a lot more convenient. As per our reports, tests related to a gesture wherein one can tap and hold, and then dragging towards the right or left part of the screen to scrub through the video is ongoing.

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YouTube Has More Downloads Than The World’s Total Population

In May 2021, Google’s YouTube App crossed a whopping 10 billion downloads with the second-highest downloads from India. That is more than the current population of the world, 7.9 billion. Android phones contain a Google suite of Apps one of which is YouTube, which could also be a reason for the high number of downloads.

This has moved apps like Facebook to the second position with 7 billion downloads. With a 1 billion difference, WhatsApp is at 6 billion downloads. Other common apps like Messenger are placed number 4 with 5 billion downloads and last in the top 5 is Instagram with more than 3 billion downloads. While Snapchat and TikTok continue to grow in the number of downloads per day with over 1 billion and 2 billion downloads respectively.

YouTube Introduces New “Premium Benefits” Page

The multibillion-dollar company, YouTube just added a whole new page to their website. YouTube has now added a special “Premium Benefits” page onto the site for users. In order to access it, click on your profile image present in the top right corner of the page and click on the first suggestion that comes up. It should ideally be the red “P” badge on the list. Read More

YouTube Music Rolls Out New Personalization Features For Playlists And More

YouTube Music has planned to launch the new personalization features which come alongside high-level filters. This will allow users to customize not only the homepage but also “My Mixes”. YouTube Music has added 4 new filters at the very top of the homepage: Workout, Focus, Relax, and Commute. Upon clicking on the activity bar, the feed refreshes with personalized recommendations and playlists for the selected “everyday” task. Read More

How To Watch Apple’s ‘Hi, Speed’ iPhone 12 Event On YouTube

After the official announcement of the iPhone 12 event, Apple has published the placeholder for the “Hi, Speed” live stream. Here’s a guide on how to has published the placeholder for the “Hi, Speed” live stream.

Similar to the September “Time Flies” Apple Watch and iPad event, Apple will live stream the whole event on YouTube where it will also be available for replaying later. Other than that, it will also broadcast the event through its Apple TV app and Events webpage. Read More