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Snapchat Partners With Local Creators For Discover In India

Snapchat has finally launched Discover in India after testing it out in the US and UK with original shows and location based content on the platform. Snapchat says that the Indian users will get to watch content that suits their taste and will be done in partnership with Indian publishers, media houses in the country. With the local content on Discover, the company aims to increase the user base on the App from India. Read More

Snapchat Brings New TV Shows In UK

Snapchat is trying very hard to stay afloat in the market and has introduced 25 new TV serials in the UK. The company has partnered with almost 17 local content producers to bring these shows to the App and they will be aimed for the millennial audience. It is estimated that almost 5 million UK people watch shows on Snapchat, that are created by people in the US. Read More

Snapchat Is Losing More Users Than Ever Before

Snapchat is in a bad shape and this popular global platform is losing a lot of users as announced by CEO Evan Spiegel in the earnings report. He said that a lot of users from Android have started to decline where the daily active user numbers dropped from last quarter by 2 million. The total number of users was at 188 million last year which has now dropped to 186 million users, which certainly looks disastrous for the company. Read More

Snapchat Introduces Filters For Your Cats

Snapchat is trying new things and is trying to re-gain it’s users after the recent backlashed faced for the new design. The company had recently announced the short movies that will be featured on the App called ‘Snap Originals’. Now, they have unveiled new filters, not for the humans but for the pet cats that you may have at home. You can apply these filters to the videos and snaps of your cat as per your liking. Read More

Snapchat Users Are Having a Rough Time With iPhone XS Max’s Camera

Snapchateers have been complaining on Twitter about the camera on the iPhone XS Max to be of very low quality. The frustration came from the users of both iOS and Android devices, who said the performance of the new iPhone was below average. This comes after Apple introduced the camera on the new iPhones at the recently concluded launch event. Read More

Snapchat Copies Instagram’s Boomerang Feature, Calls It ‘Bounce’

Snapchat users can now use the Bounce feature, which is quite identical to Instagram’s Boomerang feature. This feature lets the user to loop the entire recorded clip which is common in the world of Instagram. Just how Facebook and Instagram started copying Snapchat’s Stories feature two years back, Snapchat has done the same and made Instagram’s Boomerang feature into something of its own. Read More

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