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Shazam Can Now Recognize Music Playing On Your Headphones

Shazam, the most popular music recognition App owned by Apple, has made it even easier now to identify the music you listen to with a new feature. For Android users who listen to music on their headphones at all times, the Shazam App can directly identify the song playing on them without the user having to disconnect the headphone from the phone. Read More

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Apple Buys Shazam, Will Offer Ad-Free Service

We have been looking at Apple’s plans to acquire Shazam since the past year and there was no clear insight as to when it will happen. The deal has been finally closed today at $400 Million and Apple now owns the popular music recognition software. With this acquisition, Apple announced that it will be making the service completely ad-free. This is good news for free users as they had to face ads earlier in the App. Read More

How To Get 6-Months Of Apple Music Subscription For Free

Apple already has a 3-month free trail in place for Apple Music subscription for new users. But now, the company has introduced a new Christmas offer where you can avail 6-months of free Apple Music without having to pay anything. This offer is available via the music recognition App Shazam which is owned by Apple. Read More

5 Simple Tricks For Snapchat

You must be really experienced when it comes to using Snapchat but you may not be aware of some hidden features and so many cool tricks that you can try. Also, the company keeps updating the App frequently which brings in new design and features changes that uplift the overall user experience. We have made a list of some of the tricks that you can try the next time you use Snapchat: Read More

Apple Hiring Siri Engineers To Expand Language Support


As Apple prepares for the launch of iOS 8 and other Apple products across the globe during September this year, it plans to also update Siri with a wide range of language support to act as a perfect virtual assistant people of any dialect can depend on. Apple Jobs page has listed a number of openings for Siri Language Engineers who are “highly motivated and an expert in foreign languages with strong software development skills.” Read More

iOS 8′s Hidden Feature Time-Lapse Photography

Recently 9to5Mac wrote about some of the top hidden features of iOS 8 discovered by their developers which were not stated during the  WWDC keynote. Now, a user on YouTube has posted a video of one such hidden feature — time-lapse photography. iTwe4kz shows in his video how the time-lapse mode works in various situations. This feature will allow you to discover the world of time-lapse photography so as to capture stunning visuals.  The video demonstration is beautiful and we anticipate the presence of this feature in iOS 8 during its public release in September this year. Read More