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Google Assistant Gets A Huge Makeover

Google has improved the Assistant interface and it has redesigned the user interface based on your voice. The refreshed UI will help users to get more things done easily as it will involve the combination of text and voice. So if you want to use your voice instead of text or a combination of both, Google Assistant will help you do it effortlessly. Read More

New Leak Shows What The Google Home Hub May Look Like

Ahead of the October 9th Google launch event, we are getting new information from a leak about the new device called The Google Home Hub, which the company might be launching soon. The device could be from the family of Google Home devices and the leaked images does show the familiarity with the fabric on it. Read More

White iPhone 4 Coming this Spring – Apple Confirms

white iphone 4Apple has confirmed that the white iPhone 4 will arrive this spring. Apple COO Phil Schiller tweeted earlier about the arrival of the much awaited white iPhone 4 in the spring of 2011, but this Wall Street Journal story confirms it officially. Bloomberg reported yesterday that the device would be available via both AT&T and Verizon, but Apple has not made any comments officially. Read More

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