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Apple Introduces Apple Pencil Specific Features For iPad With The New iPadOS 14

The signature iPad accessory, Apple Pencil has been updated with the new iPadOS 14. One of the most remarkable feature in iPadOS 14 is Scribble that made a jump from the Apple Watch. This new feature makes writing on iPad easier and flawless once you get the hang of it. You can use the Apple Pencil to write on any text field with Scribble and the hand-written text will be converted to typed text. The feature works in English and Chinese. It can recognize all kinds of handwriting even if it’s messy, and can interpret capitals and proper spacing. However, it might not work well with cursive. The function works throughout the operating system wherever there is text to fill out. Emphasizing on ‘throughout the OS’, the feature works with compose field in iMessage, address bar in Safari, universal search in Home Screen, writing an event in Calendar and more. That’s not all, the feature isn’t going to be limited to just Apple apps as Scribble is already working with third-party apps and developers are working on optimizing it. Read More

iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 Public Beta Is Out For Users To Test

Apple on Thursday released the first public beta of its latest operating system version. Right after WWDC, developers beta of OS 14 was made available. Now is the chance for every user to get a peek into the new iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. Apple plans on releasing betas every few weeks to get rid of as many bugs as possible till the final version is made available. Anyone with a compatible Apple device can download the beta without paying for the $99 developer account.

Is your device eligible for the new update?

It’s highly possible that your iPhone is eligible for the update as some of these models are as old as five years. Apple will roll out iOS 14 for 15 different iPhone models. Here’s the list:  Read More

Gmail on iPad Will Finally Allow Users To Multitask With The Split-View Feature

Technology has proved to be of significant help in enabling users to multitask and get a lot done at once. Google’s latest update for Gmail on iPad will finally support Split-Screen mode, allowing you to keep the Gmail pane functioning on one side of the screen and simultaneously keep other apps active on the other side of the screen. You no longer have to open a full screen to scan through your mails or send a quick reply in between doing something else on your iPad. The feature will work with iOS apps that support split-view multitasking.

Google introduced the feature saying, “When using an iPad, you’re now able to multitask with Gmail and other iOS applications. You can use Gmail and Google Calendar at the same time with Split View to check your schedule before replying to an email to confirm a meeting time. Or, you can easily drag and drop pictures from Google Photos into an email without leaving Gmail”. Read More

Reports: Apple Is All Set To Launch 10.8-Inch iPad in 2020 & 8.5-Inch iPad Mini in 2021

After the unveiling of new iPad models in March with Light Detection and Ranging sensor technology , Apple is preparing to release a 10.8 inch iPad later this year and an 8.5 inch iPad Mini in the first half of 2021, according to reports. It is not clear as of now, if the 10.8-inch iPad will be the successor to the 10.2-inch iPad or the 10.5-inch iPad Air, since both of them belong to two different product lineup. However, we know the 8.5-inch iPad Mini will be a new product of iPad Mini series. Apple is likely to make the brezels of the iPad narrower to make space for larger screen size with the same form factor.

The last lineup in the iPad Mini series was launched in March 2019 with an A12 Bionic Chip, an upgraded front-camera and a support for Apple Pencil. It is possible to get the A13 Bionic Chip with the upcoming iPhone 12 and iPads. Apple now plans to adopt mini-LED display technology for future iPad Minis. But it’s not clear if the 8.5-inch iPad is the same iPad Mini that will get this technology. Read More

Apple Brings A Redesigned Game Center With Advanced Controller For iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and TVOS

For all the gamers out there, Apple is bringing significant improvements to gaming experience with its iOS 14 , iPadOS 14 and TVOS update. Apple promises to make gaming on them feel more like playing on a console or PC. During the WWDC, Apple announced game- controller support functions including button remapping, leverage motion controls, haptics, custom rumble feedback for Xbox and PlayaStation controllers and improvement in usage of keyboard & mouse as well for iPad gaming.

Games like the Sony’s DualShock 4 controllers, can support motion inputs. Developers can add a feature for changing the colour of the Lightbar at the top according to a character’s health. They can also let players use the DualShock 4’s touchpad for finger tracking and even support for touchpad’s button. Additionally, Developers will now be able to add feedback support into their games, enabling the players to sense specific feelings like shooting a gun or an explosion. Read More

Apple’s New iPad Pro May Come With 5G In 2021


According to recent reports, Apple’s iPad Pro may come with 5G next year. This may be possible if Apple decides to use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X55 modem in its upcoming device. With this addition, newbies can take an upper hand of sub-6GHz 5G and mmWave 5G. Ming-Chi Kuo expressed in December that a 12.9-inch iPad Pro with Mini-LED could dispatch in Q3 2020. Kuo has said that Apple is keen on Mini-LED boards since they offer comparative advantages to OLED screens like confined diminishing and a wide colour gamut. Read More

Apple’s New iPad Pro Is Now Out For Sale In India

Apple-New-iPad-ProApple’s new iPad Pro, which was released at the beginning of the year is now available in India for sale. Apple propelled its new 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro prior this year in March. The new line-up were revived models of the more established iPad Pro however the feature was the consideration of double back cameras and a spic and span A12Z Bionic chip that made these new iPads the most remarkable ones from Apple yet. Read More

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Is The New iPad Pro With Trackpad Moving Towards Becoming A MacBook?

Apple’s Senior Vice President for Software Engineering, Craig Federighi just presented the new iPad Pro 2020 trackpad and keyboard functionality which brings up the question – isn’t the new iPad Pro just becoming another MacBook with very little differentiation between the two product lines?

Craig demonstrates the brilliant new functionality of Magic Keyboard that comes with a built in trackpad for the iPad Pro. It allows users to get a complete MacBook like trackpad experience on an iPad. Apple has built in complete cursor support for the iPad which flows seamlessly. Read More

These Are The New Leaked iPad Pros

From Apple China, we have the leaked versions of four new iPad Pros. On Apple’s China website, they accidentally posted a new user manual that discloses Apple’s plan to release 4 new iPad Pro models. The new iPad Pros will feature the all-new camera lens design that we see as part of the latest iPhones along with a very powerful chip and new improved antenna technology. Read More

Apple Will Release An iPad Keyboard With Trackpad

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Apple is going to release an iPad keyboard with a built-in trackpad later this year. The product is going to launch alongside the new version of the iPad Pro. The launch is now anticipated as it utilizes iPad features more than ever. Even though there are many other third-party accessories that provide you the same features but the official launch of this product will be more credible. Read More