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PS5 Logo Becomes The Most Popular Gaming Post On Instagram

After Sony unveiled the new logo for the upcoming the PlayStation 5 console at CES 2020, it has received five million likes by the fans on their Instagram post. The company never changes the logo design for each of their new PS arrivals and it has always remained the same with just the number being changed from PS4 to PS5. Read More

Instagram Rolls Out New Tools To Tackle Misinformation

Facebook had introduced a new set of tools to combat fake news and misinformation on their platform recently after being accused for allowing users to easily share this type of misleading news with everyone openly. Now the company has added these set of tools to Instagram where it will prevent users from posting stuff that is being reported by several users. Read More

Five Best Apps For Instagram

For all those of you who have been wondering how to get better at Instagram whether it is to gain more followers, get more likes on your posts or simply track your daily progress, there are several Apps that you can make use of. With the help of these Apps, your Instagram feed will improve right away and you will feel more confident about your profile. Here’s our list of the five best Apps for Instagram: Read More