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Google Pauses Business Messaging in India due to RCS Ad Controversy

According to reports, businesses in India have been increasingly misusing Rich Communication Services (RCS) to deliver ads and other promotional messages throughout the last couple of months. User reports indicate that users have been receiving several advertisements daily via the Google Messages app. Often, the senders are labeled as “Verified Business” in the app itself. Google India has finally decided to address this controversy and acknowledge the issue.

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Google Messages RCS Abused in India for Ads

Users of Google Messages in India have reportedly been encountering an increasing number of ads showing up through RCS messaging. As explained by the Jibe website, Business messaging on RCS is meant to be used as per a user’s request, for things like sending copies of a user’s travel tickets or sending links to purchase additional products based on the user’s past purchase history. However, as indicated by user reports, the frequency of advertisements on Google Messages through RCS Messaging has substantially increased over the course of the last few months.

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Apple Stops Card Payments in India due to RBI Deadline

As the 30th June deadline by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) approaches, Cupertino-based tech giant Apple has stopped accepting debit and credit cards for payments on its platforms. The Reserve Bank of India has set 30th June as the deadline for all merchants to stop saving the card data of their customers. In an email to customers, Apple stated that now, customers in India can use NetBanking, Unified Payments Interface (UPI), and their Apple ID balance only n order to make payments.

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Pixel 6a to Launch in India after 2 Years of No New Pixel Launches

Tech giant Google introduced the Google Pixel 6a to the world during the Google I/O 2022. The latest smartphone in the Pixel A series will be made available in India. This makes the Pixel 6a the first smartphone sold by Google in India after a period of nearly two years. The Google Pixel 6 and the Google Pixel 6 Pro devices are currently available in 12 countries, including France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. According to documentation by Google, the Pixel 6a will be introduced in these regions. Additionally, the Pixel 6a will be launching in the US territory of Puerto Rico, which was skipped by the tech giant when it came to the Pixel 5a.

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Google Pixel 6a Reportedly to be Introduced to the Indian Market

Google’s upcoming flagship smartphone, the Google Pixel 6a, has had several recent leaks detailing the specs of the mid-range device. Now, according to a new leak, the device may include India in its list of potential markets for launch. In 2021, the tech giant launched the Google Pixel 5a in only two markets. With reports of private testing in India, it seems that the Google Pixel 6a is due for a much wider launch.

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With iPhone 13 in Lineup, iPhone Production in India Grows by 50%

According to new market intelligence data, in the first quarter of 2022, iPhone production in India grew by 50% year-on-year. Despite average selling prices increasing due to the sale of more premium models, there has also been growth in sales within India. Initially, Apple had limited the “Made in India” iPhones to older models. However, earlier this month, the tech giant confirmed that the iPhone 13 has joined the lineup of locally produced devices.

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Foxconn to Double iPhone Production in India to Meet Local Demand

Foxconn logo

According to reports, Foxconn plans on nearly doubling its staff at the Chennai plant. With rising local demands, this move is likely to produce greater quantities of Apple iPhone devices for sale in India. Following the Shenzhen lockdown, Foxconn has proceeded to restart iPhone production in China. Now, it appears to also be planning on expanding its plant in India.

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Indian Techie Applauded by Google for Reporting Android Vulnerabilities

Google headquarters pictured. Android vulnerabilities get reported to Vulnerability Reward Programs by Google.

Tech giant Google applauds the efforts of an Indian techie for making the operating system safe for all users. Aman Pandey, the Indian techie, was lauded for reporting and submitting Android vulnerabilities. In Monday’s blog post, Google stated that when it comes to reporting and submitting bugs and vulnerabilities, Pandey of Bugsmirror was the top-most researcher.

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Top 5 Apps To Buy Insurance In India 2022

Buying an insurance plan is essential to having a secure and protected future. However, the insurance sector is a vast industry that caters to many different requirements. Some of the most common categories of insurance offered by General Insurance companies are Health Insurance, Home Insurance, Motor Insurance, Travel Insurance, Home Insurance, etc. Faced with the countless insurance plans offered by various companies, it can be quiet difficult for the common man to determine which insurance policy he needs, and which plan may best meet his requirements. Many apps and websites online cater to this problem exactly, allowing users to compare the various insurance policies offered by different contries that meet their requirements. There are countless variables that go into determining the right policy for a customer, such as premium, sum insured, coverage, duration of the policy, etc. These factors have to be carefully deliberated before buying any insurance policy. In India, numerous private and government companies offer insurance policies, with most of them having adapted to the digital space with their own app for public use. Listed below are the top 5 apps to buy insurance in India in 2022.

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Apple allegedly testing out iPhone SE 3, new iPads in India

iPhone SE 3 render

According to reports, Apple is allegedly testing out third gen iPhone SE in India. The Cupertino company might also be testing a pair of iPads for an early 2022 launch. Apple has been preparing several products for a spring launch during a special event. This special spring event might occur in March or April. The industry speculation suggests that the iPhone SE 3 and an updated iPad Air will be among the potential launches. Apple is allegedly testing the hardware prior to the launch.

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