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Apple Plans To Sell iWatch At $400


With the latest rumor about Apple’s plan to unveil its iWatch along with iPhone 6 on September 9, comes another one that talks about the expected price point. According to Re/Code’s recent report,  Apple’s executives “have discussed charging around $400” for the wearable device. The report suggests that top Apple executives are still discussing the matter and nothing is confirmed as of now. Various models with different price points catering to different market segments is what Apple is targeting. Read More

No iWatch Until The End Of The Year


According to Taiwanese Newspaper UDN, longtime Apple supplier TPK is running behind schedule for iWatch production. The news was interpreted from earnings call of TPK holdings where there was no direct mention of iWatch. TPK has projected a drop-in/flat revenue for the current quarter and an increase in profits during Q4 2014, suggesting the company is going into production schedule for the iWatch this quarter and rollout by the end of this year. Read More

Apple Partners With Top Athletes To Test iWatch


Apple has already started testing the capabilities of  iWatch related to health and fitness tracking. Apple has been inviting athletes from the MLB, NHL, and NBA to its Apple campus to brief the players about the upcoming smartwatch and provide an opportunity for testing to be done during live training sessions. Apple has partnered with some of the sports world’s most prominent professional athletes for this purpose. It plans to test the soon to be launched iWatch’s fitness capabilities under extreme training environments. Read More

iWatch Will Have More Than Ten Sensors


Concept by Esben Oxholm

According to a recent report by Wall Street Journal, Apple’s soon to be launched smartwatch will have as many as ten or more sensors which will mainly collect health related data. According to past reports and WSJ report, Apple iWatch’s focus will be Health, and to that purpose it will have sensors to track and capture health and fitness data. Read More