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Apple Launches HomePod Mini At $99

Apple has launched HomePod Mini at an event today. The growing presence of more affordable Amazon Echo and Google Nest has forced Apple to launch the HomePod Mini. The HomePod Mini features powerful speakers so users can play music and interact with Siri. HomePod Mini has a deep integration with iPhone. It also has “Smart Home” so HomePod Mini can integrate with the Home App and connect with the HomeKit accessories like to lock the doors, dim the lights or set the scene. Read More

The New HomePod Update Will Let Users Set Third-Party Music Apps As Default

Apple’s Siri command-based speaker, HomePod, is being tested for the ability to support third-party music services with voice command. The software was released for testing on Tuesday alongside iOS 14 Developer Beta 2. Previously, the default music service could not be changed and the user could play music through voice command only from Apple Music. While, third-party music services like Spotify, weren’t integrated into the system, i.e., every time the user asked Siri to play music from a third-party music service, the app’s name had to be mentioned or had to be streamed on HomePod using Airplay and iPhone, iPad, or Mac. The beta release suggests that the user will now be able to set supported third-party music services as their default music choice.

Apple didn’t mention about the update to the HomePod during the WWDC, but quite evidently highlighted the feature in the slide while introducing the HomeKit features. Read More

Apple’s HomePod Is Finally Arriving In China This Month

It is hard to believe that Apple’s HomePod is till not available to the masses living in China. Things are slowly changing and Apple has announced that the HomePod will be available in the country starting January 18th. The company had also slashed the rates of iPhones in china recently because it was to expensive for the buyers and the sales were getting affected very badly. Read More

Spotify Is Eyeing To Crush Apple’s HomePod

What appears as new reports coming from Spotify claiming that the company is currently working on a hardware product. This can well be a rival to Apple’s HomePod speaker, which was launched recently in January.

For Spotify, this can be the first ever hardware to be made by them. This comes after a job add looking for a Operations Manager for Hardware was posted on its website saying “Spotify is on it’s way creating it’s first physical products and set-up an operational organisation for manufacturing, supply chain, sales & marketing.” Read More

HomePod Works Perfectly In Apple’s Crowded Retail Stores

After the launch of HomePod on February 9th in the US, Australia and the UK, it got interesting to see how the HomePod will be displayed across Apple’s retail stores in these countries.

Apple has marketed this speaker with superior audio quality as its defining feature, making some wonder how it will fare in a crowded and noisy retail store. At the Apple’s new Michigan Avenue store in Chicago, the reporters from 9to5Mac went to take a look and listen to how well HomePod performs in acoustic conditions that will differ significantly from most people’s homes. Read More

Apple To Offer HomePod At Half-Price To Its Employees

Apple employees are in for a treat this time around as they can grab the new HomePod for 50% discount. The HomePod is currently price at $349 which means the employees can purchase it for only $175.

After hearing about the discount, several Apple employees took to Twitter to share the news and show the kind-heartedness of Apple. The company, by the providing the speaker for this discount is making sure that the employees have an amazing hands-on experience and are able to assist the customers with this device. Read More

Apple’s HomePod To Hit The Market In A Few Weeks

The HomePod, Apple’s upcoming smart speaker equipped with Siri voice assistant was announced to release in December 2017 and rather has been idle ever since. But reports suggest that Apple may roll out this device soon, supposedly in the comings days/weeks.

This speaker will look to compete with Amazon Echo in the same segment. The Amazon Echo is selling at $99 which is a reasonable price, while the HomePod is expected to sell for $349. The HomePod speaker will be available in both white and space grey. Read More