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New Feature On Facebook Will Let Users Send Media Files To Google Photos

Amid the data portability concerns that Facebook is facing right now, the company is now testing out a new feature on its platform that will allow users to send their pictures and videos to Google Photos. More of the other media platforms will also be supported eventually once the feature goes live for all users. Read More

You Can Now Manually Tag People In Google Photos

Google is now finally allowing the users of Google Photos to tag photos manually as they wish. This functionality was not available before and there was not way that the user could manually tag a person. This new change brings a sigh of relied to many who can do manual tagging instead of relying on Google’s algorithm which detects a face when it sees it. Read More

Google Photos Site Gets A New Look

Google has been gradually adding the new Material Design themes to most of its App and now it has started adding it on its websites as well. Google Photos App already had the new and refreshed material UI and it was high time that the company update the older Photos website. The new design will reflect across all parts of the website, with the same aesthetics and icons of the Photos App. Read More

Google Photos Users Can Now Make Use Of Lens On Android

LensThe lens feature was previously only available to the Pixl smartphone users. Now, Google has rolled out this feature to all the Google Photos users from today, whether or not they own a Pixl smartphone. This feature is very handy and can help the users identify what’s on their images and scan business cards, among other things. Read More

You Can Now Send And Receive Photos On Google Duo

Google Duo is one of those services which people use it blindly for voice/video calling. It has even outnumbered the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook in terms of video calling, and recently hit the milestone of a billion users worldwide. The company has now included a new feature where a user can send photos to their contacts directly. Read More

Google Makes it Easier to Upload Photos With Google Instant Upload [Google+]

If you find it hard to always keep photos captured from your mobile device in sync with your computer, Google’s new Instant Upload might help you. Google Instant Upload makes it easy for you to quickly store and share photos from your mobile device with friends and family. By setting permissions to allow Instant Upload, you can upload each and every photo taken from your mobile device to an album privately stored in the cloud as you take them. Read More

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