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iOS Users Can Now Make Use Of Google Lens On The Google App

Google Lens has been around on Android since a long time now, where the users can make use of their camera to visually search information for any object. The feature was also introduced in iOS earlier this year via Google Photos App, where a clicked picture could be used to search for information from Google Lens. Now, the company has added the Lens feature directly on the Google Search App for iOS alongside the voice search, making it easier for everyone. Read More

Camera On Google Pixel 3 Will Support Google Lens In Real-Time

If you use the Google Lens App regularly, you have to use the Lens App and cannot use it by simply opening the camera App. But this could soon change, as we have got a leak which shows the Lens functioning in real-time on Google Pixel’s camera. The animation in the leak shows the camera app is used to capture the information from a business card, identify that email address and then open Gmail on the phone. Read More

Google Claims That Lens Can Now Recognise More Than 1 Billion Items

It has not been a long time since Google introduced Lens on Assistant and Photos Apps on Android devices. Its been only a year since it’s launch in October 2017 and the company says that it can readily identify more than 1 billion objects in this world. This is incredible considering the advancements Google is making with it’s AI and machine learning technology to keep the Lens App updated with most of the surrounding items. Read More

Google Photos Users Can Now Make Use Of Lens On Android

LensThe lens feature was previously only available to the Pixl smartphone users. Now, Google has rolled out this feature to all the Google Photos users from today, whether or not they own a Pixl smartphone. This feature is very handy and can help the users identify what’s on their images and scan business cards, among other things. Read More

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Quest Visual – Creator Of ‘Word Lens’ Now A Google Company

wordlensYou may have seen the translation App ‘Word Lens’ when it was featured in Apple’s iPhone 5S adverts. It’s a translation App that translates the text focused on by the iPhone camera. It’s one of the most exciting Apps which keeps everything same i.e. font, background etc and it’s just the text that changes in language. It supports english translation for six languages Russian, Portuguese, Italian, French, Spanish and German. It’s available both in the App Store and Google Play for download. Incredibly enough, Word Lens is also supported by Google Glass. Looking at uniqueness in solution and popularity of the App, it is not a surprise that Google was interested in acquiring the company. Google bough Quest Visual to incorporate its technology for language translation. Read More

Snapchat Dog Lenses Launched

Snapchat had recently added new filters and lenses for cats and seems like many cat loving audience on the App took the feature in a good taste. Maybe this is why Snapchat has gone ahead and added Lenses for dogs as well. The company is well aware that several users on this social media platform are proud owner of cats, dogs and other animals and is looking to boost the user base based on it. Read More

Here’s The New ‘Lens Challenges’ On Snapchat, With Loads Of Themes

After releasing several features including the Year End Story feature this week, Snapchat has launched yet another feature called “Lens Challenges”. The challenges are pretty similar to what you play on TikTok or Instagram and you can enjoy the same experience on this social media platform. The challenges makes use of Lenses inside Snapchat’s camera and you can choose from a list of activities to compete with the Snap users around the world. Read More

LG Is Developing A Phone With 16 Lenses, Shows New Patent

Smartphone companies have started taking the camera setup on their phones to the next level and are trying to add up as many lenses on the back of the device. We recently saw Samsung Galaxy A9 being launched with four cameras at the back. We also know that Nokia is working on a Pureview 9 phone with 5 cameras on the rear. A new report has now come which says LG is working on a phone with as many as 16 cameras lenses. Read More