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Emergency Zero-Day Fix Issued for Google Chrome for macOS

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Tech giant Google has issued its third urgent update for Chrome, one that patches another zero-day vulnerability in the highly-used desktop web browser. The Stable Channel Update for Google Chrome’s desktop variant was released on Thursday. It brings the browser to version 100.0.4898.127, on macOS, Windows, and Linux. Google has stated that the update will roll out over the coming days and weeks. However, users may want to force the update earlier.

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Google Chrome Continues To Be The Most Popular Browser In The World

Google Chrome has claimed the title of the most popular browser for many years now. It continues to boast that title with over 60% market share on desktops, as per the latest StatsCounter results. However, some things also seem to be moving backwards, with Microsoft’s browser, Edge, overtaking Safari.

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CERT-In Tells Google Chrome Users to Update Their Browser Immediately

The Indian government’s cybersecurity organization, CERT-In (Indian Computer Emergency Response Team) has issued a warning for Google Chrome users, asking them to update the browser to its latest version, Google Chrome 98. The warning issued is of ‘high severity’, and informs users that not updating their browser could leave their device vulnerable to hackers, who would be able to steal their data or track their location through it.

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Security Risks Detected in Google Chrome; Warning Issued by CERT-In

A “high severity” warning has been issued by CERT-In, or the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team, which is a part of India’s Information Technology (IT) ministry, for users of the Google Chrome web browser. According to the authorities, multiple vulnerabilities have been detected in the internet browser which could be negatively utilized by obscure attackers to target a PC and carry out arbitrary code on it. It poses a huge security risk as any attacker can now get their hands on personal data as well as introduce malware to a PC to browse through it in secret. A solution to these security threats has already been provided by Google with the release of Google Chrome’s most recent software update. It is, thus, highly recommended that users update their Google Chrome to the most recent version.

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Google Chrome Introduces New Side Search Panel

Google Chrome has brought in a new interesting feature that is the introduction of a new ‘Side Search’ panel. This way the user will have an easier way to access the recent search results which will be seen in a side panel on the browser. As of now, the user needs to hit the back button to go to the search results or they need to open a new tab and search to find the search results once again. Introducing the side search panel will make the search engine even more interactive.

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Here’s What Google Chrome 94 Has In Store For You

Google has now made it official that the Chrome 94 stable update is here and can be used through all platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. The Chrome 94 brings in a better security feature and takes better care of the privacy of the users. Google has also said that they have fixed 19 security issues thus making Google Chrome browser a safe browser for the users. The users are highly advised to upgrade their Chrome browsers for safety.

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DuckDuckGo Alerts Users About The New Tracking Feature Of Google Chrome

In a blog post recently DuckDuckGo has alerted the users of Google Chrome about the new tracking method of Chrome. They mentioned that many users have unknowingly entered into Google’s new tracking method. This method is known as Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC). As per the blog, FLoC creates groups of users based on their interests and demographics. These are obtained from the search history of the users. By this, the company can aim for unwanted, creepy advertising as well as content without third-party cookies.

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Only Showing A Page’s Domain Might Protect Users Better, Google Chrome Will Soon Test

Chrome v86 will only show the domain in the address bar in hopes of solving the problem of URLs being manipulated to look like a legitimate website.

Since URLs are the chief way of determining the authenticity of a site, people are easily fooled into perceiving a domain as authentic by including the legitimate domain as part of a very long address that just gets brushed over.  Read More