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Google Assistant Will Soon Have The Screen Reader Feature In 42 Languages

Google is taking its Assistant in a more realistic direction and has announced that it is testing a new feature called Screen Reader which will be able to read out web pages loud in 42 languages including Hindi. It will help users of these different language to listen to the content on any web page if they don’t wish to read it. Read More

You Can Now Order From Walmart Via Google Assistant

Google has integrated Walmart into its Assistant and starting today, users can add items to the shopping lists and get the items delivered from this retail store conveniently. The best part about this features is that the Assistant will learn everything about you from you past purchases and then add items based on your choice of brands and preferences. Read More

Apple Buys Pullstring, Maker Of Voice Based Apps For Alexa And Google Assistant

Apple has gone ahead and acquired another startup company named Pullstring, who are the pioneers behind publishing voice Apps with Alexa or Google Assistant. This company is based in California and have helped several companies in the past with developing, designing and publishing voice controlled Apps for the coming of age smartphone user. Read More

Google Assistant Now Supports Flight Check-Ins

Google Assistant is getting smarter every day as the company is announcing newer features for the voice assistant at CES 2019. Google has mentioned them in their new blog post which explains how users can make use of the Assistant for checking-in on flights, view your boarding pass and also book hotels in advance right from the comfort of your seat. Read More

Samsung TVs Will Soon Integrate Google Assistant

Samsung is looking to get ahead in the TV business and is planning to bring the very popular Google Assistant on its future fleet of TV sets in 2019. The voice assistant service is not new to Samsung as they had implemented Bixby in their 2018 TVs. Although users can control the video playback by speaking to Bixby, the voice commands are pretty much limited for now and bringing in Google Assistant should fill the gap. Read More

Google Assistant Wins “The Smart Speaker IQ Test” Against Alexa And Siri

Most of us make use of the voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant in our everyday life and some of us may even have wondered on which is the best amongst them. Well, you don’t have to keep a check on how they perform because the verdict is already out after a series of tests done by Loop Ventures on each of these voice models and it seems like the Google Assistant is leading the way. Read More

Google Assistant Has Started Predicting Flight Delays

Google Assistant is constantly gaining newer functionality and better responses based on particular situations. The days of asking the Assistant to just help you with small tasks are gone and now it can actually predict your flight delays with an accuracy rate of 85 percent. Yes, you read that right as several people have started receiving potential flight delays on Google Assistant and it can’t actually get better than this for regular flyer. Read More

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