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Google’s Programming Language Carbon Attempts to Succeed C++

Carbon, the latest programming language to be built within Google, was unveiled today as an experimental successor to C++. Over the years, Google has created a few programming languages, some of which have become more popular and prominent than others. For example, Golang (or simply Go) was created for the purpose of improving the development of servers and distributed systems and has since been adopted by the public. Meanwhile, the Dart programming language, originally intended as something of an alternative to JavaScript, didn’t reach mainstream popularity until the release of Flutter.

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At a Glance of Google Pixel May Show Nest Home Device Timers

According to a new report, users of Google Pixels and Nest devices may soon receive a useful integration to their devices. According to the code uncovered in the latest beta version of the Google app 13.26, the new “At a Glance” feature may soon offer “Cross Device Timer” and “Timer info from your home devices”.

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