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Listings of Google Pixel 7 Prototypes Found on eBay and Facebook Marketplace

Tech giant Google is expected to launch the latest addition to its Google Pixel lineup shortly. As such, the Google Pixel 7 and the Google Pixel 7 Pro. have not yet been launched. A few days ago, a Google Pixel 7 prototype was found to be listed on eBay and Facebook marketplace. The same individual posted both the listings. The seller’s location was found to be in McKinney, Texas.

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Apple’s App Tracking Restrictions Cost YouTube and Facebook Billions

Apple’s app tracking crackdown is costing Facebook & YouTube billions. Pictured youtube icon open on a smartphone, a laptop, and a tablet.

Since a lot of users’ private and sensitive data is stored on digital devices like smartphones and tablets, app tracking has become a cause for concern. In order to reduce the amount of surveillance done on users by apps, tech giant Apple has begun cracking down on app tracking. In 2021, the tech giant introduced the App Tracking Transparency feature in iOS 14.5. This feature is meant to act as a shield for iOS users. It stops developers from tracking users across websites and other apps. When a user rejects tracking, it gets harder to collect data on users to create user profiles that can identify their interests for tailored advertisements. This consumer-focused update by Apple has been costing big digital corporations such as YouTube and Facebook billions in revenue.

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Meta Threatens to Take Down Facebook and Instagram Service in the EU

Meta Platforms Inc. is yet again threatening to pull it’s services from Europe if it is prevented from exporting user information back to US servers. This threat comes in response to a new law in the EU that mandates all companies gathering user information within the EU to store and process it on European servers. However, Facebook and Instagram process their data on both European as well as US servers, which is essential for targeted ads and businesses operated on these platforms.

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Changes to Apple’s Privacy Policy Cost Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook $10B

A report by The Financial Times has revealed that social media giants Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube incurred a loss in revenue of nearly $9.85 billion following changes to Apple’s privacy policy.

Following a change in the latest Apple App Store policy that mandates all apps to request permission prior to collecting its users’ data from different apps and sites, Lotame, an ad-tech company, estimated that in the third and fourth quarter (Q3 and Q4), the social media sites faced a 12% loss in revenue.

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Facebook Messenger To Use End-To-End Encryption For Video Calls

Staying in touch with our friends and family members has taken a toll during the global pandemic. The ongoing health crisis has left the masses shelled up inside their homes, with video calls being the only way to see the faces of their dear and near ones. Taking this into account, tech giant Facebook has upgraded the framework of Messenger by introducing end-to-end encryption for voice and video calls to put in a cushion of security to daily conversations.

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Facebook Introduces “Collabs” Video App – TikTok’s New Competition

Post its availability as a private beta, new ‘Collab’ app introduced by Facebook allows musicians to record videos and merge their parts for the public’s access. Somewhere between creating short videos like TikTok and social collaboration with a focus on music creation and allowing users to create their own “Collabs” or join in with others on existing ones is what the iOS app offers. Read More

Instagram And Facebook Messenger Roll Out “Vanish Mode”

Facebook Messenger and Instagram now let users have the option to auto-delete messages right after the user exits the mode on either of the phone apps. Facebook has coined the term “Vanish mode” for the new feature, which wipes out messages instantly after users exit the chat, thus encouraging users to have more intimate and in-the-moment conversations without any fear. Read More

Facebook Testing Out A New Mini Social Network “Neighborhoods”

Facebook has recently been trying out a new feature, “Neighborhoods”. It is a small network of people based on their geographic location/setting. Facebook intends for it to work in a way that people of a small locality can get to know each other better. The company has already been trying the mini social network out in Calgary, Canada. Read MoreReviewsCollect Ad