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Google Assistant in Chrome for Android Offers to Automatically Change Compromised Passwords

At the Google I/O developer conference held in 2021, the tech giant had announced a new Google Assistant-powered feature for Chrome that would help users easily change compromised passwords. Now, this feature is finally rolling out to users of Chrome for Android. This new Assistant-powered feature will display a pop-up notification as soon as a user logs in with a password that has been found in a data breach. The pop-up notification states, “Chrome found the password you just used in a data breach. Your Google Assistant can change your password automatically.”

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Emergency Zero-Day Fix Issued for Google Chrome for macOS

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Tech giant Google has issued its third urgent update for Chrome, one that patches another zero-day vulnerability in the highly-used desktop web browser. The Stable Channel Update for Google Chrome’s desktop variant was released on Thursday. It brings the browser to version 100.0.4898.127, on macOS, Windows, and Linux. Google has stated that the update will roll out over the coming days and weeks. However, users may want to force the update earlier.

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Google Lens in Desktop Chrome to Copy Text, Translate, More

Google Lens icon on left, text reading "Google Lens for desktop" on right

Google had introduced Lens multi-search last week. This allowed users to ask questions about pictures on Android and iOS. Now, the desktop Google Lens available on Google Chrome has been updated with several more new, useful features. Google Lens on Chrome desktop will now be able to copy text, translate, as well as open Image Search.

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Google Chrome Continues To Be The Most Popular Browser In The World

Google Chrome has claimed the title of the most popular browser for many years now. It continues to boast that title with over 60% market share on desktops, as per the latest StatsCounter results. However, some things also seem to be moving backwards, with Microsoft’s browser, Edge, overtaking Safari.

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CERT-In Tells Google Chrome Users to Update Their Browser Immediately

The Indian government’s cybersecurity organization, CERT-In (Indian Computer Emergency Response Team) has issued a warning for Google Chrome users, asking them to update the browser to its latest version, Google Chrome 98. The warning issued is of ‘high severity’, and informs users that not updating their browser could leave their device vulnerable to hackers, who would be able to steal their data or track their location through it.

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