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App Store Gets A New Photo Editor App From The Makers Of Facetune

Mobile photography and editing apps are becoming more ideal as working on them is a pretty easy process, unless you are a professional graphic designer who would probably prefer Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom software on their PC over any other app. But for all the digital art beginners out there, Lightricks, the creator of the award-winning app – Facetune, has announced the launch of its latest app, Quickart, a one-tap photo editor for iPhone and iPad. The app was built within four months in light of the increasing demand for easy-to-use creative tools as more and more people are now staying indoors. People are using this extra time to explore their creativity and unleash their artistic side. During the peak lockdown period due to the pandemic, Lightricks saw a 90% increase in usage of its creativity tools in the U.S. alone. Read More

Apple Makes Changes In Its App Store Guidelines For Easing Tension Among Developers

In a press release on Monday, Apple announced two major alterations to its App Store rules. Firstly, Developers will not only be able to appeal the rejection of an App that violates a given guideline of the App Store Review Guidelines, but will also have a procedure to challenge the guideline that led to the rejection. Secondly, there won’t be a delay in App updates and bug fixes over App Store disputes except for those related to legal issues. The changes were made in the wake of criticism received by Apple over software developer Basecamp’s ‘Hey’, an E-mail App which was initially approved by Apple but then repeatedly rejected as it violated App Store guidelines requiring in-app purchases, thereby harming Apple’s subscription revenue.  Read More

Facebook Gaming Stopped From Arriving On The App Store By Apple

Facebook’s application for launching its Gaming App on the iOS App Store has been rejected for the fifth time, according to a report by The New York Times.

Facebook has been repeatedly been denied permission to arrive on the App Store since February as it can jeopardize the Gaming Service – Apple Arcade. Facebook announced its Gaming App back in April amid the COVID-19 lock-down restrictions. The App which is available on Google Play Store, lets the users play simple HTML5 games and watch live-streams of other players. Read More

On Government’s Request, Apple Removes Pocket Casts App From China App Store

Pocket- Cast-Apple-App-StoreAs per the latest reports, Apple has taken down Pocket Cast, which is one of the most popular podcast apps for iOS from the Chinese App Store. On the request of the local government, the application has been taken down from the Chinese App Store. In an official word from Pocket Cast, it has been reported that Apple had informed Pocket Cast two days prior to its removal from the Chinese App Store. The organization has affirmed that the solicitation was made by the Cyberspace Administration of China, which is the final decider of what content can be accessed in the country. Read More

Top 5 Games On The App Store This Week

For all of you iPhone and iPad gamers, we have selected some of the best gaming titles for this week on the App Store. Our list will give you the most recent and new releases that you can download and play right away. Some of these games are free while some are paid but you will really enjoy them once you get hold of the required skills. Here’s our list: Read More

TikTok App Ranks First On App Store Charts Once Again

A new report by Sensor Tower shows that TikTok has topped the App Store Charts for the fifth time. The app ranked over YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger among other popular Apps across different categories. TikTok was already ranking on top in the last four quarters and it’s once again ranking high in this quarter, which makes it 5 in a row. Read More

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App Store Now Asks Users To Confirm Their Subscription

A new security feature has been added today on the App Store – “Confirm Subscription”. As the name suggests, it will ask you one final time after you hit the button to subscribe any App on the App Store. The company has introduced this feature to help people who may accidentally subscribe to a specific App without intending to do it, loose money and end up being frustrated. Read More

New Fix Gives iOS Users An Easier Way to Manage App Store Subscriptions

App Store can be confusing and tedious if you have subscribed to Apps and you want to manage them frequently. Apple has resolved this issue where earlier people had to find their way into the App Store settings, without an easy option to get to it. The newer way is much simpler and can be accessed right from the profile tab, just click on it and you will find the “Manage Subscriptions” option. Read More