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Patent Release Suggests Apple Working On Secret VR Headset

A submission to the United States Patent and Trademark Office suggests that Apple is working on a secret virtual reality headset.

Virtual and augmented reality technology has come a long way in the last few years. This new wave of products has been well received by a number of different sectors but the gaming industry has benefitted more than any other. A lot of companies are investing great amounts of money in research and have released major flagship products from it. Read More

Nintendo Has Launched A New VR Kit For Switch

Good news for all the Nintendo Switch users out there as the gaming company has just announced a new VR Kit named “Labo” for $80. The kit will have all the components to create your own VR kit and the basic material included for the assembly will be a cardboard. Nintendo was last seen in Virtual Reality back in 1995 and they have stepped into this arena once again with the Nintendo Labo. Read More

VlC 4.0 Confirmed With Updated UI And Features For VR And 3D

VLC has announced that they are planning an newer version of the media player this year and it will be have an all new user interface with changes in features and fresh upgrades. The company spoke about this at the FOSDEM 2019 event today describing all the big changes that are coming to this popular open source media player used by millions of people around the globe. Read More

Google Poly – Game Developers Can Build 3D Models – Entering Into VR

Google has launched a new platform for game developers called Poly. It makes it easier for users to browse 3D objects at a single place. The company said that it wants to make the job of creators easier by giving them access to basic 3D models and allowing users to step into the Virtual Reality space within the phone’s field of view. Read More

Google To Unveil Android VR At The I/O Developers Conference


Google will be unveiling their latest VR Headset dubbed “Android VR” at their I/O Developers conference next week. Unlike the Google Cardboard, Android VR headset won’t require a smartphone or a powerful PC to function. Android Police spotted a placeholder in Google Play’s developer console suggesting the confirmation for the Virtual Reality headset and suggesting an unveil soon.  Read More

Top 5 Augmented Reality Games For iOS

The gaming industry is making huge advancements each year, with many new titles being launched keeping up with the latest VR and AR technologies. Apple introduced the AR compatibility on the latest iPhones and iPads and since then several iOS App developers have started creating AR games across different categories. You can enjoy these games from anywhere as long as your iOS device supports AR. Here’s our list of the five best AR games for iOS: Read More

Google Launches Stadia, A Game Streaming Service For All Devices

We recently saw Google working on a game controller for its game streaming service, which was scheduled to be unveiled soon. The day has finally come and Google launched its cloud based game service “Stadia” today at the currently running Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The service was introduced by none other than Sundar Pichai and also happened to be Google’s first appearance at the GDC. Read More

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Youtube TV Has Crossed 1 Million Paid Subscribers

Youtube TV, as an alternative to the cable TV service, has now gained over 1 million subscribers who pay for this service every month. This TV service offered by YouTube includes broadcast of all the major channels in the United States – ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, TNT, TBS, CNN, and ESPN. Also, the recent Super Bowl event in the country has attracted more number of users to join YouTube TV in a short span of time. Read More

Google Will Roll Out Flexible Updates On Android Soon

For Android users, we have always had to wait to use the App until it is getting updated. This may get annoying for many people because they may have something to do urgently within the App if it starts updating automatically. All of this may change soon as Google has announced a new set of improvements for Android today at the Android Developer Summit. Read More