Google Assistant to Check Fitbit and Google Fit Stats

At the start of May, features suggesting that the Nest Hub would get deeper Google Fit and Fitbit integration were spotted. Now, it appears that users will be able to ask Google Assistant to tell them the details of their Fitbit and Google Fit stats.

Google has recently begun rolling out the settings that connect Google Fit and Fitbit to Google Assistant. By now, these settings are likely to be widely available. Users may access these settings by going to Assistant Settings > Wellness > Activity in order to start the process. Users have the option of pairing both Google Fit and Fitbit. However, only one service may be active at a time. It is easy to disconnect from it.

Upon the completion of set-up, users will be able to ask Google Assistant on their Android or iOS smartphones and Nest Hub on most Google Smart Displays various questions based on data acquired from Google Fit or Fitbit. Some such questions include queries like “How many steps did I take today?”, or “How many steps did I take last week?”

Users can also ask about their resting heart rate with a question such as “What’s my heart rate today?” When it comes to Fitbit, users will also be able to get Exercise zones, such as Peak, Cardio, and Fat burn minutes.

Google Assistant Fitbit

Users can also ask “How many calories did I burn?” to get the answer from Google Assistant directly.

Google Assistant Fitbit

Answers on both form factors are going to appear as cards with an accompanying icon and “Data from” line. Google Assistant will specify that the data is “based on your last sync.”