WhatsApp’s Latest Beta Adds New Unicode 14 Emoji

WhatsApp icon. WhatsApp beta introdices Unicode 14 emojis.
Image Source: WhatsApp

New emojis are introduced on an almost yearly basis. Android 12L and iOS 15.4 first introduced Unicode 14. It brings with it 37 new emojis to better convey user reactions. Considering that the Meta-owned company is one of the largest and most popular instant messaging platforms in the world, WhatsApp introducing the same emojis is only logical. According to reports, WhatsApp has done exactly that in its latest beta.

The Unicode 14 emojis have been added to the version of the WhatsApp client. These include the melting face, biting lips, and several others. WABetaInfo spotted the introduction of these in WhatsApp’s latest beta. Many of these emojis also come with their separate skin tone and gender options. This release also includes new variants of existing emojis. Compared to prior Unicode releases, this is a minor update. For instance, Unicode 13 introduced 55 new emojis, while version 12 introduced 61. However, even in this comparably minor release, there are quite a few that will likely enter regular usage.

Seven of the latest Unicode 14 emojis.
Image Source: Emojipedia

In terms of reach, WhatsApp adding these new emojis is possibly more significant than both Android and iOS doing so. WhatsApp is version agnostic in terms of emoji. This means that users will be able to see them even if they’re running an older version of Android or iOS. Considering the fact that Android fragmentation is still an issue, as most people are currently running Android 10, this will help more people use them regardless of whether or not they’re running the latest Android version. The introduction of the new Unicode 14 emojis is still a feature in the beta release. Eventually, the stable may introduce it.

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